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Today is the 2nd day of Christmas for followers of this blog, got a great skill for you.

But I believe how I got to this skill, having winning MLM recruiting conversations – defined it then refined it is a cool story.  And, it’s short 🙂

I was terrified to pick up the phone.   I tried MLM in the 1980s five times and I failed five times.

Like most people who join and try I lied.  I told the ‘I dabbled’ lie.

You know what I mean?  People would ask me each time I looked if I had been in MLM and I’d say. “Yeah, dabbled a little bit, never really put in a lot of time.”

Shame? For Not Dialing, For Rejection and For Denying I Had Really Tried

Shame is an ugly thing sometimes.  I hadn’t ‘dabbled’ I really tried.

And I failed miserably.  Shame sucks, makes us say stupid things about ourselves or fib.  Yuck.

OK, so here’s the story.

I really wanted it to work out, I wanted a career change but it just didn’t work out for me.

Today I am proud to say I didn’t dabble and it was no one’s fault by my own.  I didn’t need it in the ’80s but I did want it.

The 90s deal – a wonderful and crushing blow.

In the early ’90s, a tough and great thing happened to me.  Bottom line, I end up raising 2 kids as a single parent.

The law changes in the seafood business.  I had a delivery route – and took a hit in pay, a $25,000 hit, and another one was coming in 90 days.

Day to day living is tough and it’s worse with two great kids depending on you for food and shelter.

So I take another look at MLM while working 70+ hours a week.


All charged up.

More Ut-Oh.  Same miserable results.  I’m going down the crapper fast and scared.

Rejection Hurt, Not Dialing Felt Better Than Rejection

List shrinking and I am scared to get on the phone – rejection sucks more than shame, eh? – and I am scared to not get on the phone since there is less money coming in than going out…and I am out of cash reserves and reduced to selling the few things I had.

I don’t want to burn through the rest of my small and quickly vanishing list.  I am so terrified I officially label myself as a phone chicken.  And promptly start beating myself up for that.  Good grief.

Run into a guy in a hotel lobby and break down crying, tell him my tale of woe.

My life changed overnight

I knew all the garbage about ‘you can’t fail, you can only quit’ was stupid.  Not quitting has nothing to do with winning.  It didn’t in the ’80s or ’90s and it sure as hell doesn’t today.

He tells me I just need to learn some network marketing skills, just like a guy who wants to lay brick would have to learn some skills.

Teaches me a skill, how to have winning MLM recruiting conversations.  Within 60 days we’re making $3000 a month, 6 figures within a year.

I keep thinking about what he said.  This seemingly insignificant comment.  ‘You gotta know what is going on in a prospects head and talk to that

I figure it out with a little help from my now good friend, Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter and define it and take a year to refine it.

So Happy Holidays…here is that skill and you can say ‘On the 2nd day of Christmas the World’s Laziest Networker gave to me a skill that gave me courage and money‘ 🙂


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker


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  • There’s no doubt that learning what to say to a prospect over the phone to get them to say yes to looking at your business is a game changer. It sure makes it easier to pick up the phone…

    Thanks Mark

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