Blog   What Wins Long Term In MLM? Influence or Persuasion?


Let’s get right to it….

What would you pick, influence or persuasion?



The real problem with persuasion?  It’s a trick.

Why is that the real problem.

How are you going to train them?

If you don’t train people you sponsor they will fail, on this I am certain we agree.

Wha’cha gonna do now?

Show them how you used fear of loss to manipulate their emotions?

How does that conversation go?

What will you teach your people?
What will you teach your people?

“Hey, Harry…now that you are in let me show you how I used NLP and fear of loss to get you to enroll?”

Or the more subtle, “Harry, here’s how we control other people’s minds with fear.”

Good grief.

It’s really bigger than you can think…but just in case you’ve invested some time and/or money in trying to learn “how to” control other people’s minds…and may be feeling a tad defensive…ask yourself the hard question.

Who would you rather be sponsored by?

Someone who took an honest and upfront* interest in your needs and wants or someone who used fear of loss?

Someone who asks you upfront what would make your life better then will work to get you what you really desire…or someone who has [ahem] studied how to manipulate your emotionally?

*I know the video just touched on how to engage in a transparent conversation and I’d be remiss if I did not mention this has nothing to do with FORM….you know, talk to them about Family, Occupation, Recreation and Money.   This method is equally dishonest…pretending to take an interest in someone’s life while carrying a “hidden agenda.”

The real prospects will appreciate a simple, transparent approach and telling the specific reason you want to know what they would like a little more of and a little less of in their life.

Same basic question will settle this nonsensical argument, right?

Who would you rather be sponsored by…someone who let you know their agenda upfront or someone who pretended to be interested in your life that has a hidden agenda?

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Mahalo for stopping by and sharing this post
Mahalo for stopping by and sharing this post

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