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I Love Giraffes

It seems like yesterday I was staring up at the ceiling wondering how in the world I could be this bad… again… at network marketing.

Fortunately, through thick and thin, I continued to read philosophy as part of my daily routine… (are you as shocked as I am that people just don’t read for their mind anymore?)

It occurred to me, call it a brilliant flash of the obvious, or call me an S…L…O…W learner… whatever.   But like a bolt out of the blue, I realized I simply did not have a “philosophy” about my MLM biz… and as a result… I had what all people have that operate without one…  a failing MLM business.

Ahem… let me rephrase that.   I was failing for the 6th time.

I couldn't get the giraffe out of my mind
I couldn’t get the giraffe out of my mind

So, there, in this ratty apartment… BAM!   My favorite animal, a giraffe pops into my head.

“Stop!” I yell to my head…” this is serious, don’t think about giraffes!   You need a philosophy!”

OK… I’m back on track… and Bada-bing… I see a giraffe in my mind again.


I’ll spare you the 10 more times I went through this before I surrendered and found gold.   But I will tell you, probably like yourself… I had loooooooog grown past the normal bullshit people were dishing.   You know, the “don’t quit”…” you can’t fail unless you quit”…” hang in there”…” we’re going to be a billion-dollar company”…

Recently at a live event here in Kauai we explained this philosophy for 3 days… that was in early May and people are just tearing it up.   Many who could not attend have asked about it and recently in Vegas we did some training for a group at a convention where they asked too.   How it was that we get to do what we want when we want…  What was our core thinking?

It sure isn’t “sponsor more”…all that crap, and that’s exactly what it is when people talk about sponsoring 20 or 30 or more people a month…   Good grief.

So here’s the short version… of a philosophy based on the gorgeous Giraffe… and how staying loyal to it made dreams come true.

Two quick notes about this video…

1) that last few minutes have something rarely caught on film, so enjoy it and

2) when I say through thick and thin, let it sink in…really.


The G in Giraffe

It really revolves around the G…

Give 100% to the dreams of others without expectation of reciprocity.   Expect nothing.  Do it from the heart baby, from the heart.

How did we give?

Read the goal statements of others every morning …aloud …with excitement.

Send them cards …NOT EMAILS.   Handwrite personal notes and don’t mention the business.

Give…give…give…then… give some more.

You’ve got to live in your Imagination (that’s the “I”) because imagination is the only bridge to enthusiasm (the “E”) and it is that enthusiasm you have for the dreams of others that turns you into an indomitable force.

One of the “F’s” is First Class…

You were made first class, by first class and you’re entitled to go first class if you do a first class job of helping others get their dreams.   How do we help them?

Teaching them, hands-on, the skills they need… but… and this is a BIG BUT… you simply cannot teach what you do not know.

Giving means showing people "hand-on" what to do
Giving means showing people “hand-on” what to do

So learn the skills.    There are a bunch of them right here.

Yeah, there is something of a time investment to learn them, practice them and improve, but, really, do you believe you don’t have to do anything but tell people how great your product and plan are?  I mean, really…we’re talking about creating ongoing income for decades… it’s going to take some skills.   BTW, if you’re visiting here for the first time, the skills are free, no upselling.

In the end, a philosophy doesn’t mean jack if you don’t live it… relentlessly.

If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything…

Like “secrets” (there aren’t any).

Like sponsoring 20-30 or more a month (how dumb do they think we are?)  Winning at MLM is about getting more people sponsoring, not sponsoring more.

Like spending 1000 bucks for a couple days to get a business plan… really?  OMG…let me give you one.   Spend 80% of your time contacting people who are not in your business about your business.   Really, that’s all you have to do besides adding a little GIRAFFE.

Again, if you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything… and so will your team.

Here’s the biggie about the giraffe.   It’s not the heart of a lion, the eye of the tiger nor the skin of a rhino, or other dead animal body parts that will build our business.


It’s got to be vitalized and the giraffe’s neck is ALWAYS out… (you stick your neck out by deciding what you stand for and sticking to it)    The heart of a giraffe is more than 20 inches and weighs over 20 pounds… you stick your neck out and put your heart into the dreams of others… and you’ll be designing a life instead of making a living.

So… what do you stand for?   Please share your philosophy with us below.


mark j

world’s laziest networker

Mahalo for stopping by and sharing
Mahalo for stopping by and sharing



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  • Awesome video. Like you Mark I began to really study and read everything I could around philosophy and when I decided how I wanted to live I was able to make clear decisions and not feel swept along by the chaos of the world around. One step at a time I am climbing my mountain and succeeding. Thank you SOOOOOOOO much for everything that you do. Discovering you, Davene and the work that you do has made my path clear. x

  • Reckon, the giraffe read Luke 6:38 great inspiration keep on keepin, on!

  • Loving the giraffe acronym, especially because it is spot on. We sum up our philosophy as:

    1 – Know your greatness and help others recognize their’s
    2 – Treat everyone as if she/he is a guardian angel in disguise
    3 – Be a self-directed thinker
    4 – Live in the moment

    As I grow older I may amend it, but for right now, we’re going with this!

  • Incredible as usual! I joined a company yesterday that married one of my passions, 100% chemical free and organic living with network marketing. I fell in love instantly and my upline told me I was going to make so much money I wouldn’t know what to do with it all. I told them I really didn’t care about earning money for me, I just want to help others live healthier, wealthier lives. It’s the first time in my career of quite a few MLMs, that I really, truly, felt that way accompanied by a peace of knowing I deserve first class health and wealth myself. Thanks, your videos always seem to come when I need them. When the student is ready, the video appears?! 🙂

  • This was great! GIRAFFE, who knew! I need this printed and in front of me to look at everday. Many of times I sit and think what to do next. Sometimes I feel I don’t show enough “E” to push my people, (bring them back to life rather). If I could go out of order, I think I’ll start with the “R”

  • Great video and post as usual it make so much sense. Love the concept of helping people with their dreams instead of just signing up lots of people and leaving them behind.

  • What a fantastic Philosophy !!!
    Great job Mark, always enjoy tips that you share with us.
    Thanks a lot!!!

  • Great interview, very helpful and unexpected.
    Just another part of the market to focus on.

    Thanks Mark.

  • So cool to have you teach the GIRAFFE Philosophy with the Oakland Zoo in the background. I love it!

  • Awesome material as usual. Love you MArk. Thanks you for all that you teach me.

  • Been waiting for this. AWESSOME!! Thx. for showing up in my life! See you on the beaches of the world. Mahalo!!

  • Great video training on GIRAFFE Philosophy!!! Loved the last segment too. What a neat thing to see! It’s etched an image of these magnificent animals in my mind that will be there forever. Thank you for sharing.

  • Great timing, I needed the reminder of the Giraffe! Thanks.

    (What is the name of the song at the beginning and end of your video? I always want to hear more of it!)

  • W O W !
    Mark, as usual, you hit the nail on the head!
    Mine is similar.
    Treat everyone as if they just suffered a traumatic setback!
    (death of a loved one, divorce, loss employment, illness, etc…)
    Chances are (at least in their mind) they have!
    You will be right more than you’ll be wrong, if you handle
    everyone with kit gloves, love them and help them.

    Thanks, for all you guys do!
    The world is a better place because of you!
    I use your training (and Big Al’s) almost exclusively in our group. We Love Youse Guts!

    John Joyce
    40 yr MLM’er


  • Awesome video!
    Great explanation of the giraffe’s philosophy, I love it.
    Thank you Mark & Davene for all you do.

  • And that’s the rest of the story! 🙂
    Givers gain! You can’t live YOUR life unless and until you define your philosophy. That is what defines us and unlocks the doors to peace, freedom, and love.
    Thanks for clearly articulating what so many have witnessed and experienced in you.

  • I *LOVE* the word-play in the acronym!!!
    Also, pretty easy to “Know my team’s dreams” because they’re much like mine: FREEDOM!
    Gonna go look for a pic of a giraffe to put on my “wastebook” somewhere…

  • As my purpose today is to be a living example of health and wealth for the people around me, your GIRAFFE philosophy is a great tool to help me achieve this. The playfulness of the giraffes seems to indicate that they have adopted your philosophy, and this transforms your video in a great way to integrate the whole philosophy. Well done and thank you Mark & Davene.

  • Giving
    First things First
    First Class

    We all need to have the philosophy of the GIRAFFE not just in business but in every aspect of life. Thank you Mark.

  • Thanks Mark J 🙂 Never thought about having a philosophy but I can now see why this is so important! Its like having a check and balance list – “does this fit in with my philsophy” ?? I decided to use the acronym of LIONESS as this is the image given to me as a child :
    L Love to give hope for joy, affluence, kindess and love consciously with every encounter regardless of the brevity (love this promise)

    I Imagination – live in my head, what I think about grows

    O Obstacles are there to be climbed over, so get over self doubts, believe in me, believe in my purpose

    N Need to do – action!

    E Enthusiasm

    S Success – I am a successful person. My success is not tied to my business. My success is me as a person — the way I live, love, work and serve others

    S Serve others – be 100% committed to helping them achieve their dreams.

    Thanks Mark J

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