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A story.

Actually, how to tell a story so your prospects are ready to buy and ready to join…..

Over the next 2 weeks or so we want to give you something for helping spread the word about our site.

Most of the 1000s of followers are a result of readers spreading the word and appreciate you.

So, like the song, the 12 days of Christmas, we’ll be giving 12 ‘gifts’ to everyone….to help folks have a banner year in 2012

And today, without question, is a huge network marketing tip…..a massive piece that led to the trail of  blessings we’ve experienced in networking.


When chatting with distributors more often than not I am stunned at how little attention they pay to what the prospect is saying.

I could get on one of my rants but I’ve promised both Social Media and friend Doug Karnuth and Success Coach Kathy Zimmer ….[both part of the Go90Grow staff] …..that ‘peace on earth and good will toward all MLMers would continue through the 12 days of Christmas.

“What do you mean, not paying attention?” is the response almost 100% of the time when a rep starts telling me how a failed exchange went with a prospect.

I tell them if they were paying attention that what they would have ‘heard’ was what I ‘heard’ …..that the prospect wanted to join.


They always say ‘huh?’

It feels like a million times

All you have to do to enroll people is tell a story.  And ……I must have said this a million times, [OK, exaggeration…but it sure feels like a million], if you are paying attention to the prospect s/he will not only tell you what story they want to hear so they can join……they are actually asking you to tell them the story.

Usually another “huh?”


If someone says, ‘how do you get paid?’ what do most people do?

Explain the marketing plan.

That is not what the prospect  just said….and asked.

What he said was, “I want to join, tell me how make money and please tell me in a language I understand.”

When a prospect asks, “do I have to sell anything?”  most MLMers go through some explanation that no one, including their kids and spouse would believe.   They are not asking about selling!!

What they saying and asking is ….”I want to join so tell me a story that will make this seem like it’s something I can do.”

When prospects ask questions they are interested in joining….not the pay-plan or other stuff…..they are not familiar with how it works and people are unlikely to try things they are ‘unfamiliar’ with…..

All you have to do is 2 things.

They are both simple network marketing skills.

1. Pay attention to what they are asking you to tell them so they can feel comfortable joining.

2. Be a great story teller.

A little trick you a great story teller and BIG BUCKS

No question the best story teller wins……and wins BIG

I know what you’re thinking… a great story teller?

It is so simple to be an astonishing story teller if you know 1 tiny trick regarding human nature and that brings us to the first of 12 gifts for you…..

Being able to explain network marketing is a way that makes it ‘familiar’ – any part of it – is a skill.  Here you go…’s the be a great story teller skill that has put us far over the top…..easy to learn and easy to teach to your team.

And it you know the networking skill that gets duplication……and master story telling…2012 is yours!

Happy Holidays

Oh yeah……. I know it’s that ‘thank you’ thing that makes us feel funny about gifts some times……so if you feel compelled to thank us…..great…..just do what most people do…..share this blog post with others….kinda ‘pay-it-forward’


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

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