MLM Business Model Fix

Lots of folks are “getting it”.

But not enough…and not fast enough.

What are MLMer’s getting?

That there is no ‘magic automated system’ that will let someone ‘point and click’ their way to success.

Good friend, social media expert and successful MLMer Doug Karnuth wrote a great post on Jan. 19 about the bottom-feeding gurus trying to fleece inexperienced MLMers…and drew a very funny yet accurate analogy.

There are no secrets and there are no magic point and click systems.

Guru’s that tell you they have magic systems that will generate prospects and solve all your problems are lying.

And they are good at it, for you don’t know the truth.

I know why Doug has a thriving business.  He knows the truth about what it takes.

He knows what most people forgot.

Maybe it’s because he’s from the Midwest.  Maybe it’s because he utilizes and listens to our friend and peer Success Coach Kathy Zimmer who, despite living in Southern California (I was born in LA so don’t get your undies in a bunch) seems to know what it really takes to succeed.

Why is it easy for successful MLMers like Kathy and Doug?

What truth is it that they and other authentic successful MLMer’s know?

They know about the 2 ‘SPIRATIONS

Really simple.

It’s simply not enough to know about network marketing skills.  The real winners who make money in MLM know they’ve got to learn, practice and apply.

You’ll find lots of networking skills, free and lot’s of networking tips too…but does it really matter without the 2 SPIRATIONS?

Get busy because if you do, no one…and I mean NO ONE will ever be able to fool you or hold you back, including yourself…from authentic success.


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

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  • I love your blog! Everything you come up with is inspirational (maybe that’s the 3rd spiration!)

  • So true. Outsiders don’t see the sweat and prep. They see the rewards and either just admire or get frustrated.

  • So true. It amazes me how long I can hear something before it really clicks with me. Now I’m going to go over all the skills you teach and become a pro at mastering my life. It’s time.

  • Absolutely ~ right on target.
    You don’t get better JUST by thinking about it.
    There is no quick, plug & play system (on the Internet or otherwise)
    Go out and do it, do it & keep doing it.
    Practice, fall down, skin your knees, get up & do it again.
    Thank you so much Mark…awesome stuff (as always)

  • Congrats on your success Carl… are tremendous leader……as your growth shows

    keep doing all that good stuff……

    Thanks for raising the bar for all of us Carl

  • Love your acronym for LUCK (labor under correct knowledge). That alone will help a lot of people. Being from the Mid-west myself, I too, listen to others from that region…..something about staying grounded….connecting to the land, and using good old-fashioned common sense to cut through the crap and get to the basics….the core truths and principles that really work. (Exactly what you write about).

    I have also learned a lot from a couple that happen to live on an island (there’s that land thing again)….. 🙂

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