MLM Success is just like success in any endeavor. There is no real mystery to it, no secrets and for sure, nothing trendy.

Nope, long term success as a butcher, baker or candlestick maker is the same as MLM success.   Perhaps MLM success wouldn’t seem so elusive to networkers if they just stopped trying to convince themselves that their business is “different.”


Yeah, we get paid differently than most business models but we drive MLM success just like any other business.  This was reconfirmed, again, when I had the treasure of spending time with Richard Bliss Brooke on Lanai, another island here in paradise.   And, no, the word treasure was not a typo, I meant treasure, not pleasure. 🙂

MLM success
Kimmy Knows Success

Richard and his beautiful bride Kimmy invited us for a visit to their home so we hopped a plane and just hung out.   Hearing Kimmy’s spin on success, MLM success as well as life, again hammered the confirmation that is simply is clear once we get clear with ourselves.

While both Kimmy and Richard are remarkably different individuals, like most successful couples, because they’ve got the keys to success those differences create an elegant, appreciative couple.   And so it is with success, winning… achieving.  If it is, MLM success or any other, success is the “thing” that defines one, we are road kill… dead meat, doomed.

By working to become successful as people, confident in ourselves, like Richard and Kimmy, then successes, like MLM success, is bound to follow by extension.

So many have that backward… thinking an income level or pin level will make us successful, and, we figure, THEN I will be a better dad, husband, wife… whatever.

So that is the first of the 3 keys.   It is an inside job, it begins within.   The hard truth is that if we are not enough now, we never will be when we get the “gold” either.

KEY 2?

You’d think meeting with the owner of an MLM, Life Matters, it would be a lot of MLM talk… it wasn’t.  Even more of surprise is that Richard decided to turn the tables and interview me… not once, in 25+ years have I seen a top pin level or CEO turn an opportunity down to self-promote.   Humility and self-confidence are rare but indomitable forces.

Well, we had a ball in the backyard and you’ll find the 3 keys in this exchange.   I’ll give you a clue… talent sets the floor, character sets the ceiling.


MLM Success

Did you catch them?

Hope so.

Get the first one right and you are “home”… it all begins in the mind.   Emerson wrote, “The ancestor of every action is a thought”.

Since the actions we take determine the results, clearly if our thoughts are not spot on, our actions never can be… nor the results we are hoping for.    The Master Key Mastermind Experience returns in September 2017.  It’s all done with scholarships and this year’s session is funding the next class… That is the good news.

The not so good news is that it means the slots are limited so let me suggest you hop on the early notification list, ensuring a slot if you decide you want to be challenged, daily, for 6 months…

Love to know what you think… thanks for leaving your feedback and sharing this.



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MLM Success
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