Wellness Marketing for Network Marketing

Wellness Network Marketing?  Is it a perfect match? Wellness…  Network Marketing is really a perfect match.  What makes it even better for you is that so few people know what to do with this astonishing advantage.

Wellness Network Marketing Style

Whether you’re in a health and nutrition deal or not, read on.  The calamity out there with the pied-pipers-of-prosperity, [aka gurus], pitching sponsor more, sponsor more and then sponsor more is driving all common sense out of the wonderful world of network marketing and Wellness for Network Marketing.

Folks, we get paid on volume, not on distributors. These bottom-feeding dirtbags are leveraging fear and inexperience.   Great networkers like Tom Chenault, Richard Bliss Brooke, and Ann Feinstein can spot their bullshit from 10 miles but my concern isn’t the great ones.  It’s you.

Wellness Network Marketing
Without customers, it is a pyramid

So let’s go over this nice and slow.  Repeat after me…

We-get-paid-on-volume… not distributors.

Secondly, without real customers, it turns out the prospects are right when they call it a pyramid!

Don’t worry about this, just make a decision to build a profitable, real business.  One that actually manifests the promises this industry has made for over six decades.

I mean, really… doesn’t everyone truly want Wellness for their Network Marketing business?

Massive Lie #1 

You can do the minimum and make the maximum.  This lie belongs at the bottom of the sea with the gurus pitching sponsor more as a solution.

You cannot do the minimum and make the maximum.  If everyone does the minimum the “dirty little secret” shows up in the recesses of our minds.

What’s that you say?  The dirty little secret?

Yeah.. in self-consumption companies the distributors are the customers.

Think this through with me.  If you have 100 reps doing $100 a month and the company is paying back 50% [another lie we’ll deal with another time] … that would be $10,000 going to the company and $5000 coming back to your team.


That would mean people must lose money for you to make money.

So rule #1 is don’t tell people they can do the minimum and make the max… that is NOT a Wellness Network Marketing model.

3 customers a month for 12 months… 36 of which 18 stay on the books will make you

  1. Rich
  2. Secure
  3. A real business owner, not a “schill” for an MLM

So how do we take all that great info about your product and turn it into customers?

4 simple phrases…

Here’s a really interesting thing… I’m going to give you this fusion skill.  About 10% of you will open it and be impressed.  About 5% will open it, learn it, apply it with their teams and get rich.  What will the other 95% do?  Probably hunt down gurus who promise they’ll teach them how to sponsor more.

I say this not to challenge you but to apologize… see, if you’re not getting that 100 reps doing $1000 each a month is easier, faster and builds a real business you can be proud of, then I did a lousy job.  Oh, yeah… this isn’t one of those traps that leads to a sales page or “work with Mark for 2000 bucks” … Here’s fusion 


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