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A simple mind shift…

All that matters is the gray matter.

Well, what’s going on inside the gray matter between our ears.

We are not only what we think about all day long.  What we think about all day long ends up doing something remarkable inside the most stunning few pounds on the planet.  The brain.

The average person has 3000 thoughts a day and as like or similar thoughts are seen repeatedly, we ‘recognize’ them and we attach meaning and feeling to them.

The scientific data is remarkable.  It proves what Haanel, The Master Key System, and Hill, Think and Grow Rich taught and wrote about a century ago.  (BTW, you can grab both those free).

Thoughts that fire together wire together

What’s this got to do with a $15,000,000 presentation?


See thoughts that ‘fire together’ tend to ‘wire together’ via synaptic connections in the brain.

So when you think of a ‘pitch’ or ‘showing the plan’ the truth is your subconscious instantly finds the ‘identity’ of what that means.  That identity is linked to ‘feelings’ about ‘a pitch’ or ‘showing the plan’.  In essence, when you just read ‘show the plan’ or ‘pitch’ your subconscious mind processed it and whatever belief you have about those phrases was triggered.

And, the results, are pretty much determined too.

Are you totally jacked up?

Larry Bird Never Took a $15,000,000 Shot

Do you, time after time, knock your presentation out of the park?

Think you’d do better if you knew it was a 10 or 15,000,000 dollar shot?

Do you feel like you’re making a prospecting ‘call’ or ‘pitch’?

I did and …the results sucked.

Then one tiny thought changed my world.

I learned how to make a $15,000,000 dollar presentation.

Would that get you excited?

It got me excited.

Larry Bird never got to take a $15,000,000 shot and Larry the Legend took A LOT of BIG shots.

My excitement changed everything.  I became vitalized.  This was because I realized what I had discovered was TRUE.

And I couldn’t wait to make a $15,000,000 shot.

When you couple this simple mind shift; when you realize how many people can be affected – their income, their lives, their relationships, and most importantly, their self-esteem you’ll know it’s true too.

And thoughts that fire together, wire together.  I’ve haven’t ‘made calls’ in over a decade.

Baseball’s Best Roy Halladay Never Made a $15,000,000 Pitch But You Can Daily

I get to make $15,000,000 pitches daily… as often as I want.

As often as I want?  Well, once I shifted my mindset with the truth, I realized how important it was to get more people to say yes – a very simple network marketing skill.  Getting a ‘yes’ 90% of the time to looking means if you talk to 4 people, 3 or 4 will say ‘yes’ and you get to take a shot $45,000,000 that day!

If you can’t get excited about that you just don’t have a pulse.

So tell me in the comment box… how do you feel about making calls?

Or are you ‘done’ with making calls and off to make a couple $15,000,000 pitches?


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

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  • Yep, guess I’ll have to start charging extra for my calls from now on! Thanks Mark! =D

  • Mark,

    As always your information is right on and powerful! I love watching your training and couldn’t ask for a better person to teach it 🙂

    Thanks Mark for everything you do for everyone around you. LOL Even if you don’t even know them personally your always there to help. YOUR THE MAN!!!

    -Jeremy Gray

  • What a paradigm shift to begin your day. Thanks for this post. Give yourself a check up from the neck up. Your prospect will feel your belief now that you believe it yourself. It’s a skill that comes from your definite major purpose becoming part of your being.

  • Mark J your are the best! Great lesson! We are in the same company as you and would love to see you in Cape Town, South Africa soon! Hopefully my wife and I will meet you at Vegas in September. Love your work!

  • I get paid for yeses. If you ask questions that consistently produce ‘no’ interest it is time to reframe your thinking AND your inquiry. I cannot say the money excites me. And I like more $$$ than less. A string of 30 or 40 yeses excites me. I believe everyone loves sales as long as people buy, say yes. It is rejection, especially overwhelming rejection, we all hate. Mark you have a way of sharing the way that makes it all work for both parties. We were/are trained to operate as either or, my way or the highway, left or right kind of thinking and it produces results for most that keeps them poor in more ways than one. Those who find the third way, the unknown way, the better way, whatever way you want to call it… it starts with changing your own thinking. Great post!!

  • Right on time. I am always hesitant about whether or not the prospect will immediately see the value I am trying to impress upon them. I now see that it has to start with my belief in what I have to offer that will ultimately help change both our lives. Thanks Mark.

  • Wow, I really loved the fact that you’ve been telling us ‘it’s all about the way you say things’ all along. You’re right, sometimes it takes a while for things to click….Thank you Mark.

  • Great post! Thanks Mark J for putting this into the correct perspective! Gets me excited to make those calls over and over again!

    I will share this with my Team as well as all you post! Your Training ROCKS! And you are doing this today as well! How does it get any better than this?


  • I used to find all kinds of things to do besides “making calls.” I even completely cleaned out the garage one day. My son figured out what I was really doing and he just said “you’ve got to be kidding.”

    After that, I managed to figure out that it was less of a chore just to do those darn dials. But even then, I had to force myself every day.

    Now, I get to take “million dollar shots” all day. I guess there’s been some inflation going on since you shared that simple mindset shift with me a while back. Now I have the privilege to take “$15,00,000 shots all day. Either way, it works for me.

  • Yet another great idea, thank you Mark. From now on, I change the titles of my invitation scripts to “15 million € presentation” and I also pass them on to my group.

    Just a quick feedback on one of your previous posts about the cards with “I promise to contact people x hours per week ; I always keep my promises” and the PPN’s on the back of the card: I spread these cards all over my house, and it works!

    These two ideas combined bring me to a huge excitement because I can now see the day coming quickly, where I want to spend ALL my time giving 15 million € presentations, and I have to “negociate” with myself to do the other things too.

  • This is great ! It gives a totally different “value” to the phone calls we all somehow avoid and postpone. I’m reboosted ;-)) – thank you Mark !

  • Hello, your articles here Want to See How To Make $15,000,000 MLM Presentation? | Mark Januszewski to write well, thanks for sharing!

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