Get More People Sponsoring

It’s So Simple

Sometimes we can’t see the forest through the trees.  Hey, we all lack common sense from time to time.

But if we miss this, we fall into the trap of trying to sponsor more and more people ourselves.

Massive mistake.

And we all make it at least one time in our path to success.

The question is, will we learn from it?  Until we do?  Dead meat.  Roadkill.

And sadly, many new or inexperienced become easy targets for the bottom feeders who are more than willing to take their money… promising ways to sponsor 20, 50…  a hundred people a month!  Good grief!  What horse do-do.

Obviously, to get more people sponsoring is the goal, not sponsoring more yourself.

Just worked with a great group in last Go90Grow (yes, the 3 free videos will be back up on the 7th of March) and they simply kicked butt.

Better than 27% qualified with the companies as ‘Top Recruiters’ but what they all know is the work begins after we enroll people.   Once people have the skills… the network marketing skills that make sponsoring easy… (and it is folks)… they can then ‘go to work’ with those folks and make ‘it’ happen.

What’s it?

Time leverage.

It’s the POINT of the business.  Sponsoring people is not the point.

Here… it’s easier to explain this forgotten objective verbally.

Show and Tell

It is unethical in so many ways to make a promise to improve life to a prospect and then NOT show her or him what to do.

The big money?

Show and tell.

Tell them.

Show them.

Tell them again.

" Wax on, wax off" is the kind of hands on help, 3-Deep that fortunes are built on
” Wax on, wax off” is the kind of hands-on help, 3-Deep that fortunes are built on.

Show them again.

And again.

And do it for their personals so they can ‘see’ how you ‘teach.’

Only sloth, ego or sheer stupidity can move someone off this path once they ‘remember and rediscover’ the objective.

Time leverage.

Real quickly make a short list of what you would have liked, what you do like about your sponsor, and what you feel you could get from a sponsor that would ensure your success.

Become it and you win.

Be the sponsor you, deep in your heart, would love to have.

Here’s the 3-Deep


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

We Appreciate You. thanks for sharing this if you enjoyed it
We Appreciate You. thanks for sharing this if you enjoyed it
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  • Great message as always Mark.

    My wife and I talk about you more than her
    Mother these days 😉

    Every time we make a decision or have a question anout our business my wife will say “what would J do?” So i explain “its Mark J”
    And she’ll answer “i know. So what would he do?”

    Then we have our answer! 🙂


  • Great work Mark. Of course we listen and say “hey, that’s what I am supposed to do”. It makes so much sense and we hear it time and again. But not the way you drill it in. Man, am I going to work on this diligently!! Again…great work. We love you.

  • Hey, Mark J! thanks again, especially for the “3-deep” link ~ how totally empowering is that?!

    Question: Say you’ve got your free conference call line ~ your schedule for making calls ~ now you invite “Harry” to sit in on your calls so you can “show” him actively how to do the MT ~ are the people who join in on your calls automatically muted? not likely each person you are calling will be aware of xxx number of people listening in, right?


  • Mark,

    You have transformed my way of thinking into making things more simplistic and not relying on gimmicks or false promises. Your casual approach is a breath of fresh air and I can’t wait for continual tips and an opportunity to learn so much more!

  • Mark J. I can’t wait to get this email. You rock and I appreciate your advice and enthusiasm and straight talk from the heart.

    Keep rocking — because the more you give Mark J., the more you get — EMERSON’s LAW ———————-RHINO

  • As usual, Mark, you boil it down to the KEY POINTS for success!

    BTW, I just recently made a seemingly “unrelated” observation that actually applies to MLM:

    I watch Pawn Stars a lot on the History Channel and realized that they ALWAYS–ALWAYS–ALWAYS have TWO employees participating in an evaluation/purchase–giving them CREDIBILITY as to the worth of the product. And they frequently call in a local “expert,” to evaluate the product being brought in–giving MORE CREDIBILITY.

    Having TWO people does give more credibility–especially for a new associate! Probably the hardest thing I am trying to overcome is when a new associate insists on talking with people they know, without me (or other upline) on the call with them.

    What can we do to make SURE they have their sponsor or other upline on the call?

  • Hey Mark & Davene!!

    Love the video! I have always thought this from the beginning of my MLM career and you have just confirmed it!

    Would love to have coffee with you guys on the rocks, will do someday soon!

    Anna 🙂

  • My husband and I are planning a trip to Kauai the week of Thanksgiving. will you be around for coffee then?

  • Hey Mark,

    Thanks for a timely reminder about the 3 deep pattern. I am personally looking forward to drinking coffee on the beach with you 🙂

  • Aloha Cheryl

    Ab-sooooooo-lutely working in teams is massive credibility. A must long term.

    Of course, the challenge, is getting people to understand that … you’ve got to ‘link’ the successful behavior [never focus on results when trying to influence people – see blogs at this post about ‘The Influencer’ ] to what they want and give them a choice.

    “I know how badly you want to earn income so you can get your husband off the road [their goal] ……so let me share a truth with you about our business. Mary, there are only 2 types of distributors in the world. Those who make calls on their own and fail and those who make calls in teams and succeed. You just have to decide which group you want to be in.”

    Linking the correct behavior to their goal is key.

    mark j

  • Aloha Heron…

    Thanks for the kind words….and, I need to hear it over and over again too! We all slip away from basics from time to time, I sure can.

    What keeps us on track is committing to the dreams of others….and I know that you do that so well.

    mark j

  • Mahalo Ryan

    We appreciate you stopping by…..funny, isn’t it? How the ‘truth’, once we hear it, releases us all from the nonsense?

    Keep growing man….

    mark j

  • Aloha Nancy….

    Very easy to do……just turn off the ‘chimes and mute the callers…..this way you can train several people at once while building your business.

    People want to know 2 things……what to say and what to do on calls……that’s it. The more exposure you can get them to those 2 things, the faster they learn it

  • Hi Mark,

    Love how you simplify things. Bam, I get it “be the sponsor I always wanted”. Fantastic!!!


  • Mark,
    I like the way you explain in your video how you teach and then teach who you sponsor,and then teach again to Mary to teach her new sponsor. The 3 D plan is accomplishment until you sponsor again.

    Thank you again for all your skill teachings!!

  • You are so spot on about be the sponsor you want to have. First I have to sponsor MYSELF. You always tell us that!! yes!
    I love everything you share why? Its Real!!! No B.S. Truth!!
    I am such a better person by applying all this wisdom you have given freely, and I agree, we can’t keep what we have unless we give it away!
    Give more, Get More!!
    Love you Brudda!!

  • The bottom line is finding out what a prospect wants and helping them get it. I learned that from reading the book The Secret Of Selling Anything by Harry Browne!

    Lawrence Bergfeld

  • Hello Mark,

    Awesome article!! How true it is I was a teacher for tens years. You to teach to create teachers. Awsome stuff


  • Mahalo Mark….

    and, as few people know….the #1 success rate in MLM are teachers as an occupational group…go figure

    mark j

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