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Why do people join?

If you don’t know the answer, in less than a full sentence, it should be a big “aha” moment for you.

It was for me.

My confession?

My good friend of 37 years and business mentor Ronnie V, a multi-millionaire in traditional business, gave me some great advice when I was struggling, frustrated and beginning to have self doubt.

I met Ronnie in 1978.  At the time he was the GM for M.O.N.Y and little did I know that job interview would lead to a lifelong friendship and mentorship.

I got the job, selling insurance.

I set records.

Drove poor Ronnie nuts.

I’d work about 5 days a month in the field, 2 half days on the phone setting up appointments.   He’d scream, while smiling, “you could make a fortune!  Why won’t you work, like, 2-3 weeks a month?!!?”

Anyway, back to the MLM conversation.   He listened to my plight and asked me a simple question.

“Do you remember the day I asked to to speak at the sales meeting, tell the other guys what you were doing?”


“Do you remember I gave you 60 minutes and you finished what you had to say in like 2-3 minutes?”


“Do you remember what you told them?”

“sort of”

“You told them if they didn’t know why people bought insurance they’d never come close to their goals.”

“and your point?”




Just do it, really, get one or better yet a chess clock app on your phone.

Chess clocks are dual clocks.  Once you move your piece, you hit the clock and your time stops and your opponents clock starts.

Once he moves, same thing….he hits his, it stops and yours starts.

Try it out on the phone when talking to possibilities, it’s free and it’s priceless.   Will make you a fortune.

Initial call? 80% Them
Initial call? 80% Them

The target?  The should be talking 70-80% of the time in that initial call.

The easiest way to do this and the honest way to do this is to use the Hero’s Journey model.

This lends it self to a transparent conversation about their desires.  This is critical.


All and I do mean ALL the decisions you make, I make, my wife makes and, most importantly, your possibility/prospect makes is made by the Limbic System.

It evaluates the reward potential of a judgement call.

Meeting with you?  A judgement

Agreeing to render a decision?  A judgement

Enrolling?  A judgement

Engaging once they enroll?  A judgement

Think knowing how to get the prospect to build reward potentail might help?

See, if you build it…with how great your plan, product and company are…you are forcing your values on them, using fear of loss and making a pitch.  In other words, you become a blabbermouth.

So what’s the Hero’s Journey Skill set do that transforms the prospect into the presenter and they build value?

It’s the story inside every story ever written or told…including movies, poems, books and scripture.  It’s, really, your story.

You were willing to take a risk finanacially and emotionally, stepping out of the life you have for the hope of a different outcome.   And, if you attain that outcome?   It effects you and the people around you, their lives….in essence the hero in every story steps from the KNOWN into the UNKNOWN…goes through challenges and trials and temptations [like quitting], and once s/he overcomes these things, returns to his or her tribe as a hero.

Maya Angelou said. “anyone who tries to change their world has courage and they are a hero”

It’s true…so true.

So why do MLMers, for 50+ years now, use fear when the person really need courage?

Can we scare people into having courage?   Pretty stupid when you think of it that way.

If you’d like to grab those skills next session, get on the early release list.

Awareness is the beginning of change.   Time yourself and the possibility.  It will be an “aha” moment.


The alternative is to not expand your skill set and spend lots of time and money listening to motivational crap.  Really, it’s crap.

Why do I say that?

"don't quit and don't forget to buy my CDs"
“don’t quit and don’t forget to buy my CDs”

Motivation means motive in action.  All those stories those wonderful speakers tell about not quitting and being determined will never get your “motive” in action, not really.

Like a hot bath, feels good for a while but sooner or later, you’re in a puddle of cold, dirty water.

TOUGH LOVE: “If you can be discourged from your dream, you should be” Quincy Jones.  He’s right.

Infortunately, thousands of people pay hundreds, thousands of dollars to hear people, in essence say, “don’t quit, you can do it.”

Not true.

It’s all about skill, not pumping ourselves up and having a stranger tell us “yes you can” followed by the mantras and heartwarming stories.

I know, I listened to that stuff….learned it and shouted it from the roof tops!!

Until the conversation with Ronnie V…and until that conversation, yup, I was a blabbermouth.

Of this I am sure….the science is clear and so is the reality.   If you learn how to have a transparent conversation with the prospect and THEY build value, not you…..there are no objections, there’s no stalling, there’s no need to ever give a motivational speech or recommend one.


For the same reason you actually joined….the hope of a different outcome.

So, find out, OK?  Are you a blabbermouth?

Get a timer.

We’re walking the beaches of the world as recovered blabbermouths.


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

Mahalo for stopping by and sharing this post
Mahalo for stopping by and sharing this post



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