Blog   You’ll Never Sponsor More By Handling Objections – So Stop!


There’s an old saying…..”if your in a hole, stop digging!”

If you’re trying to figure out how to ‘handle objections’ …..STOP IT!

Just stunned at how far off people are these days about ‘objections.’

Maybe because, not opinion, fact…..I was trained by the best in the world, W. Clement Stone.

Built the strongest sales force in history …..and they are still rocking.

Made Napoleon Hill rich and famous…..

I went to work for Stone right out of college…..wish I knew then what a massive, unmerited gift that really was.

Taught the class one day that all objections are baloney.

And, in MLM, they are…..every single one




It is NEVER about time…..
It is NEVER about money….
It is NEVER about the ‘pyramid’ thing….

Those are not the real objection.

This is why things like Neurological Linguistic Programming…..are as pointless as thinking ‘we got the cookie’ posturing techniques….

READ CAREFULLY – It cost nothing to attend…and…..there will be NOTHING for sale during or after the webcast.

Hop on…..spread the word…….should be fun not only will  you never have to deal with an objection again, you’ll sponsor a lot more people.

Register right here


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

Thanks For Stopping By and Sharing
Thanks For Stopping By and Sharing

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