Blog   What Do Winner’s Do In MLM?


Let’s get the ‘secret thing’ out of the way first.

There are no secrets in network marketing.

Anyone telling you that is selling you.  Period.

These bottom feeding con artists leveraging your inexperience and hope and passion.

Repeat after me.  There are no secrets.

Ah, I feel better and you just saved a few thousand bucks, or more.

Secrets? Hide Credit Card

Networking is just like any other occupation, it requires we learn a few skills.

Want to be a better software writer, butcher, flower arranger?

What would you do?

Learn some skills, practice the skills and put them in play.  Improve with repetition.

This is not news.


It’s not that winners do certain things, it’s that they do things in a certain way.

That one statement changed my career.


Simple.  Our industry was over 40 years old when I joined, what works and what does not was pretty well mapped out.

Making Money In MLM? Simple. Talk to People

If we are going to make some money, we need to talk to people.  While the inter-webbie thing has made some things better, [and a lot of things worse – con artist playground, for 1], in the end we’ve got to talk to people.  It’s easy once you know the skills and, honestly, you’ve been networking, telling people about stuff you like, your whole life.  This I learned and relaxed.  But…….

But I noticed people at higher pin seemed to have some things, just like any other business, in common.

When I questioned good friend and mentor Tony Bowling he dropped the phrase, “It’s not that winners do certain things, it’s that they do things in a certain way.”

“And?”  I asked.

“Notice.” he said.

So I did.  And I found out they do 3 things over and over and over after they learn the skills.

And things got better.

I kept noticing.

I noticed the really big earners, like I wanted to be, not only did these 3 things, the also rarely did anything else.

The 3 things?

mark januszewski

World’s Laziest Networker

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