Picking up the phone……planning to?

There are a lot of people that will tsell [meaning tell and sell] you that you don’t have to.  Their systems will do it….for the low-low cost of 50 bucks a month.  Once you sign up for the hocus-pocus stuff and log in you’ll find more ‘must have’ affiliate programs.  Some people would rather spend money than pick up the phone.   Guts?

If you are a baby-boomer the phrases ‘he’s got guts’ or ‘the guy just doesn’t have any guts’ instantly resonate.  You know exactly what that means.

Don’t hear it a whole lot anymore.   Been displaced.

“he’s got no game.”…… “he’s got game”




and, now, we are reduced by the younger generation to ‘gonads’ and cruder describing the same area.

I guess no one ever wants to say courage…..or what they don’t want to say is ‘no courage.’

Of course guts is a great word because it has the Onamonapia thing going on.  You know?  When the word sounds like what it means when you say it out loud.

Crash is a good one too.  Say it out loud with enthusiasm and ….well, you get it.


I was afraid to pick up the phone.  I shared NARC as a mechanism I used in another blog.

What I did not share was I did it anyway and each time I did I became more fearful.


Simple.  Everyone was saying ‘no thanks’ or just plain ‘no’ and my list was shrinking.

I wanted it. I needed it. I was willing to be courageous.  I believed.

But the list was shrinking.  Fear got bigger.

I simply did not know what I was saying was the difference between a ‘yes’ and a ‘no.’

I had this great deal…..I can remember thinking that…..and if people would just look they’d have a great deal too.


Primal screams.  A lot.  Dogs would shake.  All 3 of my English Setters.

I’d feel bad.  Calm them down.

SPECiALIZED KNOWLEDGE [links to that section in Think and Grow Rich]

Once I learned, [a return of common sense didn’t hurt] that this was a skill based business a lot of things changed.

OK, everything changed.

If you were a plumber and wanted to become an electrician, you’d know before you started you’d need to learn some new skills, get some new qualifications to be as effective a electrician as you were as a plumber.

Let’s take it a step further.  You say I want to be an electrician.

Would you join some advertising deals to find customers and go to their house before you knew exactly what to do?  Or would you learn the skills first so you didn’t blow up people’s homes or kill yourself.

What’s all this got to do with guts?

If you are a network marketer what I am about to tell you may make you a lot of money…..then again it may not.

I can tell you it will make a lot of money for about 5% ……the other 95%? not….no way.


Top earners cheat.

Yup, you read that correctly.


They practice.

Just like a doctor, ball player, golfer et al.


That is the BIG SECRET that all Top Earners know.

Yeah, yeah…..I know.  I keep saying there aren’t any secrets and now I am telling you the BIG SECRET?

It’s only a secret if no one knows about it and the way people behave when it comes to practice sure makes me believe it’s a secret.

PPPPP = Perfect Practice Prevents Poor Performance.

They practice.

I been doing this 18 years.  I pratice every day.  I mean every single day.  Outloud.

Once I learned this was a skill based business and learned a couple of simple phrases that get a ‘yes’ 94% of the time magic did happen.

Fear vanished.  I acquired specialized knowledge.

Once somebody knows how to do it, their confidence grows.

And, if they practice and put it in play everyday the results change.

GUTS to me means, Go Use The Skills.

Once we know what to do and how to do it, no courage, backbone, gonad size, heart or determination is required.

It’s easy once you know how.

So why will 95% still fail?

They simply will not practice so they become suckers for the biggest lie in network marketing.

You just have to find the right people.”

And every con artist who knows we are afraid to pick up the phone and is deft at exploiting fear and hope for money.  Boy, are those guys good at it.

There are only 2 types of reps …..

Those that learn what to say and what to do ….and then practice

And those that don’t.

We all just need to decide which group we want to be in.

Emerson wrote, “what you are screams so loud I can barely hear what you say”

I can tell by the emails we got after Monday’s webcast who practiced.

So can you.


Go – Use – The -Skills.


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

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  • Beautifully said Mark,

    It is so easy that most people miss it…. I know that I did for a while…. practice is the key. Once I knew the skills and accepted them as true and very workable… I still did not practice, practice, practice…. Now that I am doing the practice, I am becoming more at ease and loving every second… of course most people that do the practice, become the top leaders and money earners, but then…. there are some that do not practice and like my broke friends, seem to want to watch tv or serf the interbet all day… I am sure you know the type…. well anyway… look at the info on skills and practice always….


  • you are 90% of the way there George…..most people won’t even admit it~ 🙂

    I LOVE your reply……

    there are only 2 types of reps…..

    honest ones who can evaluate their work and make corrections…..and the ones who blame others making improvement impossible….folks just have to decide which group they are in LOL

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