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Had conversations with 3 people this week all decent earners in MLM.

They were stunned….so was I.

Their plans to succeed were not based on the actual objective of the business.

How Could I Not Know?
How Could I Not Know?

Let’s talk objective, strategy and tactics.

Objective – what we want

Strategy – Plan to get it

Tactics – what we do daily to deploy the strategy so we can obtain the objective.

So you wanted something different, better, that what your current income can afford.   That’s YOUR objective.

Your strategy?  You joined an MLM.

Your tactics?   What you do daily to activate the strategy.

Here’s the biggest problem today….we confuse our personal objective with the business objective.

If and only if ….we hit the business objective….can we hit our personal objective.

So….these very nice, hard working peeps were stunned….you know, the palm slap to the forehead stunned.

Here’s the real objective of the business and how to hit it….



Great influencer’s focus on behavior, not results.

MLM tradition?  Results

If you know you are supposed to focus on behavior instead of results and you know, beyond a shadow of a doubt what your rep’s core motive is?  Fughettabowtit.

What does that mean?

It means that people do things….or do not do them….based on what drives them.

Your core motive is at the root of your behavior… is the rep’s you have and the prospects you engage with…….and since we want to modify behavior to obtain the overall business objective…’s really easy if you know a person’s core motive and simply link the behavior, like 3-way calling, to their core motive

Here’s the link so you can “officially” find your core motive…’s fun, it works and you’ll have an option….take it free and find your primary motive or get the full 20 page report for a couple bucks.

Which should you do?   Well, ask yourself this…..what would the professional I intend to become do?

Want to know more about The Influencer?   Here’s a short post about it.

In the end…..”persuasion” simply does not work….the act of trying to exert our will over others pales in comparison to those who take the time learn the art of Influence.

It’s only in hitting the business objective that we can hope to hit our personal objective…and, really, once you invest the time to learn the art of Influence…you’ll never have to give a motivational speech or listen to one either.   Ever.


mark januszewski

World’s Laziest Networker

Mahalo for stopping by and sharing
Mahalo for stopping by and sharing


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