MLM Companies and Leaders

MLM Companies and Leaders: Explain!

As Ricky used to say to Lucy, ‘You got some ‘splainin’ to do’.

The sheer sloth and disregard for the welfare of distributors have grown to biblical proportions.

The insanity of telling distributors that the plan will make them rich, that the product is so unique sets them apart from everyone on the planet, and the company is sooooooo smart and ‘cares’ so much they’ll be a billion-dollar company …so hang around for that ‘critical mass’ point is almost as bad as leaders spinning that same BS.

That is 1970-1980’s stuff.  Worked then because not everyone on the planet knew about network marketing.

Guess what leaders and companies?  Today’s ‘avatar’ knows it is marketing and they don’t really care about that stuff.

The stupidity of gathering people at a convention and telling them how great they have it is mind-blowing.

People looking at a business today know it’s marketing and they know that they DO NOT KNOW how to market themselves.

Lots of good companies

Prospects today want the skills to help them succeed.

How can I be so sure?

Well, I do my homework.   And in doing some surveys we not only discovered what to talk to the prospect about but also what to say and do so they join.

A lot of companies have decent pay plans (BTW, all plans pay the same… producers get paid, non-producers do not) and wonderful products.

So what?

What does the prospect really BELIEVE will help them succeed?

A survey sent to over 10,000 tells us a lot of things, but mostly the 1980s are over.   Just because these MLM companies and leaders are ‘online’ does not mean that they have a clue about what today’s prospect feels is important to their success.

Would anyone deny that meeting a prospect’s needs is helpful?  Duh.

First and foremost, they could care less about the plan (1.8%) or product (4.5%).  What they want is a systematized skill set that the upline will not just TELL them but do it with them.

chaert 3

And, you know what?  The prospects are correct.

Better than 91% BELIEVE it is marketing and for them to make it they need the network marketing skills.

So if your company or upline keeps raving about the pay plan… or you do… to prospects – STOP!

Getting them to join

Guess what they believe will make them successful?



Founders that are nice guys who don’t kick dogs?

Nope.   All you have to do is make a simple promise…


Promise to make calls with them and do it.

Look, the ‘I don’t have enough time’, or “I don’t have the money’, are NOT the real objections.

Here is the real deal… adults do not want to:

  1. Fail
  2. Seem incompetent
  3. Be embarrassed

In essence, if you get to the point where you are closing and they make excuses and don’t join it’s never the excuse they give you.  It’s because you did not address what they want to know… the 2 key things.  And their fear of one or more of those things triggers an excuse.   They’ll never tell you the real reason.  They’d sound incompetent.  Some people learn the skills to ‘assure’ prospects while others just keep raving about the plan or product.

Clearly, these graphs have helped 0ver 1000 people discover how to easily sponsor people.

The 2 things?

Will you teach me the skills?

Will you help me learn the skills by showing me how.

We’ve made a fortune doing this basic ‘show and tell’ about what is important to today’s prospect and we are virtually without competition because everyone else is talking about their unique products and patented pay plan.

Good grief!  The 1980s are over.


mark januszewski


world’s laziest networker

Thanks For Stopping By and Sharing
Thanks For Stopping By and Sharing


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  • Right on the money! People not only want to learn the skills to succeed but they expect you to know them and show them how it’s done. Put’s a little pressure on us all to practice those 12 skills you teach so well. Thanks Mark J.!


  • The last bar in the first graph that 73% of people choose, the description is cut off it says “a system that teaches me the skills I need to succeed and an upline that t…” what is the rest of this statement?

  • Mark, you had me at “Hello…its all B.S.!”
    Seriously, I am one of those who fell for the B.S. and said to myself this cannot be how this works. Out of frustration comes innovation. I call it the oldest formula of success….and you my friend put it into a way that this “Blue” caught it. The greatest power known to man/woman….you describe it perfectly in your rant…we will do for others that we struggle to for ourselves…..the power? It is as you described….doing calls with your team until they can do with other
    s and teach them how to them how….here it comes one word…. SERVICE. Isn’t that true??
    Mahalo for you teaching me this power!

  • BRAVO! The truth is the truth … Most people want to know that they will be taught the system AND be given actual hands on living and breathing support to show them the way! But then there are those … you know the type …(laugh)…who would rather sit behind their computers, spam others by email or phone all day long, and then bitch & complain that this doesn’t work, rather than learn a few new skills, practice & practice, take the time and make the list with their new team members and actually help them make calls! … keep ranting Mark … we are all here with you and hear YOU!

  • Based on your advice, I have been teaching the skills that pay the bills hands on vs. telling people how to do the business. Showing them how it is done with “Live Action” have caused my business to start growing again and has taught me how to lead my team to the promise land. Indebted to your advice and training my friend. Thanks,

  • You ROCK ANN! You are a great leader and my inspiration! Thank you for all you do in your life and others! I learn so much from the veterans of NWM and you are in my top 5!

  • So true and certainly makes perfect sense. The old fish thing most definitely applies. I don’t have it perfectly but teach a man how to fish and he will never starve. Your system Mark is the key and especially the latest modules concerning the ‘Hero’s Journey’ which are so enlightening!!! Worth every Penney IMHO$$$

  • Thanks for pointing that out…..

    It read, in the survey…..”and an upline that demonstrates the skills hands on”

    Thus solving the biggest reason people ‘stall’ at the end for people who do not know this and why they NEVER stall once you know this an can reassure them a few times during your presentation that they will get ‘hands on support’

    mark j

  • Yes…as a 30 year Executive new to NWM…this is spot on. I’ worked in banking…insurance. ..It…And Telecom as a hired gun or change agent. All those industries hired me to shift a Paradigm from product plan pushing to needs and solutions.

    NWM is the only industry that still pushes products and annoys prospects..

    Find a good company that teaches skills and had a system focused on understanding prospect needs. .

    When a Paradigm shift happens in any industry…eberyone starts at zero. Be different or be extinct!

  • Mark!

    You couldn’t be more correct! The real trouble is almost everyone doesn’t actually know what works, couldn’t show anyone what works and are more afraid than the person they just signed up of making a mistake. Accidental marketing with the blind leading the blind. This is not just an MLM problem. The entire direct sales industry has a pass and an overall 95% failure rate. The number of people who renew their real estate or insurance license the 2nd year is only about 5% year after year. At the same time franchise operations have less than 5% failing. There is more than one reason but essentially the system sorts first, qualifies and trains and doesn’t allow failure as an option. We went through a school system that accepts failure as a passing grade. What would happen if you had to do it over until you exceeded 90% proficiency. We can fix this by the way. Thank you for being a solution!

  • Mark,

    Your sage advice and wisdom is priceless to anyone commuted to authentic success in the Network Marketing Industry.

    If ever there was a NWM Wizard it would be you!


  • This is awesome, Mark….spot on!

    “The stupidity of gathering people at a convention and telling them how great they have it is mind blowing.”

    That was my favorite line in the whole post….companies try to get people to think that if they buy a bunch of tickets, sell them to their friends and show up at the convention and hear the rah-rah BS, it’ll make them successful. Stop talking about how the company is the greatest thing since sliced bread and teach the distributors some real skills.

    it is called Network “Marketing” after all…

    You are doing the industry a great service with your skills, Mark. Many thanks!

  • Aloha Adam

    thanks for your kind words…..and I LOVE your point….about most companies…..

    The ‘changing people’s lives’ is another ‘pitch’ we hear all the time. The REAL truth is people build companies, not the other way around…..

    Keep doing all those good things

    mark j

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