Three simple steps

Everybody knows today counts 2X

Henry Ford was 100% correct.  “You can’t build a reputation on what you are going to do.”

What we do counts.  What we are going to do doesn’t.  Period.

We are what our record says we are.

So today counts 2x.

Not only is it a measure of our performance, but it also reinforces our habits.  Longtime readers of this blog (thank you very much) know that as long as we blame people, places, things or circumstances, we lose the opportunity to look at ourselves and improve.

The nonsense of blaming prospects for being dumb or closed minded prevents us from understanding that it was not them, but the words we used.

I mean, let’s face it.  Every time we talk to a possibility or prospect a sale is made.   Every-Single-Time.

Either we sell them on why …or they sell us on why not.

December for sponsoring

In 1993 I discovered that December was the best recruiting month of the year.   Most people don’t feel that way and they let me know it.  But I had already broken from the traditional bullshit mantras people repeat about networking and found that the right prospects were everywhere.  It’s always been my best month personally.

Finding the right people, for me, had been replaced by finding the right words.   Let’s face it – NO ONE is the right person, a good prospect until when?  We talk to them.  That change in thought created entirely different results… massive results.

While others waste time looking for the right people, look for the right words.

So I decided that if the masses were wrong about ‘finding the right people’ …perhaps they were wrong about December.

And, much to my delight, I found that people were just as wrong about December as they were about ‘finding the right people.’

But it was bigger than I could think.  Instead of trying to get my teams rolling in February, like everyone else, I hit 1994 with new, motivated people, reinvigorated vets,  and had a 90-day jump on everyone.

They all packed it in around Thanksgiving or the first week of December and didn’t get back up to speed until mid-March.

And still, it was an even bigger advantage because, surprise, no one was recruiting in December!   No competition.  YIPPEE!

Used this simple idea and 3 little things year in and year out… always pulling away while others were trying to pull teams together.

So why is December so great? Here you go…..

Three simple things

Over the remainder of November, meet with your team and do these 3 things…

1. December is great for recruiting.  Give them social proof.

2. Have them fill out that form I mentioned with you and pay attention to the things they want to achieve and the feelings they associate with having them.   Explain to them ‘to get those things we need to contact people’ (remember, focus on behavior, not results).   You simply link the desires they have to the behaviors.   And here’s a great tip.  Read that document daily yourself and commit to their dreams.  Get them what they want and you’ll get more than you can imagine.

3. Schedule several sets of 3-ways with them, and every single time you complete a set of 3-ways with them, schedule another set.  Light the fire and keep throwing on the wood.

Read Their Desires Daily & Commit To Them. How would you feel if someone was reading your desires daily and making calls with you? Give it to get it

Share with them the simple close I shared with you in the video.

And, obviously, if you use the right networking skills… you’ll help them hear the word ‘yes’ more often and sponsor more.   Talk about piling wood on the fire.

What you do …or do not do …in December will determine your first quarter of 2013 and the first quarter will really determine the year.

This is why I’m saying today counts 2x.   By setting the correct things in motion today, you get better results… that’s 1x. And determines the habits for tomorrow… that’s 2x.  The same is true about December…and 2013.


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

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  • Thanks for the great tips. I plan to work the business in December. I also never take December off. I will be looking for your inspiring e-mails.

  • Mahalo Jon

    That’s music to my ears…..the additional advantage of having most MLMers vanishing by the 6th or 7th of December makes is a lock if we stay focused on the reality that people who come to the table in December are coming to the table to join.

    Go for it will the competition is sleeping

    mark j

  • I’m excited to start applying these 3 simple things in developing my new team immediately!
    I have the opportunity to getting started right, and these 3 things just add to my confidence that I am in the right place to learn the right skills to succeed!
    Thank you Mark!!!

  • Thanks for the words of wisdom…Merry Christmas to you too!!!! December will be my best month ever!!

  • What I like among all in this Go90Grow is your passion and energy to show us the shortest way to reach the road of success ! Thanks a lot Mark ! Dominiquz

  • What I like among all in this Go90Grow is your passion and energy to show us the shortest way to reach the road of success ! Thanks a lot Mark ! Dominique

  • Great Great training Mark! Using this at this time of year when probably very few if any at all will be using is “Gold Jerry” (as they used to say in Seinfeld – LOL)

  • EXCELLENT!!!! I am hoping to sign more in Nov. end and Dec than all last year…..Between T&GR challenge and ehanced skills and motivation ……(myself and a couple team members doing same)..we plan on rocking it!!!! THANKS SO MUCH MARK!

  • Good morning Mark!
    What a perfect message – your spirit & soul are totally transparent – thanks for being you – thanks for caring & sharing – thanks giving is a cause not an effect!
    Love ya!

  • Mahalo Bob….

    So appreciate you….and your very kind words

    And….wonderful insight……about cause and effect!! You “GET IT” 🙂

    stay grateful and keep growing

    mark j

  • Hey Mark

    The video wont play????? Is there some place else that I can watch this video? I dont want to miss anything you have to teach us you are awsome. Thank you for all you do.

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