I promised to put up a 3 ideas that will save you time.  This one is a mon-stah as they say in New England.  It’s esoteric but the payoff is huge.  The next two blogs will be specific things you can do to save time instantly off the clock but if we don’t get this one right, nothing else will really matter in the long run.

They buy the leader before they buy the vision.  The longest journey in the world is from the head to the heart.  Why is this important to know in saving time?

Johnny just joined your business.  He wants his wife, Emily,  home in the worst way.  They have two small kids, she hates her job and wants to be home too.  Johnny tells you, with all sincerity, he will crawl through barbed wire and drink battery acid to get Emily home.

It is not true…..yet.  It’s in Johnny’s head, not his heart.  Johnny, like a lot of us, has put his hopes out there before and been crushed before.  Once that dream gets to Johnny’s heart, fuggetaboutit….he’ll get the job done but….and its a BIG BUT, until that time it’s just an idea in his head.

Verbal commitment?  Yes.  Johnny’s gonna do it.  Henry Ford said, “You can’t build a reputation on what you are going to do.”  And that really describes a lot of people in our business.   There are lot’s of Johnny’s that leaders talk to each other about, we like them but we cannot seem to get them going.  Ever wonder why?


Trust.  We are paying a hidden ‘Low Trust Tax‘ [see Covey, The Speed of Trust].

What does that mean?  62% of all American’s do not believe management wants to help them advance.  42% believe that their companies do not care about them.  We are not getting people in our business who believe management wants them to advance and who believe the company cares about them.  That is NOT who joins.

We’re getting the ones who think management is holding them back and companies don’t care.  They do not trust management.

This is a revelation in saving time.

Why? As trust goes up, cost goes down and production goes up.

How?  Well, if Johnny trusts you he’ll take your coaching, follow your system and get results.  More trust, faster results.  If we lose Johnny because we are unaware of this ‘Hidden Low Trust Tax’ we are paying, we have to go get new people.  That cost time and money.  The time and cost benefits of  working with coach-able people who trust us is obvious.

Once Johnny trusts and begins to experience profit, getting Emily moves from his head to his heart and you have a leader who is unstoppable.

PROBLEM: We think everyone who does not instantly follow our system and coaching is ‘uncoachable’ and we move on.

SOLUTION: Change your point of view. Assume there is a ‘Hidden Low-Trust-Tax’ and work to build trust.

HOW: What is it Johnny does not trust?  It’s not you.  It’s not your plan, product or company.  It’s on a subconscious level but it’s there.  Get it?  It’s management he does not trust so as soon as we start to ‘manage’ Johnny he does not believe.

The great John Wooden taught, ‘We manage things, we work with people’   Johnny’s already being managed at work.  Work with him, help him set his goals over a cup of coffee.  Take an interest.

Do you know the names of his kids?
What they like to do?
What his wife’s hobbies are?
The bosses where he works sure as hell don’t ….and if you don’t, AND he doesn’t trust they care about his future, how are you different?

There are 13 ways to accelerate trust, spelled out in Covey’s book, The Speed of Trust.

It’s made us a lot of money because as soon as we went to work on those things – son of a gun – twice as many people became coachable. Go figure. I cringe at how many Johnny’s I may have lost over the years because I arrogantly considered them uncoachable instead of lookng at what I dould have done differently.

CARDINAL SIN: Multiple Steams of Income will cost you a fortune in building trust.  As soon as Johnny learns you are in multiple programs, back end affiliate deals, etc., when ever he can’t get you on the phone, he’ll assume you are working other deals…..even if you are sleeping.
His perception is basis of his trust in you as a leader.

You wanted Johnny to choose your company and choose you to sponsor him.  Don’t buy the bullshit out there about multiple streams of income because no ancillary program will ever come close to what Johnny can earn WITH you and vice versa.  We’ll never get his dream from his head to his heart if he does not feel we are committed and he’ll never commit to getting Emily home until that transition takes place.

The Johnny’s in our groups need to know we have their back.

The buy the leader before they buy the vision.

Make it easy for Johnny to buy you and the time you lose looking for ‘the right people’ will vanish.


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  • Very nice blog and very true. We have to stop looking at the people we sign up as a just a step closer to freedom. We have to see them as a person that we want to spend the rest of our lives with and truly get to know.

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