Is there a better holiday than the 4th of July, symbolically, for folks in a home-based business?

On a lot of levels.

Whenever you engaged in your business, even if you were like me, [I was yeah-yeah-yeah about making $10,000 a month…..hell….. I NEEDED $300 a month to make rent], deep inside we are NOT hoping to make money, we are hoping to strike it rich… escape fear of financial insecurity.

Money is a great servant but a terrible master…..the stress that is the handmaiden to financial burdens is a tyrant.

Great holiday to re-commit to that deepest part of our desire.  Freedom.

Isn’t that was on your mind, really, when you enrolled?


America is not easy but where else on the planet can a guy delivering shrimp to survive change his fortunes with the word ‘yes’?

America is a place where we have to respect people screaming at the top of their lungs something you would spend a life time opposing.  It can be frustrating.

It’s a place were more groups of people daily are demanding rights, [frustration hits high on the stress meter as more and more people seem to UNlearn the difference between a rights and earned privileges], and claim their rights are not available.

I love this about home-based business.  Everyone has a chance and race, color, sex etc…….is NEVER a factor.


We produce, regardless of who we are, and we get rewarded.

Easy?  No.

Most of us start part time….carrying a full time job, kids, spouses, lack of time, stress, fatigue and financial challenges when we start.

After getting up at 7:00 AM…..working all day…..coming home at 6-ish…..everyone wanting our attention when we walk through the door and ….maybe by 8:00 PM we can make some calls.  Tired.  Not easy.

But imagine signing a document that, in essence, declared treason and defeat meant death?

In the home-based business what do we have at stake if we fail?  A couple hundred bucks?


OK… was a trick question…..

We have a lot more at stake than a couple hundred bucks.

Based on statistics, the next generation… cover the mismanagement of Social Security and the Wall Street Greed-based Disaster, will pay $1,200,000 to cover these egregious behaviors.  They…..and I am not talking about the kids that are 4 or 5 …..I am talking about today’s 18-28 year olds…..are REVERSE MILLIONAIRES…….already over a million in debt before they cash their first pay check.

Between the astonishing Home-based Business Tax Advantage and the opportunity itself……there is a lot more at stake than a couple hundred bucks.

Death of internal bliss …..on personal level……and death to the freedoms the forefathers spelled out [pursuit of happiness], will be the default for all of this generation unless we find a way or make a way to manifest our dream….


Hope is not a strategy.

From Think and Grow Rich to exercising common sense…’s clear that hope of independence is a day-dream and nothing more than a day-dream without a written plan of action.

My experience is most people cannot comprehend a plan for a year when first starting a home-based business and creating a weekly plan to make some progress and then helping them break it down to daily tasks works best.  The OATS formula has been like a declaration of independence for 1000s and the really cool thing is doing it weekly with people helps them remember, weekly, why they signed up in the first place.  It reinforces the vision.


Saw something really cool yesterday.  People here in Kauai gather in large groups….park right on the beach, set up tents.

Hundreds of them….families.  Neat.

Lot’s of fire-works…..till about 11:00 PM along with a big fireworks display.

I am up at 5:30 AM and people start waking up in these tents.

First thing they do?  Clean up after themselves.  All have brooms and rakes.  Rake up their area, then start sweeping the street that abutts the sand.

It’s 10 o’clock right now, 90% of them have left.  You’d never know anything took place last night.  Not a shred of evidence…..clean as a whistle.

Respect.  Honor. Pride.

Same three things that will build any business and manifest independence.

Respect the commitment we make to ourselves when we enroll.

Honor the plan we write out.

Pride in learning the skills and sharing them.


As soon as I stopped blaming politicians for their greed and supporting greed, things got better.

Who elected these clowns?  We did.

Did they make a mess?  Duh?

Are they going to clean it up?  Duh?

The real truth is we, not Republicans/Democrats, made the mess.  We allowed the shift from elected officials being in service to shameless self-serving schills for the personal self-serving agendas of the ‘contributors’ [re:employers]…..and we can clean it up.

How?  Well, the political situation does not affect your or my individual opportunity and we can claim, still, financial freedom in this extraordinary choice we have already made.

Working for someone else as the only means of revenue takes all options away.

To celebrate, daily, this choice to see the game has changed and you’ve done something about it is extrodinary……if…..

If we take a little action everyday.

Still, with all that has gone on….Wall Street…..Mortages…..absurd taxation……simply by virtue of the accidental good fortune of being in America…..we have a sure-fire chance to quit the game and create our own game…..with no risk.


This just kills me.

FACT: The home-based business tax advantage, [HBBTA],is the single biggest take break for every American
FACT: It is NOT taught in CPA School
FACT: There is not one question about HBBTA on the CPA exam

The HBBTA will return, in cash $2000 to $15,000 bucks, in cash [payable weekly], to every person with a home-based business.  Average is about $5000.

Most decent Networking companies run about 2000-3000 a year to run effectively starting out.  With a $5000 give back on taxes. the first year failure still comes out in the black.

We spent 35 bucks on a program 7 years ago……it’s made close to a $100,000 difference.  It  was set up by a CPA, very cool.

So the risk for independence is ZERO [compare that to treason :)] and the reward is authentic wealth.  Gee…..if people need to “think  over” that proposition then they should be doomed to working for someone else…..

Just make sure when you start cashing big checks the temptation of fancy cars, fur coats and jewels doesn’t make you just ‘broke at another level.’

It’s clear that independence is about an hour a day of calling people about your program and these fabulous tax benefits……..just like our forefathers……

We just need to make sure that as money starts coming in we don’t behave like the guys & gals now running the show…..and spend more than we make……don’t copy their model.


True independence comes from being debt free…..not having more stuff and thinking we can afford it based on projections.

America rocks because we have freedom to choose and change…..choosing to be free is about leveraging your opportunity, doing the work and learning how to manage money & tax benefits from people who are doing it successfully……

It’s not easy to resist the example the DC Doo-Doos set…….over spend thinking you’ll just make more.

This requires a revolution of thought about money management and time management.

I am in.

How about you?


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

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  • Great article
    We all have the opportunity of living the American dream. But as you have stated so many times, it is not things that stop us from living our dreams. It is our habits, good or bad that make the difference. We do need to claim our independence but it’s sad that we have to be reminded that we are worth it and that we can do it…
    This is the kind of stuff they should teach in school…

  • Lovin’ that stuff you wrote here, Mark. The tax advantages of a HBB are always one of the things I try to educate people about first before I ever talk about my company or the MLM biz in general. Give ’em some good free factual info to chew on first is a good ice breaker I’ve found… Get’s the gears in their heads moving.

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