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Well, let’s run this up the flagpole and see who salutes it…

Not to worry, not preaching coming at fellow networkers here but the truth be told it was the changes within my soul that created changes within me…..and I certainly did not make those changes, I was not the source of the shift within….everybody on some kind of path knows this about themselves and others.

Examining the relationship we have in our chosen spiritual pursuit and business seems to be more than OK….it is necessary.

Some would argue that there is no other way to see it …..and my point of view is a person’s spiritual life is private and the knee jerk reaction is we may be treading on thin ice …..I am sure you’ll let me know.

So let’s get to the real root of how the ‘World’s Laziest Networker’ actually came into being.  After all, less time at work and peace of mind surely makes service to the Source of All Good easy to engage in.


We are mental beings.

We occupy a physical body but at our absolute core we are mental, spiritual beings.

This knowledge makes or breaks us in…….life, love and business.   Understanding this is the first step, and the journey cannot begin on the 73rd Step or 122nd Step.  It’s gotta start with the first step.

It is this step that puts us on the road to freedom and prosperity.

As long as we believe we are some kind of superior animal, that is….. if we believe we are supposed to use our physical gifts – back, legs, brain etc – to overcome circumstances we are really in jail, in bondage as Emmit Fox liked to say.


Because our thoughts, our habits of thinking, make is impossible to see the Truth.

That Truth is we are mental beings.

What does this mean and how does it apply to building a business?  To improving lives of others?


It means that trying to overcome or improve physical conditions, [not enough time, not enough people to talk to, no upline support etc.], is trying to improve our environment without changing our minds.

We are trying to change the our personal physical world/conditions – which were created by us mentally in the first place. 🙂

The Master Teacher said ‘Thou blind Pharisee, cleanse first what is in the cup and platter that the outside of them may be clean also.’

Change outside, in our conditions….. must come from within.


We say it but do we listen ourselves to the standard MLM Mantra?

….for things to change, you have to change and for things to get better, you have to get better

Heard it before?  Yup.

Said it before?

In my case 1000s of times.

But here is the cool part…..I kept saying to reps….for things to change, you have to change….etc……


I should have been saying for things to get better, I have to get better and for things to change…I have to change.

Do you see how dopey I was?  I was trying to control my business, create a success mentality, by controlling the conditions around me.  🙂

So what did I get?  A lot of people telling other people they had to change but not changing themselves.

Folks, never worry about duplication.  Worry about WHAT you do instead….because whatever you do will be duplicated by the ones looking to you for leadership.

In essence….no one would plant a flower and expect a bulb to grow, right? Yet trying to change the conditions, which I created anyway, is EXACTLY like trying to plant a flower and grow a bulb.


Once I ‘got it’ …….that we are mental beings and to change the conditions I need to change my mind….I asked for help, knowing full well that for me it was impossible but I knew ‘The One’ could transform me.

So I changed my mind…..OK,OK….that’s pretty egotistical…..I surrendered.

We are told by all the illuminated ones from great philosophers to great thinkers to Buddha to The Master Teacher …..

…..if it is good for you and does not take anyone else’s good and involves service to others, the Divine will supply the resources, energy, well everything.

Being the Laziest Networker in the World took more effort than the title would lead you to believe.

It was hard, hard work to surrender 44 years of thinking one way.

But it did not have to be that hard….I just kept thinking I could change myself.

The actual shift was easy…….it was just hard getting to the easy part because of ego.


Still looking at the conditions…people to talk to, time, unsupportive spouse, under capitalized, lousy good for nothing upline?

……and thinking when they change …..your business will grow?

Understanding that change in the outer world must come from the inner world and …..that I am not the one who does the changing… the path to change.

So…you know what is coming next right?


Take 100% responsibility for where we are at…….without judgement……get honest about what area or areas need improvement……surrender and ask for help…..while committing to being in service to others in the area you struggled in…..

WWJD for someone who does this and asks for help so s/he can serve others?

And you thought we improved with bullheaded persistence? 🙂

Now you know…..


Revising.  Again.

First revision?  Said I regret not moving over here 2 years ago.

I am revising that to 5 years ago when I first landed in Kauai and knew in 10 minutes this was it.

Follow your dream baby…..right now.

And the fact they had a Nor’easter last week in Boston has nothing to do with it. 🙂


At one point in this insane series of workouts Tony Horton says…..about one of the workouts…..”I hate it, but….I love it”

I am there, on track and still have a pulse.

Finishing up my first 90 days in 115 as planned to get ready to do it all in 90 days….and finish before the Bride’s Birthday so we can take an 11 mile hike to Kalalau Valley.    45 pounds to go…..down 20.


1. Why are people addicted to leads? Does anyone know anyone who has built a duplicating organization with leads?  I am not saying what one of the con artist, system pushing morons sell…or the testimonials on their pages say….I mean do YOU know anyone, personally?  From Boston to Kauai they call that a ‘CLUE’  2.  Pros get paid to play, amateurs pay money to watch Pros play.  Ironic, eh?  3. Greatness lies within every person who ever said, “wow” about the achievements of another.  You can’t see it if it is not within you.  4. My favorite player & pitcher Doc Haladay lost game 1 of the championship round.  Umpire missed a strike and on the next pitch Ibanez drops a catch-able ball.  2 runs score afer Roy what should have been the 3rd out.TWICE.  After the game Haladay talks only about what he did wrong….class act and a great lesson for all us work-at-home blame machines. 5. Funny thing….the Fabulous Davene, my blind Mom and myself…..since we’ve been in Kauai have eaten nothing but organic foods….and local protien… one has had a single health problem…..what the hell is in the food that is packaged?


1. In business for yourself, not by yourself. James Allen

James lived in the 1800s and wrote ‘As A Man Thinketh”   And you thought some MLM Founder coined that phrase?  🙂

Course, James took the title of his book from The Master Teacher.

2. Sometimes you have to get to know someone really well to realize you’re really strangers. Mary Tyler Moore

Is there anything on the planet like a home-based business when it comes to facing yourself and finding out your behavior and your perception of your behavior are strangers?  Talk about daily chances for personal growth…..geeeeezzzzzz

3. Common sense isn’t so common. Mark Twain

Networkers are a passionate but irrational type…..without common sense, within a few weeks, folks own sites, ebooks, systems…..and don’t talk to people.

What’s network marketing?  Talking to people.

4. A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life. Charles Darwin

Talked with good friend Nancy DelRossi today…. someone is dying and my good friend of the last 6 years just died…..I know what Nancy is going through but the conversation was amazing.  Life is too short and you never know what you’ve got left…..2 years, 10 years …….30 years…..whatever …..she says.  And?  We both decided anyone can blow out an MLM deal if they get off their asses [OK,OK, if we get off ours] …in 12 months…..making the time left priceless…..Thanks Nancy……inspiration within sorrow.  Remarkable.

5. Life is too short to be little. Man is never so manly as when he feels deeply, acts boldly, and expresses himself with frankness and with fervor. Disraeli

Seriously…..go for your bliss with reckless abandon today.

mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

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