Is it multiple streams of income or multiple streams of out-go?

Here’s a hint:

We’ll be pissing off a lot of the con artists off on Tuesday 🙂

The keys to wealth are all around us and if we just get off the pity pot we can see them everywhere.


Boston Red Sox off to a terrible start but they show up everyday at the ballpark about 5 hours before the game. And practice.

I am still stunned, after all these 18 years of networking, that is the last thing that ever crosses a networker’s mind as a course of action.

Everyone wants more time & money. Everyone want to pay less in taxes.

We are offering more time, more money and less taxes.

Why do they say ‘NO’?

Henry Vigeant tells us he gets 94% to say ‘yes’ to looking. His pipeline is bursting. Wasn’t always that way for Henry. He decided to re-examine his belief that ‘you just have to find the right people’ and grabbed the free skills.

He practiced.

“How long do you practice Henry?”

“Went through the training 3 times. Wrote down what to say. Read it out loud about 50 times.”

Still practicing?

“Yup. Say it 3-4 times every morning.”

He’s got people in USA, Japan, Thailand, Canada and UK ~ within 2 weeks. Shared he has people lined up in South Africa and Greece for Monday for webcasts he is doing.


Nice day at Seabrook Beach, NH yesterday.

Lot of traffic. People driving around looking for weekly rentals this summer.

Woman named Joan that we know owns 8 properties, 14 units altogether. Lot of folks like her.

She spends an extra 80 bucks and has 2×3 foot poster-board calendars next to for rent signs and crosses off the weeks that are rented out. Other folks don’t do it that way.

Every time someone rents a week she runs out and crosses off a week.

By mid-afternoon she’s got half of them crossed off. By 5 PM she’s 80% rented. Same pricing as everyone else.

Everyone else is whining in the neighborhood about how slow it is. Joan created curiosity and posture.

Posture is not an attitude and it won’t build a business because dogs know who to bark at. Huh?

You got a dog, you know what I mean. Dogs bark when people come to the door. Sometimes they are wagging their tails, sometimes they are not. Dogs know who is OK and who isn’t. SO do people.

This is the interesting thing about Henry. He’s not pretending to have posture. He has it because there are so many people in his pipeline he REALLY DOES NOT CARE if this one or that one comes in or doesn’t.

Posture is directly proportional to the number of people you have in your pipeline. Since he’s got the skill to get better than 90% to say they’ll take a look, he can keep it full.


You can get all the leads you want and you don’t have to pay for them. And, no, I am not talking about ‘self=liquidating-lead-cost’ programs.

Had 7 people this week contact me. I opted into a ‘system’ that is the HOTTEST thing on the planet – PUH-LEEZE – and then did a search for the same system.

Opted into 6 more. Same system.

I asked the following 2 questions of each.

1. How long have you been using it?

All but one were in for over 90 days.

2. How many people have you sponsored into your primary program?

The dancing began. 🙂

Turns out while they’ve enrolled people into this ‘awesome’ system, none of them had actually sponsored anyone, from this system, into their primary program.

One fella claimed he had sponsored 3 people in but things got real murky when I asked to be introduced. To learn how they felt about the experience.

He did not want to do it, said he’d had people stolen before. Whatever that means.

I sweetened the pot. Told him we have group in excess of 10,000, [which we do], and looking for something for all of them.

Still no proof. Won’t tell me name of primary company, what it cost to enroll or what he’s marketing.

Dogs know who to bark at. 🙂


There is a difference between branding and bullshit. The trap being set by these con artist to help one brand themselves is fear.

You gotta brand yourself.

People who’ve never enrolled anyone being convinced that this will make a difference. What a crock.

Basically, they even supply you with a script that ‘implies’ you know how they feel, they were in the same position until they found this system and got branded.

Branding oneself as an expert when one is not is lying.

Why in the hell would someone spend money with someone else who is basically saying, ‘We’ll teach you how to lie”?

Now these poor suckers are shills for  these con artists.  And, while they are getting branded, it’s not really the brand they think they are getting. So sad. 🙁

Leveraging people’s fear and inexperience for fun and profit violates a key fundamental of success.

Nothing will last unless everyone involved in the transaction benefits.

Why does it happen so often?


Edison said, “Most people miss opportunity because it shows up in overalls and looks like work.”

Yeah, yeah…..I can hear the baloney now……’That guy is old school’ …..another interesting con.….take the focus of themselves and shift the subconscious back to fear of being left behind.


Telling the truth has nothing to do with ‘Old School.’ And lying has nothing to do with ‘New School’

The real exciting thing about branding ourselves authentically is just examining some basic assumptions, learning a couple of skills and doing the work our brand emerges bigger than we could have imagined or ‘manufactured.’

Really interesting fact.  My cell contains the contacts to over 50 multiple six figure earners who don’t even know what branding is.

Now the folks trying to get you to obsess about getting branded will tell you things like ‘they’d make so much more money’….’they are dino’s, heading for extinction’…..’it’s a different game out there now’… which we need to add…..all these statements serve the pitchman’s agenda…..and these folks, all earning that kind of money for over 10 years…..just keep truckin’……keep contacting prospects and teaching other the skills needed to get a yes.

Why do I need 10,000 prospects, brand, et al if I can build a multiple 6 figure income with a list of 334?

Time is your friend or foe…..and…..time vampires and spending money to create a false image just doesn’t make sense to people who really understand success.

Creating brand?
Do we want to buy site that will assist us in telling a lie or would it be more fun and profitable to authentically re-invent ourselves?

Winner’s like Tom Holden, Sherman Unkerfer, Jacki Blasko, Gary Rogers, Tommy Johnson, Tony & Pam Bowling, Nancy Barr, etc., seem to let their actions create brand for them.

What you are screams so loud I can barely hear what you say” ~ Emerson

I guess that’s Old School for ‘And dogs know who to bark at.’

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