Looking at the top earners is like looking at the guys that hit 45 home runs a year.

Do we really understand how many people want to be a major league baseball player and never even get a look from a professional team?

And all the guys that do sign …..and never make it to the big leagues?

And of the tiny, tiny handful that gets to the Big Show……how few play everyday?

And of the everyday players… few hit 45+ HRs?


No, not really.


A solid residual of $50,000 is like being a virtual millionaire.

A million bucks in a decent yield account would net the owner $50,000…for no work…..not bad.

It would take 2 Million in the same type of account to make $100,000 per year in interest ……a residual income of $100,000 would make you a virtual multi-millionaire.

Every year for 10 years is a million bucks.

Maybe, for most people, that would be like Gangster Money.


Simple math is too difficult for most of us.

2 is more than 1…..always has been and it always will be.

In fact, it is twice as big….think of being 2x taller…..or your house being 2x bigger……2 is MUCH bigger than 1.

One mouth.  Two ears.

It’s on our face…..we see it over and over and over again…….but….we spend more time talking than listening.

No wonder so many people say ‘no.’

No wonder so many people think of us as ‘pitchmen’……how could they think anything else if we are talking 70-80-90% or more of the time?


They don’t work.


They just teach us how to pretend to be a friend so we can pounce on a person’s weakness…..they teach us how to listen for a ‘chance’ to push our agenda into the conversation.

Trust me on this…..if a prospect is too dumb to see your hidden agenda coming with contrived questions to tout your hidden agenda, they’ll never make it anyway…..

But if we have 2 ears and 1 mouth it’s obvious we should be listening more than talking.


Honesty is still the best policy.

By accident I found a way to listen that is fun, fast and amazingly effective ….without all the dopey questions to feign interest….then lets me put out my agenda in less than 1 minute in an honest way.

It’s called personality typing and my corporate background has helped me develop a 2 step, 15 second system to help me identify their ‘type’ and put my agenda in a language that type responds favorably to…….and it is all done in a matter of 90 seconds or less.

Don’t you hate the faking to be a friend when you really want to do business?

Oh, don’t think you are faking? 🙂

Ask yourself this… many people did you engage …..that did NOT  join…….who you have a relationship with?

Zero is the common response.

For the first time I will be sharing this quick-fire highly accurate way to ‘type’ a personality with uncanny accuracy.

Free Webcast Sunday Night


Not in your mouth.

It is ear-to-ear.

Knowing what to listen for, listening and applying the knowledge between your ears…..honestly ….instead of with ‘clocked agendas’ is where the Gangster Money is.

Once you learn how to listen you can quickly turn your ‘commercial’ about your business into an aspirin for the headache that prospects are all to happy to tell you about …..

We’ll cover both skills on the webcast.

Gangster Money? It’s within you and the pathway is listening with personal integrity…..


Mark Januszewski

Worlds Laziest Networker

About the Author

  • Have seen this mistake being taught over and over again,,, be-friend someone, go to the same restaurants, dry cleaners, nail salons,,, and act like your their friend… Da,,,, How many dollars spent later did most of us learn that all they cared about was doing business, their business. It feels phony because it is phony.. Business is business, and honesty and integrity seem to be lost in so many prospecting trainings. With the correct skills you can find out if they’re looking in less then 60 seconds without pretending that you really care about their hang nail or their dog who kept them up all night….So much wasted time and energy thinking that by NOT bringing up the business and acting phony that it will actually grow your business. Bring it up, but use the skills,, so THEY ASK YOU FOR A PRESENTATION….

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