Very deep question

Did you think I was going to say Brains is better because of the best selling CD series we produced, “Working Smarter, Not Harder”?

Think again.

Is Brawn the answer?

Not quite.

The problem with brawn

Network marketing is a skill-based business…and your group is a volunteer army.

Uplines that bully downlines only get away with it if they are getting huge checks and have the (wink-wink) luxury of having a new group willing to do anything to be close to them every month.

No way to live – where is the fun and security in that?

Brawn only players have a fatal flaw.  They think it’s a numbers game and believe more is better.  They just keep ramping up leads, leads, leads.

Never occurs to them that if everyone wants more money, more time and fewer taxes, which is EXACTLY what we are offering.  That has nothing to do with numbers.

The ‘it’s a numbers game‘ rap is as old, tired and dumb as ‘every no gets you closer to a yes‘.

Good grief.

While one can argue that those things are true, they just don’t apply when every single person wants more money, time and lower taxes and that is what we are pitching.  eh?

So the front end Brawn folks never look at what they are saying – it’s the prospects fault.  I guess they like rejection.

Rejection Hurts and It’s Unnecessary

Momma told me if you find someone who likes rejection, take a couple of steps back, turn and sprint.

Brains then?

Most of the brainy types tend to get so cute, so involved in inter-webbie stuff, manipulating the marketing plan…lots of stuff…thinking they will ‘outsmart’ everyone who has ever been in network marketing and everyone on the internet, and have a system that does everything for them…and they get HUGE!

Good luck.


I was sitting in an office the other day and picked up Reader’s Digest.

Glad I did.

Cool ‘remembering’ Dad story.

Bunting keeps Things Moving

Lady says Dad worked really hard as a teacher, took extra jobs to make rent and was a baseball coach.

She wanted to swing for the fences when she went through the ‘Tom Boy” phase and learning about baseball.

Week after week, every Saturday…it was bunting.


Let me quote her.

“The bunt isn’t a game changer like a home-run or a triple.  Instead, it nudges things along – keeping the ball away from where the opponent wants it.  It moves runners along.  In the end, it’s a means to an end, a strategy, brains over brawn – something my skinny Dad understood.”

And towards the end, she writes, “Grown now.  Lost Dad but thanks to him, we’re masters at making due, getting the most for what opportunity offers.  At keeping it going.”

Get this and you’ll know how to get both going in your group…brains and brawn.

Leadership Tip: Bunting is a skill.  So is network marketing.

By keeping this going, learning and teaching skills, we keep it moving and when others pick up the pattern, you’ve got a monster.


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

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  • Brains and Brawn—– We are all looking forward to the Go90Grow plan just can’t wait.

  • Great point enhanced more by the baseball analogy. I strongly recommend anyone who doesn’t already have it to get the “Working Smarter not Harder” cd set.

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