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No Hocus-Pocus, just shift the focus

On the 11th day of Christmas, we get a gift from outside MLM that applies.

Heard a great message by Frank Kern, internet marketing guru, about the ‘state of internet marketing’ moving forward.

Frank is successful, authentically, and, my bride, The Fabulous Davene has gleaned a ton from Frank.  More than enough to make six figures++ in her first year as an online marketer.  She’s past that now.   Hey, I married up, what can I say? 🙂

Davene & Mad Men star John Slattery hiking Kalalau Trail

Kern breaks internet marketing down into 3 pillars, just like I’ve always broken MLM down.

And no, I’m not talking about the ‘stupid’ pillars people tell you about when they pitch you…ya know what I mean?

Heard about the Pillars?

When someone tells you the 4 KEY pillars for picking the right company…or the 5 KEY pillars…you can bet all the tea in China the next thing they are going to tell you is how the deal they want to pitch hits and exceeds all of them.  Very cute technique…it’s bullshit but it’s very effective if you go down that road with them.

I’m talking about something completely different – the 3 things we do to drive our business.

And it’s a lot different than it was in 1995.  In some ways better and in some ways, especially today.  It brings an inherent trap with it.

Unfortunately, (or fortunately, if you want your competition wasting their time), most people are spending most of their time on the thing that matters least and the least amount of their time on what matters most to build a big, self-perpetuating business.

To KILL 2012 and get where you want to be requires nothing more than looking at the FACTS and seeing how you’ve been sucked into what everyone else, well most everyone else, is focusing on.

Here are thethree pillars to focus on and why you probably need to shift your focus.

If we re-examine our focus and embrace the brutal facts of what all this technology has brought us, it’s clear that with a clear focus on what actually drives the economic engine and some skills to improve in that pillar, we can all up the ante in 2102 with ease.

If we are going to make some money, we need to talk to people.  Talking to people is a skill and there are several networking skills free right here.

Then we need to educate them so we can get the desired effect, duplication.  And everybody knows getting duplication is a network marketing skill.


mark januszewski

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  • Hi Mark….I watched Frank Kern’s state of the internet address as well and knew there was great info there, thanks once again for your insight. Peace

  • Thank you Mark, you are a wonderful teacher and motivator. Can’t wait to hear you speak at the convention.

  • Mark,
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful scenary and for reminding us that any profitable business is about connecting with people. An email serves many purposes, but nothing replaces face to face communication, eye contact, a warm smile, and sincere interest in who you meet.

  • Mark,
    I just wanted to say thank you and Happy New Year. I am fucusings on getting my portrait business going this year. I want to use internet marketing but I am staying away from MLM.
    Please let keep in touch and I you would like another painting please let me know. You have given me so much.

  • Right On Mark… my mantra across my organization goes “See The People-See The People-Follow Up With The Preople You Saw”!! Guess What..It Works!!

  • Hi Mark;
    I have absolutely loved each and every one of your gifts of Christmas! Today’s message hit the bulls eye. Yep, technology is second to talking to people. Thanks for freely sharing your insights-

  • Love It, Love It, Love It

    Every Conference Call with my team – I brag on You and Davene. Your skills are my #1 push through my group. I can’t wait for the next round of Go90Grow!!! I am strongly encouraging everyone to get on board.

    We have more activity in our group than ever and all our prospects love how they are being talked to.

    Everyone in this Industry needs to learn how you talk to people.

    Thanks for EVERYTHING !!!


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