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Are you DEFT?

I had a great teacher who told me to look everything up.

Make sure you know exactly what each word means,” he’d bellow.

Again and again.

I would kinda fluff it off as I had important things to do in college, like hanging out at the coffee shop, Charm Cafe or frat house.

He stopped me one day and told me that a lot of the kids in the class had some decent skills but the near misses with key words made potentially great papers just average.

“It’s about communication, not being a pain in the ass, Mark.   And you’re the worst offender.  Your perspective and process are wonderful.  The high C’s and low B’s you’re getting are criminal and if you don’t take the time to look things up now, get into that habit it’s going to cost you.  A lot more than a grade.

I remembered the look in his eye for some reason. For years.

Once I got serious about networking those eyes popped into my head again.

I get it… finally

We gotta get folks trained and if we do a good job communicating, with precision, they’ll do better and everyone makes more money.

After all, despite what the lead peddlers, bottom feeders and con artist tell you here on the internet, it’s not about sponsoring more people.  It’s about getting more people sponsoring.

I mean really… what the hell are people thinking when they talk about sponsoring 30, 40 people in a month?

Sponsor More or Have More People Sponsoring?

You tell me… do you really want to sponsor 40 people this month or have 25-30 people sponsoring 1-3 people?

And next month… you want to sponsor another 40 or have the 25-30 who sponsored 1-3 do that again AND have the 25-75 new people sponsor 1 each?

Good grief… how have people been led so far off the path to success?

What did I get?   What did I get so I had more people sponsoring?


And that means not only knowing what to teach but how to communicate it effectively.

Whether you’re talking to a prospect or a teammate, what lies in the balance is results.

So deft. Let’s define it first.

Deft: characterized by facility and skill.

Now here is the really cool part about networking or sales. Once you understand ‘deft’ you’ve got a HUGE edge on your competition and yourself.

This business is about skill, not talent. And you don’t need this BIG HUGE heart or a lot of persistence.

It’s a skill-based business.  If we’re going to make money we need to learn a couple of skills.

The thing I love, love, love about home-based businesses, particularly networking, is the networking skills we need to make a big difference income wise are easy ones.  And we only need a couple, two or three, to get to $10,000 a month.

BUT… if we are not DEFT, we are in for a lot of motivational speeches, self-help CDs …blah, blah, blah… so we’ll hang in there.

Shhhhh!  Here’s a little shortcut I discovered years ago and by basing all decisions on this DEFT Formula, things have gone really well.

The closer I adhere to it the less I work and the more I make.

Go figure.

The Formula

D ~ Duplicate-able.

We need to be certain that what we are doing can really be duplicated.

Duplication is really a by-product of education – education in it’s simplest form.

What’s that?  Copy!

If a 10 year old can’t do it, don’t do it

Always a debate about what is and what isn’t until The Fabulous Davene coined the phrase, “If a 10 year old can’t do it, don’t do it.”

Live by this statement for 30 days.  Everybody says that once they committed to it, their business grew.  hmm.

Do nothing that a 10-year-old cannot do. You’ll grow.

And, by the way, 10-year-olds can make 3-ways.

You know how your kid calls and says, “Mrs. Jones invited me for dinner,” and hands her the phone?   Folks, that’s a 3-way where your kid is bringing the closer!  And… guess what?  You did it too.

E ~ Effective

I love the line in the movie City Slickers where Daniel Stern says, “yeah, we’re lost but we’re making great time.”

Make sure what you set in motion is effective. Too much time is put into being efficient. Don’t worry about how to be efficient until you are effective. Today I got my 10th or 11th ‘offer’ to keep my social networking stuff organized. Geez, give me a break.

Looks like a lot of work. Big market out there as folks begin to overwhelm themselves with more ‘stuff’ and gadgets.

Is what you are doing in networking effective? Are we finding actual reps? Why worry about efficiency if it’s not effective?

The question are you buying stuff, looking at stuff etc, to keep other stuff organized (being efficient) at keeping stuff the does not advance your business down the field? Constantly check to see if what you are doing works ~ effective ~ before worrying about being efficient with it.

Bottom line, don’t worry about ANYTHING except learning how to hear the word ‘yes’ better than 80% of the time to look at your business.

No matter what your weaknesses are, and we all have them, if you’ve got lots of people looking with an open mind because you are talking to people EFFECTIVELY those weaknesses will never surface.

On the other hand, no matter how EFFICIENT you are at social media, filing papers etc.,  if you’re not EFFECTIVE at talking to people, a simple network marketing skill, your weaknesses will show and failure will overcome you.

F ~ Fast

Most people start part-time. Make sure what you are teaching is 3XFAST.

1. It can be done fast.
2. It can be done by new people fast
3. It can be copied fast

T ~ Teachable

Like it or not, you’re gonna be a teacher if you are going to grow.

Let them copy you. Tell ’em, then Show ’em so they can see what to copy

People “Buy the leader before buying the vision’” right?

Well, that is you.

1. Teach it to people
2. Teach them to teach it to people
3. Teach them how to teach others to teach.

DEFT really is the definition of duplication in MLM and leads to more people sponsoring.

By putting out steps, 1 at a time, that a 10-year-old can do and they will ‘copy’ it.

Duplication really is just a 4 syllable word for ‘copy’ when you get down to bedrock.

If others can’t learn it, they can’t teach it, meaning it will not be copied or, in the fancy MLM jargon… duplicate.

Try examining every single thing you do with the DEFT Formula as the criteria.

Everybody says it makes the decisions they need to make really easy, saving time and energy.

Be deft.

Love to know your thoughts… down below.

mark januszewski
World’s laziest Networker

Yo, how ’bout copying those who liked this and left comments? 🙂
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  • https://successfullyyours.myqivana.com

    You deserve more that a thank you. In April 2013 I will be 73, and you have open a door that I have been looking for many years, in and out of MLMs, and failing to get training, as you say but a lot of encouragment to stay.

    Now that I know why and that luck smiles only at the deft ones, the one’s who were prepared for the opportunity, as all opportunities are created the same way.

    Thomas A. Edison said, “Opportunities are missed by most people because if wears overalls and looks like work.”

    Thanks again Mark

  • Hey! I just found out how DEFT is OATS if your frame is lighted ~ as in FIRED UP!!! Effectiveness is on the rise . . . the main thing is becoming the main thing and DECISIONS based on “Yes”es are pouring in . . . you say “my hours have been cut back” and “I don’t know how I’m going to send Suzie to college”??? Would it be okay if I asked you a question? Would you like to do something about it?

  • Great Advice Mark. All new Network Marketing prospects need a leader/mentor to teach then DEFT. I interpret DEFT to mean the tactics, words and techniques necessary to get people to look at your opportunity. Do I see DEFT right Mark.


  • Mark,

    I believe I am doing nearly everything well… except this. What I am doing works for me, but it isn’t duplicating well. It is too involved and requires too much knowledge, practice and talent. The people in my company who have grown the fastest are using simpler dialogue (that a 10 year old could use). Thanks for sharing your thoughts. DEFT is a good reminder and comes at a good time for me as I am starting into larger group, new market training.

  • I have only been efficient in network mktg in the past. Since May 2012, I have been applying the DEFT formula and my behaviors have changed.
    This DEFT Education changes the Cause (me) and by the the natural laws of the Universe changes the Effects (outcome).
    I have become Effective, in teaching others the simple steps
    By applying and being DEFT.
    MY Effectiveness in collecting decisions is what I love to do! Teaching others what and how to.do what network mkters love to do is DEFT!
    Thank you Mark!!!!
    Most Excellent!!

  • Love the DEFT formula. Started implementing it 4-5 weeks ago, and the energy we’re feeling from the group is up, big time. It’ll take a couple months to document better results, but the energetic change is already making sponsoring way easier, because my “posture” is better. Better posture = stronger attraction = less work = serenity. Mahalo!

  • Aloha Eli

    You are a winner……it’s wonderful that you are taking inventory of yourself and not judging yourself. This is what winners do….they evaluate and adjust – BRAVO!

    mark j

  • Phillip…

    I love and use that quote of Edison’s constantly.

    Thank you for your kind words….looking forward to hearing about your successes – there is no question you are ‘prepared’

    mark j

  • For a blue? OMG…..do I sense a change in consciousness?

    Thank you so much for all your contributions here Joseph, you are raising the bar for all of us!

    mark j

  • Love mnemonics – as they get the point across so well in a retainable form. Your points are spot-on. Would like to find room for an S somewhere – because I also love the aspect of SCALABILITY… Keep ’em coming….


  • Things that make me say “hmm…” If something, like a strategy or new technique is not effective then it doesn’t matter if it’s efficient (at first). So I believe…that if something is effective it too will become efficient over time. Over time being the key.
    Thanks once again Mark J…LOL…

    Maryland Eastern Shore,USA

  • This technique works to open doors, that have remained shut for so long. And it brings results by making a friend each time.
    People have dreams that they haven’t really verbalized yet. I keep asking people, “What do you want more of, and less of, in your life?” Even if not at a 10 minute coffee, it starts them thinking, for when we do have 10 minutes together.

    “Keep Trim” is nicer than “keep it simple, stupid.” But this is so simple, “a 10-yr old can do it.” Trim and DEFT.

  • Aloha Joyce

    WOW….you are dead center here…….I never really liked the KISS thing….while the thought is great, there is no ‘how’ as you point out so well

    keep growing, thank you for stopping by and sharing

    mark j

  • Not if I steal it First! Ok, what say we Deftly copy it together? Much thanks Anita. Let me know what I can do for You as well. Because Duplicating Deftly is Great. Workin it Together helps you paddle to that shore Much Faster. Thanks Again Mark J. Always dig your insights (no pun intended)

  • Maybe with the multi-syllabic words. Let’s “Keep it trim” for the people just grabbing hold of this concept and are having trouble understanding other words like “multi-syllabic” K?

    HA! beatcha to it!!!

  • Mr Mark
    By DEFT formula you have opened my DEAF ears and my teammates
    who have hitherto turned DEAF on my EFFICIENT talks, now they stop
    and DO what I am DEFTing

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