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Yes you are.

You may not know it …..but it’s in there, a true champion.

I touched on this in the previous post…..

BTW….It was a real nice surprise to me……[the response to the previous blog]……so many of you contacted us directly, [FB, phone, text], evidently we hit a cord about finding the champion within and the conversations were just astonishing.

It all gets down to the truth about running an MLM and our readers know that ‘leads don’t build leaders’ …….so what does?

We started to define that in the previous post and the conversations and emails/Facebook stuff let me know I needed to back up a tad.

Leadership, as defined by gurus, MLMers and motivational speakers is all, pretty much, nonsense when it comes to network marketing.

So relax.

You don’t need to be a powerful leaders or speaker to make lots of money.


The blunt version is simply that leadership is the most overrated aspect of network marketing.   At least in the way our ‘perception’ is created.

You’ve only got to lead one person.



Most people, and I’m like most people,  join an MLM because they are short on money or short on time……in most cases both.

Sure was that way for me.

My life was unmanageable.


Choices.  I had no time, no money and was, suddenly, raising 2 kids on my own.

All these conditions were a result of choices I had made and I was sick and tired of blaming others.

I was way past the blame game……and until we get past that point of blaming people, places or things…..we can never improve, let alone lead.

Realizing the choices I had made put me in this position was the first step in ‘sponsoring myself’ and until we sponsor ourselves, MLM is like pushing a ball up a hill with a rope.

Until We Stop Blaming…..we can’t sponsor ourselves and until we do that,we’re screwed

And it hurt.

There’s an old saying, ‘history repeats itself’ and it is totally false.  It is a lie.

History does not repeat itself…..people do.

And my habits, not the economy, business, the weather nor other people were responsible for me being broke time and money wise.


But with that ouch comes an incredible freedom, a clean slate.

The next step was to find some core philosophy that I could use to defeat my personal demons.

This means I had to be a champion…..not in the MLM sense……but a champion of my dreams and to get there I had to defeat my personal demons that were the root of the bad habits that led to bad choices that produced the life I had and was unhappy with.

It all gets down to leading in a very different way……leading the champion within all of us…..this magnificent, wonderful, elegant spirit within all of us……out of the darkness.

This is what I mean by ‘sponsoring yourself’……it is finding, within, the winner.

Within each of us is a winner and loser……and the one we “feed” and re-enforce is the one that emerges and rules our actions.

As a boy, and to this day……I’ve loved baseball……so I looked there for answers….

From that concept I decided to find the winner within I needed to find passion and come from that spot instead of coming from fear of failing.

I love teaching people the skills….and helping them help themselves overcome personal demons and win, rescuing the winner within.

So…..what do you love about what you do?

See……the mind cannot hold 2 thoughts at the same time….and by focusing on my passion there was not room for fear.

You may recall from the first post, Ernie said, “it’s a great day for baseball, let’s play 2!”

So check this out……and try to see these not as quotes but as a ‘whole’……for the ‘whole is greater than the sum of the parts’

It was within these three thoughts I was able to ‘sponsor myself’ and once you sponsor yourself……truly recruit the winner within…..your success will follow.

This, my friends, is where the riches in MLM live once you’ve sponsored yourself.

And I’m not kidding around here….I mean rich

Simply find out what people want and teach them the skills to get what they want…..working side-by-side.  You and your group will sponsor more because the skill of duplication is based on this involvement.

People want hands on support and by giving it, daily…… habits are formed and so different results follow.

And….this is KEY–> The real link to success comes when you help others do the things you were afraid to do for yourself.

It is an astonishing discovery and I mean a life changer.

The courage to do the things we need to do is occasionally lacking except when we have promised others we’ll help them.   Some how…..the courage shows up…..and as you repeat it over and over ….it becomes a habit and you’ve defeated your personal demons……just like every champion.


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

Be A Champion Today

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