How is a good riddle like a  good pencil?

While you mull that over let me try to make the point of yesterdays blog a bit stronger.

My belief is we teach people the wrong things when we bring them in.

Why do we bring people into our business in the first place?  Oh, we can say all the standard, appropriate MLM ‘sound bites’ we want…….you know….

“To help them make money” …….”To help them have a better quality life”……and to …..”To help them get their drea”….etc.

But the point of bringing them in, and, I might add, is to get them to talk to people.  And, in the end, if they don’t talk to people all those ‘sound bites’ will never come true.

Most people teach new people ‘how to get started right’ based on their upline’s training, company training or team training.  No matter how many I look at, trainings to get folks started, I never see exactly what to say anywhere.  I do see, in a lot of getting started stuff, encouragement about talking to people but not what to actually say.


If you’ve read these posts, even a couple of them, you know I am a big fan of irony. So would you describe this as irony?

We bring people knowing we have to get them to talk to people.  Most people take a few shots, get beat up by negative friends and relatives and they quit.  We call them quitters.  We look at the individual instead of the pattern.

My granddaughter Zoey has leukemia.  She’s on some meds that just don’t mix well with some foods for some reason.  Couple things made her sick.  She won’t even think about trying them again.  Why do we think excited reps who get criticized will be different?  It hurts to get rejected, it crushes people’s hope……and we give them pep talks?  Like – its a numbers game?

What I find ironic is we bring people in so they will talk to people, we don’t tell them word for word what to say and when they get crushed we give them pep talks and tell our upline their courage is suspect when they exercise common sense and stop doing what hurts.  Gimme a break.  Where did our common sense go?  What the hell is the point of bringing people in so they will talk to people and not teaching what to say so they get lots of people saying “yes”?

After 5 failures in the 1980s I rejoined in the 1990s and was failing again.  Then someone taught me how to get a yes 75% of the time.  Over the years I have master the use of 2 words and get agreement better than 94% of the time to look at my biz.  In less than 2 minutes.  I am not great, or bragging here.  I just learned through someone else how people make decisions in less than 15 seconds and how to get that decision to go my way most of the time.

The point of this particular blog?  I believe if this blog makes sense you’d like to know these 2 words and how to use them,  This is free, click here.

I would like to thank multiple 6 figure earner Nancy Barr who let me know these blogs are well written but she wants me to get to the point faster and in less words.  I’m usually around 900, this one is under 600 and we’ll get them under 500 this week.

Nancy has also let me know not giving the answer to a riddle is not cool…..

so girl…..this one is for you.

How is a good riddle like a  good pencil?  

It has a point.

Kinda like training, eh? It should help them learn exactly what to say since they’ll be talking to people. If it doesn’t, what’s the point?

For the record, the word point appears 4 times in the blog prior to the answer, thought you’d like that 🙂


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

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  • I don’t care how long your blogs are. They’re well worth the read and you get to the point. I believe people will find what they need to succeed, even if they have been in the business for years. Some how we knew we were missing just one thing, and I think that one thing is you Mark. Keep doing what your doing.

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