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Fret not, this is not a heavy intellectual thing…..if you’re regular visitor [thank you by the way], you know it’s all about common sense and simplicity.

The 7 Levels of thinking are really quite simple, make sense and, quite candidly, will have a tremendous effect on your sponsoring rates.   You team will simply sponsor more people into your network marketing business.

In the previous 2 posts, we’ve established, have we not, that it is not about you sponsoring more, it’s about getting more people sponsoring.

When you add in the 7 levels of thinking it should create one of those great ‘AHA’ moments.

It did for me.  Within a month of making a tiny change because of the 7 Levels of thinking, the group grew by 25% but we were just warming up.

The following month the growth was up over 50% for new enrollments.

Here is the best part……it wasn’t that I had to learn and teach 7 new things…….I just had to make a tiny adjustment.

Want to get more people, including yourself, sponsoring more people?


Start with Level 1 of thinking instead of level 6 or 7.  And here’s some great news:  It’s so easy I wouldn’t even consider it a skill.


OK……so you get it, right?

We all learn new things from Level 1 – by copying.

You simply let people listen to you – ALL THE TIME – when you are calling people and tell them to ‘copy’ you.

They do.

Then teach them to ‘copy’ the way they were taught and you have dozens of people listening to people make calls……which leads to dozens more……

We phrased this simple concept like this: “DTST”

It means, Do-The-Same-Thing.

Hank, just listen and DTST… know what I mean Hank?  Just copy.”

Let’s face, everybody knows “duplication” is a 4 syllable word for “copy.”


There had to be a catch, eh?

The ‘catch’ is you simply cannot not teach what you do not know.


It’s just the way it is.

Go90Grow© members know what to teach…..they know how to get a ‘yes’ …..they know the skills  [Hop on the go90grow© waiting list if you’d like].  We’ve put up lots of network marketing skills to help you so you can overcome the ‘catch’ be learning what to say and do……if you’re getting this than know you’ve got to get people to ‘copy’ then you know what they copy is crucial.

Teach Others To Sponsor By Letting Them Copy! Don't TELL'EM - SHOW 'EM

Once you set this in motion, you are eliminating the biggest mistake new people make…..trying to figure out how to fit MLM into their life [the mistake is focus on Level 3 – Effieiency] instead of Level 2….EFFECTIVENESS.

Because you are teaching [simply be letting them copy you] a very EFFECTIVE [Level 2] way to recruit…..they won’t fall into the trap.

Now comes the big payoff…….you’ve set in motion a method that will help you and your team become very contagious.


The single greatest discovery of our career, once we learned skills was essential….is that duplication cannot be taught…….but it can be caught.

And this ‘copy’ Level 1 thinking……sets all this in motion effortlessly.

Isn’t that what you and I both want?   More people sponsoring people?

If you’re not sure how duplication gets ‘caught’ so you and your team become contagious, it’s a simple skill that will get more people sponsoring more people….

And……just in case you were wondering about the order of the other levels….

You’ve got the first 3……but here they are.


  • Level 1 – Copying
  • Level 2 – Effective – doing the right things
  • Level 3 – Efficiency – doing the right things right
  •  Level 4 – Improving – doing the right things better
  • Level 5 – Cutting – doing away with things that don’t move one towards his/her purpose [think Social Media instead of dialing the phone]
  • Level 6 – Doing things differently…….like owning your own business instead of following the herd going no where
  • Level – Doing the impossible…….when you can see the invisible, you can do the impossible…….

You can see, clearly…..what held me back……to excited about what could happen and teaching from level 6 & 7 for new people……instead of teach a skill by simply letting them copy.


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

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