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It’s a lie that more leads make more money in MLM

So grateful for the emails and comments about my hammering that point…

We just love the comments and questions …please keep them coming

Anyway…..I thought I’d throw together a quick video get specific…..

so here you go….



We simply cannot teach what we do not know….just as we cannot lead where we will not go….

So here’s that free networking skill that does not appear on our site, Most People.

You get 4 way leverage with this skill…meaning you can use it for 4 different situations.

I realized that when I said in the video 80% won’t take the time to study and learn what to do that it might have been irritating…..but I’ve never believed in motivation….

Motivation is really “motive in action” and there is really no way for anyone to put someone’s motive in action….thus “irritation” instead of “motivation” has always been more effective.

Anyway…..for those of you who are “motivated” to really learn the skills, I’ve added a second skill … Instant Rapport…..

Not only is it my favorite, by far, for rejection free recruiting……it works to form a dynamic with the Most People Skill that yields astonishing results.

This past week here in Kauai, we held a live advance training event….and they all use Instant Rapport and Most People….reps from different companies, 13 different countries….all having a blast recruiting and none of them “needing” leads.


They are enrolling people with these 2 skills and …BAM…constantly working the best leads in the world…, warm-market-to-warm-market.

Enjoy….share and let me know what your thoughts…..

2 Skills made this dream come true...Kayaking the Napali Coast
2 Skills made this dream come true…Kayaking the Napali Coast

How well do these skills work?

Tomorrow myself, 2 reps from Cypress and my smoldering wifey, The Fabulous Davene are heading out on a most remarkable adventure…..17 miles of ocean along the Napali Coast here on Kauai…

It’s considered the Mount Everest of ocean kayaking……but that is not really important….what is important is what you want out of your MLM and knowing, specifically how others hit their objectives….look, I know you may or may not care about what we are doing tomorrow but I also know there are things besides getting caught up on the bills and knocking out the credit cards that you want…..your own “Kauai”

I promise these 2 skills are how we shifted our careers……

Go for it…..learn to combine these 2 skills….Most People and Instant Rapport

keep giving to keep growing


mark j

World’s Laziest Networker

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