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[Addition: Sunday Night Webcast was over capacity……we were blown away – core of what we shared in a recording and a work book, both links below]

We’ve expanded the seating capacity to hold 500 more for Monday Night’s webcast [register here]

Anyway…’s Sunday’s Thoughts While Shaving


Personality typing is not new.

I first learned about it when I got my first promotion back in 1972.

Working with Combined Insurance I was being groomed for management and they let me into the ‘inner circle.’

I was told that the company spends a lot of money developing and training the reps and I needed to know what questions to ask so if the application and little aptitude test they filled out was authentic… we’d only hire people who had a chance.

The 4 types were Amiable-Analytical-Dreamer-Driver

Next company, Britannica, used same type of test only the 4 types were Talker-Controller-Doer-Pacer.

Same stuff.

Your job as a manager was to hire the right ones [type] and learn how that type liked AND did not like to be coached.

I wish I’d paid more attention.  Wouldn’t have suffered in the 1980’s so much with MLM.


I’ve seen similar types of profiles explained as animals and part of nature…..all pretty much the same.

There is a problem with animals like Loin and Dog ….. and terms like Controller or Driver…..when ‘typing people…..those words create an instant prejudice or feeling in the mind of people you are teaching it to.

Why is that important?

Well, quite simply, it can skew our assessment.

How important it that?

It is everything.

A few years back Jerry ‘Rhino’ Clark, broke the personalities into 4 types….and, then Tom “Big AL” Schreiter ran with this ‘color’ training….and the keys to the vault were found.

I mean, colors don’t trigger thoughts and feelings… we can be less influenced by our own experience and focus on discovering their type …..and, again…..that is EVERYTHING.


Why everything?

If communication is not our top priority, all our other priorities are at risk.

Once you know a ‘type’ you can pick words and phrases, along with your message that each type responds positively to.

In recruiting the initial benefit is obvious…..with just a few words, the correct words for that type, the prospect is ready to buy and ready to join.

Ready to ‘buy’ your next suggestion and ready to ‘join’ you with an open mind in reviewing your offer.

But that’s not the real benefit…..getting virtually everyone to say ‘yes’ is great but the bigger benefit is you can be honest……and this changes everything.

People who stick and are productive want honesty, they are attracted to it.

Listening skills being taught today are about pseudo conversations, how to ask questions so you can eventually use the information to bring up your opportunity… use the prospects words against them….to pretend to be interested in them so they will think you are nice… other words, the gurus are teaching folks to ‘cloak’ their agenda and manipulate the conversation so they think your interested in them as a person.

Trust me on this….if people are too dumb to see what you’ve been doing all along in the conversation and you sponsor them, they just won’t have what it takes to build a big business.

And if you believe the ‘listening’ techniques you are using are sincere, that we are asking questions because we ‘really care’ and not being manipulative, then that means we should have made friends with a few folks who did not join…right?

Can you imagine knowing in seconds the core type of personality of a prospect and not have to fake being interested…..being able to be totally upfront about what you want them to look at and they instantly agree….?

How would you feel about yourself if you could be direct and knew 90+% would say, “Sure, love to see what you have?”

Once we step into this level, everything changes…..we feel better about ourselves, fear and nerves vanish and it’s fun.

People want to join us if we are having fun and making money….and feel really good about how we do it….agreed?….yes?


Everybody knows the real work begins after we sponsor a rep……sponsoring people is easy once you know how.

When we are new, we don’t think so but after we learn a couple of simple skills, like personality-typing and know which words, phrase and thoughts get affirmative response we quickly learn that the real work takes place after they enroll.

Has this ever happened to you?

You give 2 reps the same task….tell them in the same way.

One does it.  The other does not.


Your words were the same but they meant different things to each of them.

What if you knew what to say to both of them….how to communicate with both types…..your production just doubled?


Imagine folks in your organization along with yourself know what to say to invite, motivate and teach…..effectively because you all understood the do’s and do not’s with each type of personality.

Duplication does not break down…..communication does.


I am sitting in Seekonk, MA listen to Big Al lay out the colors.

I am stunned and regretting not paying more attention to the corporate training I had on this.

2 hour ride home…wondering if I can find all that stuff…freaked out because I knew there was a formula in the material to be able to have a much higher degree of accuracy.

Fortunately, my bride, The Fabulous Davene, is a ‘yellow’…..loves helping others and outstanding with organization.

She’s got my stuff….and I combined the color typing with these corporate insights to create a hybrid chart so anyone can instantly identify a person’s type……..well you need two TINY pieces of information…..

While most people are happy with 50% accuracy….there is a simple chart we created to help you be accurate 80% of the time the first week and 90+% from there on.

We did a one-time webcast on this Sunday, August 29th.

Feel bad you missed it?



The cheat-sheets are part of a workbook we created.

The Fabulous Davene has posted both of them for you….you’ll find the cheat sheets at the end of the short workbook.

But, you need the CD that goes with it …..A few years back we recorded a CD series, Taking the Work Out of Networking.  On the first CD we covered the colors… a lot more detail than we did on the webcast.

No worries…..they are both available to you free, no strings.

You can get them right after you finish reading my great stuff 🙂

Don’t forget to share this with your groups and anyone you think may benefit.


CD Recording


What is it about networker’s and piling things on a full plate?

Are we all obsessive or is it just me?

P90X is going ……hard…..right now.  1 month down…..and I am looking at 90 days to get in shape enough to do it perfectly ……so I am on a 6 month plan.

90 to get ready…..then 90 again.

Of course I am sore….and getting ready to launch into the 26 week Master Key Course [make sure your on our email list if you are looking for a scholarship, news coming next week sometime]… dog is getting shipped to Kauai, we are moving 2 doors down and my daughter, who was just visiting decided instead of waiting till March of 2011…she is moving in with us in November.

I need to be in shape for all this stuff and special thanks to my friend Doug Karnuth who has done it and encouraged me…’s nice to have friends who help you along the way………just like MLM.


1. Do people who complain about money really believe they don’t have the time to do networking? 2. If we don’t have the time to do it right, when will we have the time to do it over? (think about that for a minute, yikes)  3.  Is every tweet either about what someone is doing that no one in the world cares about or pitching something?  Geez….4. Red Sox play Tampa 6 times in 12 days….everything is on the line for the entire season…..sure glad networking is more forgiving and patient with me.  5. Pete Rose, all-time hit leader still not in the Hall of Fame…..but drug users and cheaters cashing checks for 10-20 million a year and being cheered.  And they think we’re nuts for doing ‘one of those pyramid things?”


1. A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.   Albert Einstein

Luck is tied to risk.  Risk is about saying yes to the universe ……and express to the universe that you believe.   Percentage players die broke.  The only thing that is important about mistakes is that we learn from them…….but Albert’s right…..if we aren’t making mistakes and learning we are not growing, if we’re not growing we’re dead.

2. Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile. Yup, Albert.

We say we want to help other’s grow, learn and succeed.  But do we know their goals?  Have them?  Read them?  Daily?

While puffing ourselves in the virtue of helping others…….maybe we should look at the evidence.

If we don’t know them and their goals we can claim we are trying to help others but in reality we are just trying to get them to build for us… that a life worthwhile?

3. Perfection of means and confusion of ends seem to characterize our age…Albert, again…..pretty smart guy, eh

Twitter, Face-book, systems, pay plans…..CDs, video, websites…..YIKES….people know that stuff better than their dreams.

4. If life were fair, Elvis would be alive and all the impersonators would be dead. Johnny Carson

I miss Carson.

Networking does not always seem fair……but in the end…..the ones who dedicate themselves to a company and helping others….seem to balance out the frustration and bad breaks with a life second to none.  Networking is the fairest thing I have ever seen.

5.  If you laugh, you think, and you cry, that’s a full day. That’s a heck of a day. You do that seven days a week, you’re going to have something special. Jimmy Vovlano

It’s the experience, the adventure…..the fact we are in the game…..not the results.  Man, what a ride …..embrace it

Jimmy V …..thanks for setting up the cancer foundation while you were dying instead of sitting at home feeling sorry for yourself… are missed.


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

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