Objective in MLM.

How come nobody told me?

Had conversations with 3 people this week, all decent earners in MLM.

They were stunned… so was I.

Their plans to succeed were not based on the real business objective of MLM.

How Could I Not Know?

Let’s talk objective, strategy, and tactics.

Objective – what we want

Strategy – Plan to get it

Tactics – what we do daily to deploy the strategy so we can obtain the objective.

So you want something different, better, than what your current income can afford.   That’s YOUR objective.

Your strategy?  You joined an MLM.

Your tactics?   What you do daily to activate the strategy.

Here’s the biggest problem today.  We confuse our personal objective with the business objective.

If and only if …we hit the business objective can we hit our personal objective.

So… these very nice, hardworking peeps were stunned.   You know, the palm slap to the forehead stunned.

Here’s the real objective of the business and how to hit it.


So Simple

Great influencers focus on behavior, not results.

MLM tradition?  Results.

If you know you are supposed to focus on behavior instead of results and you know, beyond a shadow of a doubt what your rep’s core motive is?  Fughettabowtit.

What does that mean?

It means that people do things (or do not do them) based on what drives them.

Your core motive is at the root of your behavior… same for the reps and the prospects you engage with.  And since we want to modify behavior to obtain the overall business objective, it’s really easy if you know a person’s core motive and simply link the behavior, like 3-way calling, to their core motive.

Here’s the link so you can “officially” find your core motive.   It’s fun, it works and you’ll have an option… take it free and find your primary motive or get the full 20-page report for a few bucks.

Which should you do?   Well, ask yourself this… what would the professional I intend to become do?

Want to know more about The Influencer?   Here’s a short post about it.

In the end, “persuasion” simply does not work.   The act of trying to exert our will over others pales in comparison to those who take the time learn the art of Influence.

It’s only in hitting the business objective that we can hope to hit our personal objective.  And, really, once you invest the time to learn the art of Influence you’ll never have to give a motivational speech or listen to one either.



mark januszewski

World’s Laziest Networker

Mahalo for stopping by and sharing
Mahalo for stopping by and sharing


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  • Something interesting, after doing all the go90 the color closest to me (adult) was red but doing the colorcode test which is based on childhood traits it’s blue

    Like the whiteboard, have just set mine up for training

    Have always enjoyed sales and basically have thought on the same lines as go90 but had that bashed out of me over the years by going to sales seminars? so gave up,, this is the most refreshing information and now am enjoying it again, this time the right way


  • The more tests I take the more I know about the ‘maps’ arranged in my head. As a ‘white’, red sees me as red, yellow, yellow. As an INTJ, a one man mastermind, I grok the big picture quickly but more than two or three people near me sucks my energy unless I ‘protect’ myself. I’ve discovered I use both sides of my brain equally which explains another realm of reality entirely.

    Einstein said, Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.

    e e cummings wrote, To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting.

    Most people, trained to feel stupid, quit fighting, usually between age 12 and 16. They fit into a group who ‘feels’ and ?thinks? as they do and demand ‘god’ or GOV take care of them. They look for a leader to take them to the Promised Land, quick sand for the masses.

    The bad/good news is that the map is not reality! Trying to build a better ‘map’ of understanding guarantees failure. Nobody is going to save you. We are each on our own. The ‘narrow gate’ only lets you in by yourself.

    MLM’s all look for a select group of ‘workers’ to take all the risks that may lose it all at anytime because they agreed to let the system treat them that way. Don’t agree? You won’t be allowed to play so a few can ‘earn’ all the marbles. The real problem is there are fewer and fewer better options. Accepting being homogenized appears to be the majority choice. Standing on your own has never been safe.

  • I am truly enjoying this training. Mark you are right we must help people get what they want and you will get what you need.

  • Mark, as always what you teach runs counter to the currently accepted practice in our industry. Which is precisely why I listen to you.

    Very interested in participating in the July webinar so put me on the list.

    Maholo Bruddah!

  • Great training on what to do (what is really important), and for including the ‘hidden message’ of duplication.

  • Excellent!

    This vid is a downloader/keeper. You have detailed so many foundational principals in just a few minutes. Watch daily to rewire the brain.

    I absolutely would value an expanded training/webinar.

    Put me on that list Mark.



  • Thank you Mark! Since I have modified my behaviour to get engaged in the correct activities, I understand your teachings better and better from the practical side what gives me graet confidence to teach the necessary skills also to our team. (And I was once a hopeless case – I had to make 10 push ups before I could even touch the phone 🙂 – And best of it: Everybody in our team has had a really positive experience with each other and the particular work ethic, which is inspired by your training principles.
    I am a red by the way.

    Greetings from Graz, Austria

  • Awesome. I love the book and I see why you say that you have been teaching & doing this intuitively I got it and I have G.U.T.S.

  • I’ve heard before that we have to influence people, not try to convince or pressure them into our thinking. Thanks Mark for reminding us and keeping us on track to the objective, building TEAMS.. Great stuff, again thanks and hope to see you on the beach real soon. Rick B

  • Well! I was surprised to find I am a yellow- I always considered myself a Nose to the Grindstone kind of person. I do have a Fun streak- which can come out at inconvenient or odd times, but I NEVER thought of myself as the FUN one. I can’t wait to see where this goes…

  • With my imagination I can see you at a party, over drawing little circles with your finger in the tuna dip.

  • Aloha Mark..DTM here. B A M !! You nailed it brother ! Teams who build teams WITHOUT ME is the way to go. !!
    After learning your skills and then APPLING them to our business, our business has doubled in just the fast 40 days.
    M A H A L O !!!

  • Mark

    This yellow had a blast reading and watching your video. I truly get excited when a new Mark J post arrives as I know it will contain some gems of wisdom.

    PG 🙂

  • Being able to talk to people about the business like it’s something we all can do without changing into some kind of crazy sales rep, has gotta be the most attractive sponsoring skill. I’m Blue. Will get that book on order pdq. Thanks for everything, Mark, Davene and the gang.

  • Mahalo Jim…..really appreciate your very, very kind words….

    Such a tremendous skill ….everyone says “it’s about relationships” but no one tells us “how” to do that and still be faithful to our own self….the colorcode [based on core motive, not the touchy-feely behavior based ones] created within us and our groups the kind of communication that turned good teams and good peeps into great producers who felt more confident and were far, far more effective

    keep giving to keep growing
    mark j

  • You? A yellow? SHOCKER LOL…..the great gifts of yellows is they make it fun [why is everyone soooooo serious about the biz …good greif, that’s not attractive]….and fun and money are pretty damn good reasons for someone to look…yellows also have something fantastic – they ARE IN THE MOMENT while THE MOMENT is HAPPENING…..

    So grateful for your visit and comments and….humor Peter, mahalo

    mark j

  • That was amazing Mark. I am from the old school Marketing and it is great to see how it should be done to have a successful group.

  • As usual, smoooth!Can’t say enough good things about your training. I’m sure you are helping hundreds of thousands , if not millions of people. You have a good heart and you deserve the best. I would love to see a training program in July on the Influencer techniques.
    Thanks again,
    Bob Hrynezuk

  • Great learning as always Mark. Im most definitely keen for the July gig, so please put me on the list. Im a red and love it 🙂 Thanks

  • Perfect Explanation I understood all of it. Thanks! I am a Blue.
    We repeat, or “duplicate” the same old tired practices from one company to the next, and so many want to just become “leaders” that repeat the same old tired practices, and new people don’t know the difference so they do it as well. Which I feel is why 97% of the people fail, or quit. Everyone is approached the same way, and lead the same way, but everyone is not the same. That’s the Recipe for individual failure in this industry. I was told to go wide, go fast just as you said. I like, and love your logic of addressing the individual personality! Mark you are an AMAZING Teacher!

  • I would love to be included in the July webinar. I took the color test and found out that I am Yellow or should I say that as a child I was yellow? I didn’t get the full report so I am not sure. I would like to think I am fun, but I don’t think that those closest to me would say that…interesting stuff to think about 🙂

  • Thanks for putting this in the clearest possible terms. Your help is invaluable to us.

  • Wow!! Great information and I would like to learn more in your sessions in July. By the way I an a Blue..thank you Mark for all you do!

  • Nice comment, Mike. Interesting how the world works. I also am INTJ, but I am predominantly Red. White is second. Perhaps that’s a reflection of only being a borderline “I.”

    Can’t agree generically with your cynical take on MLM, but I respect your feelings and your experience.

    Do agree that loving oneself for one’s unique gifts is liberating.

    Again, nice comment!

  • Love this message. I got it early on in my exposure to your blog, and this post is a nice enhancement on the core message.

    I’m a RED, probably no shock to you, at almost 50% with white secondary, almost matched by blue. Yellow is 2%.

    Interesting how I’ve learned to love the process, which I see as having pleasant conversations with fun people. Not surprisingly, results are up significantly, stress is non-existent, and I now see PEOPLE instead of potential factors of production.

    Count me in for more on this topic.

  • Thanks “lazy” You are a hero. We love learning from you!!! It was simple, explicit and REALLY made sense… the behavior modification rather than motivation.

    We have started to grow some excited people in our team – including us.

    We would love the webinar in July – sounds EXCELLENT!!!

    Connie and Florian Weinhold

  • Mahalo David….and double Mahalo for all the time you & your bride spent with us on Monday, showing us Seattle

    mark j

  • GREAT content and information. Would love to hear more in July.
    Thanks for making this business simple.
    my core color: BLUE (33.04)
    driving color motive:Intimacy
    secondary color: yellow (27.89)fun
    White (14.14)peace
    Thank you for all you do!


  • It’s great to be a YELLOW! I would love to attend the webinar in July to learn more!

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