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Last week we started a series, a 4 parter, sharing how we developed a philosophy that helped us find the champion within.

Network marketing could be, [I believe it is], the single greatest occupation on the planet for individuals to grow personally.

By now you’ve figured out great products, wonderful companies and ‘revolutionary’ pay plans won’t build your business.

You will.  Or won’t.

This is the crossroads for all of us.

Once we get to that place where we realize plans, products and companies are mechanisms……but we are the mechanics that fix what needs to be fixed one of 2 things happen.

We grow personally or we go home with our tails between our legs.

There is always that third option……blaming people, places or things……..but I’m assuming you are past that point.

In 1994 I was sitting on my couch at 3:oo AM ……mired in a world class pity-party…..when that moment occurred….when I realized it was me that was the problem.

How Can I Get Better?

Life defining moment…..and with all life defining moments……only 1 of 2 things happen.

We define the moment or the moment defines us.  Period.

I realized I need to grow personally and reached for Think and Grow Rich……a few months later we hit $3000 a month and within a year 6 figures.

Everybody says, “For things to change, we need to change and for things to get better, we need to get better.”

This really is easier said than done…….because the mind that created the problem can’t solve the problem.   At least that’s what Einstein seemed to believe…..good enough for me

It’s just a bullshit quote, the stuff about getting better ……. if we don’t get to the core problem and reach outside for some help…..


The pain of realizing I was broke time and money wise……and failing at MLM …….all being a result of my thinking hurt.

Yet, at the same time, there was an exhilarating freedom that was the handmaiden of this pain……

We’ve all got ‘demons’ we need to overcome…..and it requires a champion to defeat them.



Call Reluctance

Not enough time

Small list

Self esteem



How do we become champions over these shortcomings?

Learn from real champions.

I love baseball so I went to 2 men I really admired…..Ernie Banks and Satchel Paige.

Last week we put up 3 ideas I got from Ernie Banks……PMA and Sponsoring Yourself] that helped from this championship mindset…..

This week I want to share what I extracted from the great Satchel Paige…….his story is more than astonishing…..a Hall of Famer who did not reach the majors until 42 years of age and pitched at 59!

Here’s the first thing I learned from Satchel.

It’s so simple…..

Leads don’t build leaders and marketing systems don’t make us better marketers……

If we are going to make some money, we need to talk to people.

Quick suggestion…..

Chart your activity for a week…..honestly

How many hours do you spend on


Social Media?

Contacting NEW prospects/suspects?

Be honest.

I think you’ll ‘discover’ something profound.

“Pitching? Simple. Keep the ball away from the bat”

Maybe, like most MLMers…….you’ll find you’ve made, just like I did, a very, very simple business……way to complicated.

Since 1999 I’ve explained the marketing plan once.

I haven’t dealt with an objection since 1998…’s totally unnecessary.

Ingredients in product?  Not since 1997

Social media?  20 minutes 3x a week.

What did I do?

I talked to people…..fight to get your percentage to 80%…..meaning 80% of the time you put in should be ‘talking to people’

Here’s a little networking skill I promised……right here……that gets 80% to agree to look.

Simple question….if you spent 80% of your time talking to people and 80% said they’d look…..would that make a difference?

It sure does for members…..who take the right road when they come to the ‘personal responsibility vs. blame game’ crossroad.

What I’d like you to do is help some other folks……..and share how you might be complicating or at least drifted away for keeping the main thing, [talking to people] the main thing……


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

Mahalo for Sharing

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