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The software progam I use indicates, on average 611 people a day google that question.


As a networker, this is valuable to know, but knowing how to answer that question is a priceless asset.

Network marketers have the most complicated answers to this question I have ever heard.

Don’t feel bad, I did too.

It’s why I failed five times in the 1980’s.

The more people didn’t understand it, the more I added to my answer.

What a dope.

Key to the Vault Lesson

Burn this one on your brain.

“The first thing someone experiences with you is what they BELIEVE they will have to do to make money.”

What is Network Marketing?

When asked this question networkers who don’t know what you just read, in every fiber of their being, respond with things like:

  1. The marketing plan
  2. Information about why the model works
  3. What top earners are making
  4. What the prospect can make
  5. Complex illustrations about distribution
  6. etc., always including words prospects are ‘unfamiliar’ with

The Problem

We can ‘see it’ – the business model – they can’t, and we try, because of our passion, to let them know EVERYTHING we know about network marketing.



“The first thing someone experiences with you is what they BELIEVE they will have to do to make money.”

We complicate it for ourselves by failing to realize, when they ask, they are a prospect and prospects are more likely to agree to the next step if what we tell them is familiar to them.

We jump the gun and our ego, passion and lack of network marketing skills creates a compulsion to launch into a presentation.

Nobody Likes A Pitch

It’s a pitch…and we are road kill, dead meat.

The Solution and a Bonus

Bonus first.

People who don’t know what network marking is are, without question, the best candidates.

Let’s face it, people like me, who have been in five deals and failed THINK they know and are generally uncoachable.

The solution is simple.

You’ve got to listen and answer their question.

How we get paid is not an answer to their question.  Confusion.

Confused people don’t commit.

What do you need to help people help themselves succeed?


Double Ut-Oh.

What is network marketing?

Companies pay us for doing what most people do everyday.  Most people have been doing network marketing since they were 6 years old, they just don’t know it or how to get paid for it. I can tell you what it is and how it works but it would take about 2 minutes, when do you think you could give me 2 minutes?

The answer, 100% of the time is…YES!

“Yes!” makes money.  Long winded, clever explanations do not.

So they are now asking you for a presentation.  Very cool.

All you need to do is learn a simple network marking skill about how to be a great story teller.


Stories Are Familiar

People hate sales pitches but love listening to stories they chose to hear.

In less than 2-3 minutes they will understand network marketing, how they get paid and it will be familiar, making it easy for them to take the next step with you, reviewing information about your company.

You can get that skill and network marketing help by clicking right here, it’s free.


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

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  • Hi Mark,

    This is great information people want others to listen, feel concern for their issue, and offer a solution, which we believe is Network Marketing, the Master Key Program our group completed , has been instrumental in my ability to talk with people to help them see anyone can be successful in this business model. Thanks for this post.

    W. Hilliard

  • i have been in network marketing for more than 5 months now, must have listened to more than 35 CDs, attended 2 major functions and 4 monthly functions…not to mention the weekly opportunity meetings. but NO ONE has told me the WAY you do. AHA moments is one reason i keep on visiting your site. it is a revelation.

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