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The great Og Mandino, author of The Greatest Salesman in the World,  said it better than anyone…..’fashion comes and goes, only principles endure

Kind of punches a hole in the moronic tool peddling grifters who want you to ‘buy’ into the New School versus Old School slanted arguement…..tilted, surprise, surprise… the ‘New School’ favor……which of course, means your dumb if you don’t buy their tech-no gadget that will, ahem….put you on the cutting edge.

Do people really believe that crap?  I guess some of them do….actually believing ‘technology’ will build their business and they don’t have to talk to anyone.  Good grief.

Manners?   Old school.

Listening?  Old school.

Helping others?  Definitely old school.

Ethics?  Old school.

The real trick is to understand that things change…..and it sure is safe to say the changes come faster and faster…..but these changes need to be seen as ‘leverage’ so you can do what you need to do more often… to people.

It's No Secret, We've Got to Talk to People
It’s No Secret, We’ve Got to Talk to People

We’ve said it 5,000 times here…….”If we are going to make some money, we need to talk to people.”   And after getting 4 calls this week from ‘New School-ers” I can state, unequivically, that these “New School” puppies better learn some Old School principles……like manners and the art of conversation.  I’m sure happy for them that they love their tech-no stuff…..but in the end, what builds big checks are big groups and what builds big groups and keeps them self perpetuating is …..skills…..


The real deal today uses the great advances in technology, leverages them, so they can do what they do best more often and completes the play by helping people, hands on, learn the key network marketing skill of talking to people.

This is the only path for an ethical distributor…..after all, we we ‘strike interest’ we are promising the prospect a better outcome……and that means teaching them how to talk to people effectively.

Look……let’s say you are with a health & nutrition deal ……

2 questions…..

Would you like to live longer or shorter?

Prospect, matter of fact everyone will say…..’longer’

Would you like to make more money or less money?

Everyone would say ‘more’….correct?

So we make a presentation, yes?

And they say NO!

So why do they say ‘no’?

This plagued me until I discovered the brilliance of Diane Vreeland, [we shared one of the 2 statements she made in last weeks blog that permanently alter our careers]  ….she changed the world when she took over as editor of Vogue……virtually set the trends in fashion year in and year out for decades.  Smart lady.   A dazzling combination of ‘Old School Principles’ combined with changing times……and one thing she said, just one thing was so stunning as it applied to the recruiting cycle I had to sit down and hold back the tears…..

You see, just like you, I was talking to people who I KNEW needed the product and the money….and they were saying ‘NO’……until I incorporated this one simple idea.

What is it that I learned and Top Builders know?…….Here you go……

Here’s that link I referred to for early notification

So really… that you are ‘in’ isn’t it true that you’ve discovered things that you want that you did not know you wanted?


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

Thanks For Stopping By and Sharing
Thanks For Stopping By and Sharing

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