Blog   What 1 Trait Do Successful MLMer’s Have In Common?






Internet prowess?

A big list?

Ability to motivate?


Naw, none of those things.

Oh, sure they are all good things…..but most people that tell you those things are important have something to sell you.

Sorry all you ‘hang-in-there’ CD peddlers……none one needs to spend 1500 bucks or $500 for a CD series……


Still stunned that MLM companies pay guys and gals $25,000 bucks to come an speak at a convention …..just so they can use the stage to sell their ‘personal growth’ stuff.

What Are Companies Thinking?

I was flabbergasted a couple  years ago when the MLM I was building had a ‘famous’ speaker end the event.

Sitting next to me was a woman, my friend…. named Betty…..who was making over $25,000 a month.

Betty was LIVING in her CAR when she got sponsored.

Living in her CAR!!

So the speaker does a nice job…..and people rush into the lobby……and buy…..get this……a $1350 CD set on ‘not quitting.’


What are these companies thinking?

What would help you and your team more?

A motivational speaker [wink-wink] peddling CDs or how a woman went from living in her car to $25,000 a month and how, step -by-step, she did it?

Gee, that’s a tough one.


Inside that story…..OK,OK….my little rant……is the 1 trait we need above all others.

Use Stories, People Like & Remember Stories

Let’s face it, we are not going any further than our team takes us…..and they can’t take us anywhere if we don’t teach them what to do.

One of the best ways to teach is with little stories……

We love stories, we remember them.

Telling stories is a key network marketing skill.

Here’s a little story I tell to communicate the # 1 trait we all need…..and…..that they already have it.


Mary loved her friend Joan’s apricot jam and was thrilled when Joan gave her the recipe.

Bought 4 pounds of apricots, prepped them and put them in a pan.

Mixture started heating and she double checked Joan’s directions to make sure she had the time right.

Mary Has the 1 Trait All MLMers Need

Ut-oh.  She forgot to put in the lemon juice.  She was supposed to put in 1/2 ounce for each 8 apricots.

Her jam came out perfect.

How did she know how exactly much lemon juice to add?

Simple, by exercising that same single trait successful MLMers possess.

Yeah, I know…’s a cheezzzzzy way to get you to watch the video but there is great second tip within the 90 second video that will improve your recruiting today.

The 1 trait, a great recruiting insight and the answer to the riddle……all in under 2 minutes… 🙂



mark januszewski

worlds laziest networker

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