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The Mandatory First Training For Network Marketers has really been twisted out of the success equation with all the online nonsense from the pied-pipers-of-prosperity [AKA gurus, AKA con artists].  These money suckers have convinced the fearful and inexperienced that sponsoring is the key to wealth.  This is false.  People believing the more they sponsor the more they make is absolutely false and anyone following that idea cannot succeed.

Training For Network Marketers

Does that not feel right to you?  If speaking against, “sponsoring more”, seems absurd or feels weird, believe me.  I understand.

When I was failing for the 6th time before making this change, I sure felt “sponsoring more” was the key to success.

Training For Network Marketers
Psst, here’s the secrets to sponsor 20 people a month. Visa or MC?

I was told, probably just like you at Training For Network Marketers that “whatever the problem you have, just “sponsor more” and it will go away.

Only got 2 people in?  Sponsor more.

Got 5 in and no one is doing anything?  Sponsor more.

Want more income?  Sponsor more.

Moral on your team low? Sponsor more.

Man, the pied-pipers-of-prosperity LOVE THAT and once you’ve got fear, once anyone has fear, we become easy prey for hustlers who understand, [and they do], that at company training for network marketers the focus is on sponsoring to get your network marketing business running successfully.

Did You Catch The Key Phrase?

The key phrase in the last sentence?  “your network marketing business running successfully” … and drilling deeper, “running successfully.”

Sponsoring more won’t do it.  While we must sponsor to grow, sponsoring is not the first step.  The mandatory first step has been given to us for thousands of years by the “illuminated ones”

The ancestor of everything is thought.” Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Your success, your teammates’ success begins in the mind.

This is not some post about “goals” …

There is actually a “Science to Being Rich” [Wallace Wattles] and the formula is quite remarkable and remarkable easy.

The Certain Way

In Wattles’ masterpiece, the first step is gratitude.  Compare this to freshly minted networkers.  Their “why” or “vision” statement is always about they don’t want [credit card debt for example and what they want]… and they are already outside this simple formula. You see, I’ve read hundreds of “goal” or “purpose” statements a year for two decades.  And they all miss the point without coaching.

Coaching on what?

What Wattles calls the “certain way”… BTW, this is traced back to Emerson, Thoreau, Disraeli,  A Carpenter from Galilee and as far back as the Buddha.

We start with gratitude and stay in gratitude.  This was a dramatic shift we made but…we went on to building 6 networking deals to top pin level without herding anyone from one deal to the next.

How’d it happen?

A Certain Way… which we incorporated into all our training for network marketers

  1. Gratitude
  2. Know thyself
  3. A clear mental picture of what you really desire as you now know your true self
  4. Hold that vision daily and let no other thought in
  5. Everything is thought but you must take action that matches thoughts that will manifest your purpose
  6. Render to potential customers a value greater that they pay for.

The ancestor of everything is thought,” and above all, that applies to your success.  It is first a thought.

Simple but most people never get there.


They have been taught to think backwards, to live life backwards.  And so many others live life backwards, it seems normal.   It is, in fact, why people start with what they don’t want [pay off credit cards, get a better car – really means get rid of the crappy one] … so there is no gratitude, the first essential step in training for network marketers.  Whoops, in training for successful network marketers.

What do I mean living life backwards?  Can we at least agree it’s hard to go forward living life backwards?

So help your team and future teammates in knowing that it all begins in the mind.  Teach be demonstrating a life lived by intention… not one looking at the methods to determine your intention

  1. Gratitude.  Gratitude matters because things always work out the best for people who make the best of the way things work out.  Write 3 out daily and do your best to never repeat one.
  2. Know thyself… start with a free colorcode quiz…

Here is the link to get to know yourself.  Same test if $50 or free.   Go free.

Find your color and you’ll have begun to Know Thyself

Once we know what drives us, picking what we want, INTENTION… and learning the skills [free on this site] to recruit and help them succeed that “Certain Way” gets stupid easy.  It’s not now nor has superior training for network marketers ever focused on sponsoring.  It’s about getting more people sponsoring that begins in the mind.


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