December recruiting tips

Want an Edge in MLM?

There is no question December is the best month.  The video below explains why.

What is really cool is other MLMer’s don’t know this so they ‘quit’ early in December and don’t get rolling again until mid-January.  It takes them another week to get their teams, what’s left of them anyway, back in rhythm.

Talk about an advantage!  It gives you a 5-7 week ‘head start’.  Remember, everyone else ‘packs it in’ so it gives you 5-7 weeks with NO COMPETITION…and, most importantly, it gives you ‘new blood’ on January first while everyone else is sleeping.

Think Shoe Salesmen

As you view this video, remember this little ditty.

Years ago 2 shoe salesmen were sent to Australia from the USA…from the same company.

Neither knows the other one was there.

Within 24 hours they both wired back to the company.

1st Salesman: “Aborigines don’t wear shoes.  Flying back tomorrow.”

2nd Salesman: “Aborigines don’t wear shoes.  Send a boat load.”

One got rich, the other did not.

The difference?  The mental blueprint about opportunity.

There is a specific reason December is a great recruiting month…and a specific reason why others think it is terrible, just like the 2 shoe salesmen.

Everybody knows what we do in December will determine our first quarter and everybody says the first quarter determines the rest of the year.

Here is how I got an edge.

Share this with your team.

Get ‘The Influencer, the post I referred to in the video.  It explains how to ‘influence’ folks.   Knowing December rocks as a recruiting month and why is big.   Knowing how to use that information and ‘influence’ your teams is BIGGER than you can think.

Information is one thing, a good thing.  Knowing how to use it to get the best out of yourself and your teams are where the wealth resides.

Add influence to priceless information and couple that with the free network marketing skills we’ve posted for you…and 2012 is your best year…by December 31 of 2011.


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

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  • Thanks Mark! I love how you teach the Hero’s Journey. Talking to the subconscious is dynamite. Scientific Proof: The subconscious mind makes the decision 6 seconds before the conscious mind is even aware of a decision.

  • I really enjoy learning from you, It has helped me to become a better leader.
    The last two or three videos have not had any sound. Is this a problem with your system or mine? I have tryed everything I can think of to get sound to them, with no luck.

  • I believe that is your problem with computer…..we are getting no other reports of that and it’s playing fine….

    Sorry you’re having a problem

  • BINGO!!

    If MLMers would get off how great their plan, product and company is……and talk to ‘suspect’s subby’ their income double…..and it they teach that Linda to their teams……it would grow 10 fold.

    Thanks for reminding all of us about ‘subby’……the decision maker 🙂

    mark j

  • Mark….this video is on the money and THANK YOU for a great reminder.

    There were lots of great points but one that hit home is that taking action in December will setup the first quarter of 2012; that’s huge!


    Al Rod

  • Mark – thank you for your video and writings. I am absolutely EXCITED about December and all the opportunity that is bubbling over. (I know hundreds of people who are ‘shoeless’ and I can’t wait to talk to their subconscious now…)
    As they say in the Lexus commercials, “Make it a December to Remember”.
    See You at the top!

    Terri Armstrong

  • Mark,

    You have some nerve recording that video in such a beautiful place. I am so jealous. Oh and by the way great video!



  • I agree, Larry, Mark does have nerve. All his videos have great scenery in the background. Sometimes I have to re-watch them cause I see his mouth moving, but I’m focused on the scenery. 🙂

  • People really are creatures of habit, aren’t they? Today my wife and I renewed our gym membership for the next 6 months – then immediately asked them to put the membership “on hold” for the month of January. During the first 2 weeks of the year, you can’t even get inside the place, with all the “resolutionists” going their thing…

    Thanks for this series, Mark. As always, great and practical stuff.

  • Yeah……the January 30 day wonders do clog up the gym, don’t they?

    The Fabulous Davene and I are working through P90X for the 3rd time…..and [confession coming 🙂 ] sometimes I wish there were a bunch of those 30 day wonders there….so I DIDN’T have to work out……fat chance with Fab D ….a great wife but a tough, tough task master

    mark j

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