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Actually, there were a few questions and comments I wanted to address.


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Cecilia Beardsley got me thinking about that question when she made a profound comment after viewing the first Go90Grow video.

She labeled herself a ‘rookie.’

So, does networking get any better or easier?


It never does, ever.

Sorry if that is not the answer you want to hear.

But, it’s the truth.

Williams' Improved, Keep Improving

Ted Williams was the greatest hitter who ever lived.

Hitting a baseball has never been easy.  Most athletes will tell you it is the hardest thing to do in sports.

Williams never stopped talking hitting, studying, learning…..about himself and pitchers……and angles and his body.

What’s that got to do with MLM?

Hitting the a baseball is hard.  That never changes.

Williams ascent to the greatest of all time never changed that.

He just got better.

I loved the ‘rookie’ label….rookies are anxious to learn.

The dynamics to building a large network marketing organization never changes, never will.

We have to get better by learning some network marketing skills, just like Williams learned …..he stayed fascinated with learning, improving…….honing his skills.

Physcists Later Confirmed What Ted Believed About Hitting.

One of my idols, John Wooden, the famous best-coach-ever, like to say two things ….and you’ll hear them a lot in Go90Grow Coaching Module…..

  1. “It’s what I learn after I know it all that makes a difference.”
  2. “When I’m through learning, I am through.”
Thanks to Cecilia, we all need what you have.

None of us know as much about people as we think we do.

We all fancy ourselves as ‘good judges of character’ but most of us admit our lives don’t reflect a matching track record.

We all need to improve as observers of human behavior…..and no, this isn’t some ‘relationship’ thing….you know that trendy little ‘feel good’ idea that this business is about relationships….don’t really pay0ff like people think it will.

Relating?  Yes.

Relate To Them, Teach Skills, Checks Come, Relationship Happens

If we stay or become great observers, we become better relaters.

If you put this first, they make money and a good relationship will follow.

Biggest roadblock for vets?  Believing they know….

We are all rookies when it comes to human behavior…..and those of us lucky enough to keep our egos blocked….keep observing, learning and growing.

We keep improving…..just like Ted Williams.


  1. Video 2 will be posted about 4:oo AM Saturday the 16th…thanks to the many who asked.
  2. How will you prove ‘just finding the right people’ is a lie?  Isn’t it just an opinion?  Well, in Saturday I will prove it and the cool thing is the proof will be supplied by you.  Very cool.  Not only is believing we ‘just have to find the right people’ defying common sense, it does even more harm than we realize.  Believing that impedes any chance of us improving.
  3. Thanks to Lisa Sama who said she’s open-minded if something will make this business more profitable.
That is all I asked for…..I did promise ‘common sense’ solutions.  See, the bigger value in getting a yes…..and lots of them… that ‘yes‘ raises confidence and ‘no’ & rejection lowers it.
Why is that so important?
My 20+ have taught me 1 thing above all regarding Pareto’s Principle……that there are only 2 types of group leaders in networking.
  1. There is the type that spends 80% of their time on internal problems and 20% on external opportunities….and so do their teams.
  2. Then there is the time that spends 80% of their time on external opportunities and 20% of their time celebrating achievement with their teams while teaching network marketing skills to get a yes.
We just have to decide which type we want to be.  🙂
Go90Grow is designed specifically to put and keep us in the second group.


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker 

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