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Secrets to Success in Network Marketing?

The only secret you need to know is the one guru’s and generic tool peddlers know…and don’t want you to know.

There are no secrets to network marketing or, for that matter to success.

See, if people can get you to believe there is a secret or two…or a magic way to get prospects online that are ‘pre-qualified’…they can sell you something.

These bottom-feeders leverage your inexperience, impatient and fear to get at your credit card.

Before you know it you are spending more time on these ‘secrets’ and ‘shortcuts’ AND promoting this guru who has not earned a dime for you…than your own business.

So, let me repeat…there are no secrets, only people who want you to believe that so they can sell you stuff.

We are all scared

I’m close to 20 years of succeeding and before I did, I failed for 5 years.  That’s 25 years.

I’ve never met anyone who joined an MLM, mine or countless others from other deals who had all the time and money they wanted BEFORE they joined.

Most of us finally look at networking when we are in pain over time, money or both.

We are scared.  Oh, we might not admit that but the situation that triggers our decision and trying something new is going to create some fear.

It’s normal.

It’s my story and probably yours too.

Deal with it as a successful person deals with things.

That is the key.

Like attracts Like

Success thinking attracts success…fear thinking?  Well…

Don’t kid yourself by comparing what you are feeling on the inside to what is other people’s outsides.

Successful people, both in and out of MLM have some fear…most of it healthy.  They just do something different with it.

And no, this is not some new-age or Zen solution coming at you.

We’ve been blessed to be asked to speak all over the world.  After we do, we get lots of kind words and always a few people who comment on how relaxed and comfortable we were and it made them relax about networking.

We always tell them the same thing, the thing that turned us into coveted speakers…

“Show me a speaker who isn’t nervous or scared and I’ll show you a bad speaker.”

It’s true…we just know what to do with that fear, what all successful people do with fear.


Most fear is a lack of knowledge.  Certainly, in business it is.

Successful people

  1. get the knowledge, reduced fear
  2. create a written plan to put knowledge in  play
  3. practice, shrinking fear
  4. put it in play, courage built on confidence from 1&3

Network marketing, truth be told, is easy once you realize you’ve been doing it since you were 6 years old.  You learned about stuff from some kids, told others and told your parents…about a baseball glove, a movie or a new ice cream stand.

All occupations are the same.  They have a couple ‘traction’ points…points that will ‘drive’ income.

We all talk to people everyday

It’s no mystery in network marketing.  It’s talking to people and learning a couple of network marketing skills.  Just means learning how to talk to people rejection free without pressuring them or ourselves.

When people enroll, we simply give them network marketing help by teaching them they already know how to talk to people.

I wouldn’t call it rocket science or a secret.  I’d just call it the truth.

If we are going to make some money, we need to talk to people.”


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

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    The secret is there is no secret… Profound and you also have to know what FEAR is:

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    Bruce Nelkin LMT

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