Blog   What is True Leverage In MLM ?


What is it?  Really?

Better yet… do you get it going?   And no, I’m not talking about the marketing plan …. or time leverage once it is built…..

I’m talking about right now……how do you get a massive advantage right now?

In this clip MLM Legend Tom Holden shares something less than 1% of MLMers do that is so simple and easy it’s embarrassing….

Tom reveals a massive nugget ……if you don’t know who Tom Holden is….check out yesterday’s post

My suggestion is share this with your team right now and then follow through with the skills and simple thing that Tom & I both do to create real leverage

Don’t let the tiny delays in the video [Tom was in Texas, we’re in Kauai], interfere with gathering Tom’s wisdom.


mark januszewski

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