You cannot keep this until you have given it.

What is it?

The response to the free trainings we are doing is tremendous.  We’ve noticed a significant up-tick in attendance and folks opting in for more information.


While we know the content is powerful because it works…..there is no question the answer to the riddle has more to do with the rapid rise of numbers than anything else.

Folks like you are recommending the webcasts to others.  We thank you for that.

Yet there is something bigger to be gleaned from the hundreds of recommendations folks have made.

Why do people, think beyond content, suggest others check things out?  Of greater significance is why people take the suggestion.


When we invite people into our business, or our lives for that matter, a dynamic takes place that most of us overlook.  It happens every single time.

We are more aware of it when we are the one being invited, sometimes consciously ~ always subconsciously.

That dynamic is trust….to trust or not to trust.

When you invite someone to a meeting or to review information they have already made a decision, in the first 15 seconds or less to take it and review or not.

Oh, sure, sometimes they take it but have no intention of listening to it.  They’re just being polite.  So they think.   How to tip the scales in your favor is available free here.

But that is not what this blog is about today.   It’s about me and you.   It’s really about how to gain a huge advantage …..it’s about the riddle.

Trust is a very powerful thing.  Most people are unaware that the best candidates for our business carry a hidden low-trust-tax.


The best candidates for our business are people who do not feel their corporate companies care about them.  They don’t believe management wants them to advance.

Think about it.  Joe Smith works at ABC Corp.  He loves the company and believes management wants him to grow, advance, get promoted.  Interested in a home based business?  Not.  On the career path.

Sally Jones doesn’t think management wants her to advance, is holding her back and the company doesn’t give a red-rats-rear end about her.  Better prospect?  You better believe it.

Why?  She does not trust they have her best interest at heart.

BUT…Sally does not trust the culture…..and ANYTHING we do that resembles anything close to the same behavior is going to translate in Sally’s mind as “This is the same crap, I can’t trust them…..I quit.”

In essence, when we contact Sally there is a hidden ‘low-trust-tax’ and if we don’t  know we are engaging in a situation with 2 strikes on us before we start ……very quickly we’ll have  3 strikes on us.

This is not the ramblings of a self-appointed expert 🙂

In Covey’s masterpiece, and it is a masterpiece, “The Speed of Trust” he makes a brilliant point about trust……………I want to encourage you to read the following very carefully and it will dramatically help you with both reps and prospects alike.

Covey points out that studies show that only 29% of employees actually believe that management cares about them developing their skills so they can advance ~ this means that a whopping  71 % believe that management is holding them back.

Equally significant is that only 42% of employees believe that management cares about them at al……..or……58% believe management does not care at all.

Let’s exercise a little logic here……most likely people who are attracted to our business probably fall into the group that believes management is holding them back and does not care about them at all…….the happy ones……are less likely to join….the unhappy, untrusting ones are the ones likely to join……do you see what I’m saying?

So where does that leave us?

Does this explain why people just won’t pull the trigger who we know could do this?  You better believe it.

Does it explain why when “one little thing goes wrong” someone who seemed serious goes Dixie?  No question about it.

How can I be so sure?

I read The Speed of Trust cover to cover 3 times.  Eye-opener would be an understatement of Biblical proportions.

Covey points out the as Trust goes up, cost goes down and production goes up.  Of course the opposite is true.

Obviously, working with a rep who trusts you and takes your coaching is cheaper than finding new people in both time and money.

More interesting and profitable was Covey’s suggestions about accelerating the speed of trust.

MOST people believe the path to success is:

Strategy + Execution = Results….

But in-fact……it is Strategy + Execution X Trust  = Results

Trust is the great accelerator …. or DE-accelerator

Trust really means confidence…..

and if they have confidence in you they will join

if they trust you they will execute the plan correctly…..they will accept constructive feedback

Is there a way to accelerate trust?  Yes.

It was so powerful for me that  time it normally takes us to build a group to 10,000 was cut in half.


Half the time on the calendar and half the time we normally put in weekly.

There are 13 components to this…..relax, they are tiny little things

Made a CD of it…..no, not selling you a CD 🙂

[We’re converting it to a Free MP3 download file today, so check back….should be available by Sunday.]

When we bring people into our businesses, it is by going through their dream chamber.  They join because they believe we can help them do a little better.

In essence, we are giving them our word when we invite them to join.  It is an implied promise that we will help them.


You cannot keep this until you have given it.

What is it?

Your word.

We are all paying a low-trust-tax.  Our word better be rock solid if we are going to keep them on track.

That means we not only show up on time & committed but we know what to do, exactly, to help them.


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

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  • THAT was wonderful! The riddle… the Trust “issue”… and the possibility of Network Marketers to offer a new benefit that is becoming increasingly more desirable— Caring about the other person. Hmmmmm. Now, how to “package” & “present” that clearly in a compelling way?

    Thanks Mark.
    I appreciate you.

  • Thank you John. Years ago the irrpersible Frank Keefer gave me a copy of your Class ‘greatest networker’ after I did a seminar in NY.

    He signed it and wrote ‘I have now met the world’s greatest networker’ ……I am sure Frank gave it and told a lot of us the same thing….he is good like that….anyway, it’s an annual read….thanks for all you do to serve the industry

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