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The response to the 3 videos has been immense, glad what we are sharing is resonating with so many people.

Of course, there are questions too.

Figured this would be faster for you…..

Here’s the top 3 questions we get emailed…..and a pretty cool shot of Kauai 🙂

We’ve got a simple philosophy here: Don’t do anything unless you know why you are doing it.

In the videos we explained ‘why’ …..and gave you a few examples.

On the webcast we move from the concept as to ‘why’ and we’ll get into the ‘how.’

What does that mean?  No theory, word-for-word, step-by-step….exactly what to say and do.

2 critical skills, money making skills that most people never learn and tend to struggle with.

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We also open the lines up and take questions… you’ll learn 2 skills and a bonus skill, word for word…..

If you haven’t seen all 3 videos, they are still up at here.

See you on the webcast and spread the word about the webcast.

We’re going to cover the

1.  ‘Prospects Invisible Close Skill ‘ – the prospect closes for you

2. ‘Prospect Never Stalls Skill’ – you know how people stall at the end…..we’ll show you in 3 sentences how to get the prospect to tell you they don’t like stalling and won’t do it.  Think that might help?

3. BONUS – ‘Reps Tell You They Want to Make Calls Skill’ – have trouble getting yourself or your teammates to take initiative and make calls.  Won’t happen again.  Ever. Really.

See you there and feel free to invite teammates.

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