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Why do top MLM earners love December?   Why do they see the holidays as the best time of year for their business?

A little common sense goes a long, long way.

Can you think of a time of year where people are more stressed out about time?  About money?  About both?

Top MLM Earners Have Common Sense

The great writer, Mark Twain, was clear about common sense… “Common sense isn’t so common” is truer today than when he first penned it.

Here’s why top MLM earners love the holiday season.


Most people work “in” their business, not “on” it… and no, I’m not splitting hairs here or trying to be cute.  Loving your plan, your product and your company won’t make you 10 cents.

Is it good to be committed?  Of course.

To believe in what you represent?  Of course.

Most people fail to realize that their belief has nothing to do with why prospects will look or why they join.  Talking about those things triggers incorrect things in a prospect’s mind. And the more you talk about those things, the deeper you are “in” the business and the less time you are working “on” your business.

I began studying this back the mid-1990s… and I discovered that the real earners work six simple behaviors over and over and over.  These six behaviors keep them working “on” their business and the results are dramatically different.

See, in the end, it is a business.  People don’t join because you love your company or ingredients in the product.  They join for the hope of a different outcome in their life.

I asked some big favors of millionaires, top MLM earners I’ve known, in some cases, for more than 2 decades.  I asked them to share, in detail, what they do daily and, more importantly, exactly “how” they do it.

Common sense makes choices easy

Turns out it further validated this 20-plus year study… they all work these six behaviors daily and we’ve put it all together for you in a virtual summit, Network Marketing Superheroes.  Best part?  No ticket to buy – here’s your free pass.

Common Sense

Choice A: buy an expensive ticket, book a flight, get a hotel room, spend money on food, get herded into room, hear teaser speeches and a pitch… spend more money then get offered, when you get home, a “chance” to buy some recordings of the event… and be “in” your business.

Choice B: Grab a free pass and hear multi-millionaires who have nothing for sale from the comfort of your home on any device and learn to work “on” your business.

December sets the tone for the first quarter and the first quarter of 2019 will set the tone for the year.  Learn these six behaviors now, crush December and sail into 2019 working “on” your business with momentum.


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