Blog   Yo, MLM Compaines and Leaders, Wake Up, ’80’s Are Over


As Ricky used to say to Lucy, ‘You got some ‘splainin’ to do’

The sheer sloth and disregard for the welfare of distributors has grown to biblical proportions.

The sheer insanity of telling distributors that the plan will make them rich….that the product is so unique sets them apart from everyone on the planet…..and the company is sooooooo smart and ‘cares’ so much they’ll be a billion dollar company … hang around for that ‘critical mass’ point……is almost as bad as leaders spinning that same BS.

That is 1970-1980’s stuff.  Worked then because not everyone on the planet knew about network marketing.

Guess what leaders and companies?  Today’s ‘avatar’ knows it is marketing and they don’t really care about that stuff.

The stupidity of gathering people at a convention and telling them how great they have it is mind blowing.

People looking at a business today know it’s marketing and they know that the DO NOT KNOW how to market themselves.


Prospects today want the skills to help them succeed.

How can I be so sure?

Well, I do my homework.   And in doing some surveys we not only discovered what to talk to the prospect about but also what to say and do so they join.

A lot of companies have decent pay plans [BTW, all plans pay the same…..producers get paid, non producers do not]…..and wonderful products.

So what?

What does the prospect really BELIEVE will help them succeed?

A survey sent to over 10,000 tells us a lot of things….but mostly……the 1980’s are over.   Just because these companies and leader are ‘online’ does not mean that they have a clue about what today’s prospect feels is important to their success.

Would anyone deny that meeting a prospects needs helps?  Duh.

First and foremost, they could care less about the plan [1.8%] or product [4.5%]  What they want is systematized skill set that the upline will not just TELL them but do it with them.

chaert 3

And, you know what?  The prospects are correct.

Better than 91% BELIEVE it is marketing and for them to make it they need the network marketing skills.

So if your company or upline keeps raving about the pay plan……or you do….to prospects …..STOP


Guess what they believe will make them successful?



Founders that are nice guys who don’t kick dogs?

Nope.   All you have to do is make a simple promise…..


Promise to make calls with them and do it.

Look, the ‘I don’t have enough time’ or “I don’t have the money’ are NOT the real objections.

Here is the real deal……adults do not want to:

  1. Fail
  2. Seem incompetent
  3. Be embarrassed

In essence, if you get to the point where you are closing and they make excuses and don’t join …’s never the excuse they give you …….it’s because you did not address what they want to know….the 2 key things.  And their fear of 1 or more of those things triggers an excuse.    They’ll never tell you the real reason…..they’d sound incompetent.  Some people learn the skills to ‘assure’ prospects while others just keep raving about the plan or product.

Clearly these graphs have helped 0ver 1000 people discover how to easily sponsor people.

The 2 things?

Will you teach me the skills?

Will you help me learn the skills by showing me how.

We’ve made a fortune doing this basic ‘show and tell’ about what is important to today’s prospect…..and we are virtually without competition because everyone else it talking about their unique products and patented pay plan.  Good grief…..the 1980s are over


mark januszewski


world’s laziest networker

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