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Readers of this blog know this is a consistent message…and a couple of our readers questioned the repetition of this message.

I understand… people are busy, they just want the meat…a quick video clip or a couple of one liners….that tidbit of information that will “fix” everything.   “Give it to me quickly so I can make my dreams come true,” thinking…

Let me share two ideas here….

  1. We repeat it over and over again so new or inexperienced or fearful people won’t hurt themselves financially…look, we know we can’t stop people from hurting themselves yet we feel a responsibility to carry the message…about “secrets”… we can’t buy success, we’ve got to earn it…and we either pay the price of success now by doing the work now or we pay the price of failure later….and as the great W. Clement Stone taught….it’s easier to succeed than fail. [It’s net-WORK-marketing, not net-WISH-marketing, net-POINT-n-CLICK-marketing, net-HOPE-marketing or net-FIND-THE-SECRET-AND-GET-RICH-marketing]
  2. If we are going to make some money, we need to learn some skills…this ain’t no secret….not in any business.  Successful people simply determine what the objective is in the money making areas with their personal objectives being hit as a result of the overall business objective being hit… other words, what really drives the economic engine?   It sure as hell isn’t “sponsoring more”…yet most people really believe that will get them what they THINK they want….this blinds anyone, in any business to being able to see the REAL objective

Most people are aiming at the wrong target….I sure was for a while.

Here’s a guy, living his dream…right now…

How’d he do it so fast?


He divorced himself from the “mainstream” bullcrap and asked the important question….the only question that matters….

“What’s the real objective of the business?”

Listen closely…..



Duplication is a by-product of education.

When you really think about it duplication is a fancy word for “copy”, yes?

Well, if they don’t know “what” to copy…they’ll get sucked into the mainstream bullshit and think it’s about “sponsoring more” and all the nonsense that goes with it…

  • Don’t quit!
  • You just have to find the right people [BTW, biggest lie in NWM]
  • Hang in there!
  • You gotta think BIG!
  • You can’t fail if you won’t quit
  • Buy leads, more leads means more money [$$]
  • Get this automated system [$$]
  • 7 things your upline won’t tell you [$$$]
  • The dirty little secrets of MLM and how to overcome them [$$$$]

Good grief…..

Write this down on several index cards and tape it everywhere…

“never do anything unless you know WHY you’re doing it”

Push people up by going 3-Deep, hands on
Push people up by going 3-Deep, hands on

Duplication is caught, it’s not taught…we do this with the 3-Deep-Pattern…here’s that skill

What do we do 3 levels deep, hands on?

1. Set a short term objective and find out what their core motive is….the core motive is crucial.

Why is the core motive crucial?  Because motivation means “motive in action” and it’s far, far easier to get your new teammates to engage in the right behaviors if you “get off” motivational speeches [your reasons for them doing something] and get on to helping them get what they want…which is ALWAYS driven by THEIR core motive.  [You can get your core motive and all your teammates core motives right here …and no, it’s no upsell….take this little quiz free]

You see, all their REAL desires …what they ultimately want will be driven by their core motive.  That’s what Claes does…..that’s what all winners who make big bucks and do it in short work week hours….they focus on the core motive of others [all REAL goals come out of our core motive]…..and he does something extra…he learns more and more about himself so he can talk to his teammates, 3 levels deep, in a language THEY understand….in other words, to their motive, not his.

2. For goodness sake….BUILD THE LIST WITH THEM.   Only those lazy or stupid assign this….list building is a skill….here you go [no, there’s no upsell if that’s what you’re thinking]

3. Make the calls with them…..I’m not going to get on the bully-pulpit here….but for goodness sakes… if the hidden objective is to build teams that build teams without out….then how in the hell could we possibly expect to hit that target if we won’t be part of a team?   3 words will build teams and manifest dreams…”show and tell”   Do it.

Same for them and all this nonsense about “I don’t make calls with new people” or the new rep saying, “I’m not comfortable just calling people together”  Good grief!

Tell them the real objective and ask the tough question…..”if the objective is to build teams that build teams without us….how do you think that could possibly happen if we refuse to be part of a team.

The 4 Ds…..they are money…especially the Discipline to execute these 3 tiny steps….

Let me know what you think…..


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

Mahalo for stopping by and sharing
Mahalo for stopping by and sharing





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