Network Marketing Wellness does not refer to a health and nutrition company.  I’m talking about your business.  Is it well? Let’s run your business, [which is you], through a little self-evaluation.  With some much “stuff” being pumped in, it’s easy to get distracted if you have “*it*” … so let’s find out if your habits are on target 🎯

Network Marketing Wellness

Everybody knows that any business that does not take inventory is not in business long.  We also can agree, I am sure, that we improve what we measure*

[We don’t always improve what we measure but we either improve or we quit measuring because it generates guilt for not doing what we know we should be doing]

Now I’ve seen all the complicated checklists, all the official-looking daily trackers… you won’t need that; it’s sold [or given], so they can sell you more stuff.  You know, the secrets, shortcuts, and hacks.  Good grief.

I was in the food business for 25 years, I know about inventories.  That is the first inventory item… a good inventory daily.

Great news for creating Network Marketing Wellness… unlike a hotel or restaurant or car dealership, we don’t have 100s of things daily that must go right for us to earn more monthly than most do annually.

But… huge word… But, we must DO the things on the very, very shortlist.

1. Personal development.  No, I’m not talking self-help, empowerment, blah, blah, blah.  Did you know self-help in this country is a $12 billion [not a typo] business without ONE SINGLE QUANTIFIABLE

Network Marketing Wellness
30+ minutes a day… if you don’t have the time to do it right, when will you have the time to do it over?

STUDY [sorry, but this is a colossal rip-off]… zip, nada.. nothing changes.  So what is personal development?  Get a book like Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude, Think and Grow Rich, The Success System That Never Fails, The Greatest Salesman in the World, or Standing Tall.   None of these books are books.  They are exercises that take anywhere from 15 [3x] or 27 weeks long.   They are all fairly much the same so pick one.

Emerson said, “the ancestor of everything is thought” … meaning the success you seek must be a thought you have clear and hold with every fiber of your being. Desire is not enough.  Next is “applied faith” … this means taking the action steps in those books.  Read and sit and think about what you read 15 minutes daily in still silence.  What we read or learn doesn’t matter.  What matters is that we think about what we read and took the actions based on how the reading applies to our business.

Score 0 – 5 – 10

2. Communication.  So sick the of the bullshit about relationships, teamwork, etc… we hear it but who teaches you to actually improve in communication?  Improving your communication skills and understanding of human nature turns a $500 a month earner into a $25,000 a month earner.  Imagine improving with your spouse, kids, possibilities, prospects, and, [most important for your biz] your teammates.   Your teammates build your check… improved communication yields loyalty and receptiveness so you can coach better.

You won’t improve by guess at your “animal” or “color” or “DISC slot”… I’ll be teaching a masterclass on a communication system that put us in the dream… find out who you are and grab a slot in the free webcast.  Without superb communication skills, you continue to improve, Network Marketing Wellness is an impossibility.  Get to know yourself first and get on one of these webbies.


Score 0 – 5 – 10

The Five Things

We only do 5 things.  This is a massive advantage.  Your company handles the money, shipping, commissions, product, and legal stuff.  So awesome.  Here are the 5 things we do, 5 steps if you will.  And, repeat, repeat and repeat.

  1. get names and numbers [I’ll take a # over email 24-7-365 days a year]
  2. Call them and ask them to look at our stuff
  3. Show them our stuff
  4. Collect a decision
  5. Teach people, hands-on, how to do 1,2,3, and 4.

Duh?  Nothing to it.

So where is the big money in network marketing?  How do you get to Network Marketing Wellness?

Network Marketing Wellness
Protect your new reps and get leverage… show them hands-on, don’t tell them… SHOW ‘EM!!🎯

Let’s define it first… it is earning what you wanted to earn monthly … in 12 hours a week… and you’ve got at least 2 6-figure earners in each leg.

How do you get there?  Grow personally daily… improve communication daily… and spend 80% of the time you are working your business Step 2… calling people and asking them for yourself or teammates, to look at your stuff.  If you are putting in 10 hours, 8 hours is on the phone… you should be averaging about 15 dials an hour [you’ll get 10-13 answering machines] but aim for 20.

The big money is in Steps 2 and 5.   But if you’ve been trained properly, you do them both at once.  I’d never let a new rep call alone… they get killed and quit.  You’ll turn their list into money, they turn their list into broken dreams… ‘nough said.

So 80% of your time on Step One because you can do Step 5 [the really big, big money] while doing Step One.  This is Network Marketing Wellness.

Now, before you score yourself… if you do not know exactly how many hours you put in each of the last 3 weeks, you cannot score higher than 5 points here.

Take 80% of the time you are putting in and multiply it by 15 [dials per hour]… that’s how many dials a week to NEW contacts.   So 8 hours would be 120 dials.  If you don’t know your hours or dial count, you are not measuring, so you cannot improve.

OK, The 5 Things

Score 0 – 5 – 80.

So, how’d a score?  Drop your score and what you’d like to see as free webcasts to help you move your score up? And your check… self-esteem, relationships…


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

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  • I believe you are more than likely good at what you do, but that was a really tough read. Communication was not clear. Lots of typos as well. I’ve read it over 2x and I’ve only gotten basic info out of that article.

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