You know how, when you’re sitting alone, you start thinking about why your business is not growing faster …..or ….at all?

Where does your mind go?  Does it start off with a single focus like “I need to add to my names list” but quickly evolve into a Mega=Plex with a dozen movies,[thoughts], playing at the same time?  Most people say in no time one thought leads to another then – WHAM – the mind is racing.

I remember those days.  I was living on Plum Island and staving in MLM.  Sitting on my couch at 3:00 AM, thinking, [alone, thinking?  never a good idea for me}, and most of it was negative self-talk. I would bounce back and forth between resenting people who made it ~ convincing myself they got in early ~ and berating myself ~ who are you kidding?  you can’t make it in MLM.

Followed by a list of reasons.

1. Not enough names

2. Company Cassette sucks

3. Products are too expensive

4. I can’t sell

5. Blah, Blah, Blah

Don’t worry, this isn’t some stupid article about ‘The Law of Attraction” or some pep talk about believing in yourself, its about the only thing you really need to earn lots and lots of money and have fun doing it.  Its about luck.

I cannot believe the dumb industry that has grown up around the ‘Law of Attraction’ ~ gosh, how insane is the world getting ?  The Law of Attraction is only, ah, about 4000 years old ~ no kidding ~ and it ain’t that complicated or complex that people need to spend money to hear about some ‘amazing discovery’ … goodness, its in the Book of Genesis and for the record it’s not something you ‘turn on’ … is running 24-7.  Rocky Balboa makes it real clear in Rocky ~ ‘You hang around with yo-yo’s you get yo-yo friends, you hang around with smart people you get smart friends.  Folks, save your money, click and  read this everyday for a month.  But first, repeat this: The Law of Attraction is running 24-7 and I don’t need to pay someone to turn it on.  OK, END of VENT]

Most people who succeed at anything know their business ……is contingent on LUCK……

L – Labor
U – Under
C – Correct
K – Knowledge

Building a BIG MLM Organization depends on:

ONE Learn & Teach  the correct things to do.

TWO Do it with your people ~ over and over again. [this is the labor part]

THREE Repeat the process with their people. [reinforces what you taught and makes sure their new folks don’t get ‘diluted’ version. [really important labor part]

As you begin to Labor Under Correct Knowledge your income goes up.

So what are the correct things to do?  Who do you trust?  Where do you get started finding these ‘correct things?’

Back to Mark Twain, “Common sense isn’t so common”
First, identify the job.  We talk to people so they will make a decision about becoming a rep or a customer.
The operative word in the sentence is TALK.  We TALK to people.

Would you let me do surgery on you?
Of course not, I am not a doctor.
I do not have the skill.

If you are looking on-line for guru’s you are looking in the wrong place. What do the ‘sponsoring’ guru’s tell you?  How to sponsor 10 to 30 people a month.  It is NOT possible to do justice to that many folks, could you?

Every top earner I know says the same thing in terms of regrets ….they all say, “I wouldn’t have sponsored as many people and spent more time with the really good ones.”

Better yet, why are these guru’s selling their time for money [400 bucks an hour?  Do that ask for that with a gun and mask?]

…..if they are so good at sponsoring? Duh?  Think Twain.   Think.

If they get 400 bucks and hour and teach you what to say and do, you stop an income stream for them.  Ut-Oh.

They have NO INCENTIVE to help you.

OK, let me give you the clue as to where to start with the immortal words of my sponsor [since passed to the BIG NETWORK in the sky]…….
I asked him about this expert and that one….and he ran the scenario in the sentence above……
then he said, “Mark, who do you know in our business that would profit from you doing well…..AND ….the better you did, the bigger their check would get?”

Nancy and Jim are 2 very good friends of mine.  They help their people learn to talk to people.  It’s a skill, start with people who are doing well and have an increasing incentive, not decreasing, in your success.

Is there some great teaching out there?  Yes. Use your successful upline to filter if for you.  It’s a distraction when you are trying to get traction.


mark j

world’s laziest networker

About the Author

  • Hey Mark, haven’t you read history?

    You keep telling the truth and exposing the hypocritical “gurus” who teach because they can’t do, and you’re gonna wind up hung on a stake somewhere 😉

    I follow guys like you, Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter, and just a very few others because you guys have been there, done that…and are still DOING what you teach!

    I challenge any of the “gurus” who claim they will teach you how to sponsor 10 to 30 reps a month…show me YOUR mlm back office and show me that YOU sponsor that many using the exact methods you promote.

    hmmmmmm…do you hear silence?


  • Well Jim, as you know, Tom is someone I consider a friend and mentor. That’s the point, isn’t it?

    Let the people who have an interest in your success ~ who are successful ~ lead you to the addtional material and help you need to grow faster. It was my successful upline that led me to Tom

    mark j
    world’s laziest netoworker

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