Blog   What Do Boy Scouts Know that MLMers Must Know to Succeed?


They work off a code and don’t flinch when that code is tested.

Do you have a ‘code’ that all your actions stem from?

Feel free to use this one……

Over the last couple weeks I’ve shared the idea that one needs a core philosophy and shared what mine is.

The rock bottom truth is that if we don’t stand for something, we’ll fall for anything.

Basically, the GIRAFFE philosophy captures common sense, ethics and basic Think and Grow Rich principles.

The motivation, you may recall, was something I could stand on that would turn the word “IMPOSSIBLE” into “I’M POSSIBLE”

For over a decade it has served us well enough in business to have one of our daughters, Jackie, declare “Your life is a fairy tale.”

That means a lot to us…..especially since, like most people, we struggled.

If We Don't Stand For Something, We'll Fall For Anything

What made the difference?

Committing to this simple, sound and easy to apply GIRAFFE concept.

If you missed any of the first 4 letters and what they represent ……here you go.

G- Give 100% to the dreams of other

I- Imagination – live from your imagination, not circumstances

R- Release all limiting beliefs

A- Action Focused

The first “F” in GIRAFFE ?

Even Boy Scouts know….



In the previous post, Action Focus, I encouraged people to do what all successful people do.  Plan….plan your work in an organized way with 80% of your time on The Main Thing – talking to prospects.

We covered OATS in that post; how to set a power week up for yourself and your teammates, every week.

  1. Sit with your family and tell them why you are doing what you are doing, share your goals.
  2. Tell them nothing is MORE important than they are.
  3. Schedule a date with each of them
  4. Tell them you’ll be setting a a part time work schedule every week but you’ll always schedule time with them first.
  5. Insist people you are working with do the same thing.  Tell them it is a requirement to get your support and time.

OK, once that is done…..learn how to get a yes 80% of the time.  It’s a simple network marketing skill.

Last, and this was really in the “A” …..keep The Main Thing, talking to prospects, The Main Thing.

  • Before email
  • Before checking volume
  • Before Facebook
  • Before conference calls
  • Before calling others to encourage them
  • Before calling ANYONE……
  • Before ANYTHING …..once you are at your desk live this –>  First Things First

It’s simply a matter of keeping First Things First because……whatever we turn our ATTENTION to is really a clear definition of our  authentic INTENTION.

And, everybody knows …..our authentic intention is our true identity…..not what we’d like to believe about ourselves, not what our perception of ourselves is, not what we want others to believe about us…..but what we actually are.

The death of procrastination is NOT a result of ‘promising’ to ‘stop it’… dies, this ugly, self-esteem destroying habit…..when we simply decide to keep First Things First.

Everybody knows, and so do you as you read this, what you need to do first….to grow your team.  How do we do it?

Say ‘First Things First’ a couple dozen times a day….whenever your business pops into your head, when ever you talk to a teammate, upline or START to do something online……say ‘First Things First’ and pull out your goals and look at them.  You’ll know exactly what to do and leverage one of the greatest truths about your mind:::::> You subconscious mind has NO DEFENSE against your voice.  It believes, 100%, what you tell it.

I’d love to know what you think… leave a comment if you would, and let me know.


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