Planning an MLM Strategy

Forget about MLM Objections…

Dealing with objections is a waste of time.


Now don’t be upset… if you are polishing your “objection rebuttals”

I did it to0.

Then one day I had a great moment… you know how every once in a while you get this dazzling moment of truth and insight?

Yeah… that moment when we stop BS’ing ourselves.

No time?

No money?

Pyramid thing?

Yeah… same crap in 1993…

Yeah, same well-meaning people teaching “How to overcome objections” then.

They are trying… they sound great, these folks teach us how to get over the objection.

And, man… the rebuttals they teach are so cool!  Sound brilliant.

A lot of moral victories was not worth it....
A lot of moral victories was not worth it….

Learned ’em.

Memorized ’em.

Used ’em.

Believe they’d work.

Then, that moment… the moment of truth.

They simply do not work.

And, it turns out, there is a reason.   We are not answering the real objection.

This will help…

How much?

I haven’t dealt with an objection since 1999 or 1998…

So how’d we do it?  We didn’t.  The prospect did.

You read that correctly.  The prospect did… and they do it over and over and over… prospect after prospect after prospect… if you know how and let them do the work.   Hey, I’m the World’s Laziest Networker.   I figured, let’s see if we can get them to do the work… and they do.




Ok, a few reminders.

ONE: When you click to register grab my outline first.

Print it out so you can follow along and just fill a few things in here and there.

So grab the document, print it and register for the webcast…

TWO: There is nothing for sale, before, during or after.

THREE: Share this with your team if you’re tired of picking up the pieces of their attitude because they can’t overcome the “no money, no time” stuff.

FOUR: In the video, I talked about the webcast we did about how to get the kind of growth at events you always hoped for but never got.   I’ll do that one again next Thursday and post the info and outline for that next week…

We appreciate all the support of our site and videos.  You’re moving us close to 300,000 views and we’re humbled by so many of you sharing the content on our site.

keep giving to keep growing


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker


Mahalo for stopping by and sharing
Mahalo for stopping by and sharing
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  • Good sh_t Mark!!!!! I can not tell you how often I tell people I know to go listen to your wisdom. You do know what you are talking about and you offer massive value to all who take your tips. Thank you from Alberta

  • You are such an embodiment of what you teach. Give more; Get more. You are constantly giving no wonder you have a life of abundance. Thanks so much for all you do and for being such an outstanding role model who lives what he teaches.

  • Thanks so much for sharing. I misspelled my domain name in earlier comment–too many thumbs.

  • Thanks Mark & Davene!

    Good stuff from a good man and a great woman! in a perfect location!

    Give and it shall be given unto you! Pressed down, shaken together, over flowing!

    You and it…just keeps coming! Blessings and wisdom!

  • I am grateful for everything you do for the profession and the people in network marketing. Thank you a million times over. But: please do not curse!!! Fran Patoskie from your previous email (interview) sets a great example to follow regarding proper language. Respectfully: Gabor

  • Told a friend of mine in network marketing about you and she was amazed at your ideas, and even more amazed that you give it away for free.

    She told me that there must be a hidden cost; I told her that you were genuine and keep your word that there is no cost involved.

    She intends to forward your information to her team.

  • Thank you Mark and Davene, your input is changing the thinking pattern of many people Inside the Box as well as those who think they are already Outside the Box. The seeds you sow is growing, keep sowing. Blessings

  • If you are well versed and looking for objections… you will find them! The trouble with this kind of toolbox thinking is in the beginning your one hammer makes every objection a nail. Bam and you are toast. Letting them do all the talking is much easier and more fun. Nobody disagrees with themselves…well nobody you would want to work with.

  • Thanks Mark. I really appreciate all that you do to help others no mater what company we are with. Peace be the journey!

  • This is one of the biggest obsticles in ANY Network Marketing business, is overcoming objections.

    I am looking forward to this training.

    Thanks for all that you do Mark.

    Keep up the great work!

    Onward and Upward,


  • Mark,
    I have learned more from you in a few days than I have from my upline and the speakers I have heard at conventions. You give very practical information and insights. Please continue, you are helping a lot of people.

  • Hi Mark, we tried to follow the webinar last night, but had such a slow connection, it was just impossible to hear you. I see it was recorded, where can we download the webinar?
    Thanks, you’re great!

  • Mark
    That was an amazing session and information.
    I was sorry I missed your pdf download before the session.

    Thank you for the great inspirations

    Best regards

    Phil (UK)

  • hi Mark,

    is there any chance of having the replay of the webinar (the one of the 30th January) with the objections? thank you !

  • IBID on the replay, got dropped by my (seriously ick) DSL connection and could not log back in.

    It was SO very valuable to hear it spoken and the little details in the webinar (vs the skills presentations) were awesome!

    Keep up the AWESOME updates and shared info. Looking forward to the next G90G!!

  • Greetings Mark,

    Awesome information.. thanks so much for sharing.. I tell ya, those objections can make or break a person. Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom.. keep smiling

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