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Suffering is Optional

There’s an old saying, “Pain is mandatory but suffering is optional.”

Understand this will determine your MLM Success.

Most people are in denial with that simple statement.   We rarely confess that the suffering we experience is our responsibility… our insistence the world change it’s behavior instead of us learning the cause of the pain and learning a lesson.

Nope, we just don’t want to do that.   Hell, we’d have to admit we were the cause.   Since we don’t want to do that, ever, we suffer.   Our stubbornness is the cause of the suffering.

Why is this important?

Frustration… sadness… fear… anger… doubt… self-loathing… these are just different ways people express their suffering.  If you’re experiencing any of those or similar things, you are picking up the option, a choice, to suffer.

I’m taking a risk here for a reason.   I want you to have MLM Success. I’m saying point blank that any suffering, it’s on you.

The reason I am taking this risk of perhaps hurting your feelings is simple.   Since 1994 I have seen people, good people, refuse to do two simple things that cause pain… and then continue to refuse to do these two simple things.   Actually deciding to suffer and keep the distance between their hoped-for success and where they are the same… at a distance.

What are these two things?

Practice and apply.

If we are going to make some money, we need to learn some skills.

We need to practice the skill and then go apply it to attain MLM Success.

The apply part is EASY!   (yes, yelling!)

Everybody knows that repetition is the mother of skill.   With skill comes confidence.   Therefore, any lack of confidence is not a result of “feeling” but a by-product of simply refusing to practice.

Well practiced people go out and get better because they know what to say and do… so they are comfortable doing it.   They improve the more they apply… they are prepared mentally and physically.


Successful MLMers love leverage.   They look for it everywhere.

Working alone is a lack of leverage… having teammates listen to you while you are prospecting and recruiting is leverage because not only are you building your business you are simultaneously training your people… showing them “how” to do the “right things right.”

When I made prospecting and recruiting calls it was normal for me to have up to 100 or more people listening in… leverage.

Two words have altered the careers of hundreds of people and the ones who got really wealthy used these two words in four different situations, all very common in the building a successful MLM Success cycle.

Here’s how to use this network marketing skill to take the one “dreaded question” no new or underachieving MLMer wants to and instantly turn an appointment to show your business.



So I guess you could say this a “tough love” post… and I should soften it up here, get all warm and fuzzy.   Not my style.

Here is what I have seen since 1994.   Most people will not go through this no-upsell, free training.   And, even worse, most people who go through it will not practice.   Two words!   The pattern is the same in each of the 4 ways you can leverage those two words.

That’s 4-way leverage and the end of suffering.   It is no exaggeration to say those two words created seven figures for us more than once… just those 2 words.


Perfect practice prevents poor performance.

Learn the benefits of practice or get your pockets picked by gurus
Learn the benefits of practice or get your pockets picked by gurus


Persistent practice produces perfect presentations

No matter.

Do you practice?

My day, every day, without fail… went this way.

Got up and gave thanks.  Coffee.  Supplements.   Gym clothes and driving to the gym I practiced.  On days I did not go to the gym and got in the shower?   Practice in the shower.  All these things for MLM Success.

When opportunities presented themselves or I created one?    I was ready, confident and had a skill that would get an appointment.  Period.

The very cool thing is that you don’t have to do what most people reading this are doing right now 9they are promising they will do it later – LMAO0   All you have to do is make a decision that the suffering is over for you.

Practice and apply baby, practice and apply.

Keep giving to keep growing


mark januszewski

World’s Laziest Networker

Mahalo for stopping by and sharing this post
Mahalo for stopping by and sharing this post
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