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Sometimes we can’t see the forest through the trees…..hey, we all lack common sense from time to time.

But…..if we miss this, we fall into the trap of trying to sponsor more and more people ourselves.

Massive mistake.

And…..we all make it at least 1 time in our path to success.

The question is, will we learn from it.  Until we do?  Dead meat.  Road kill.

And…..sadly, many new or inexperienced become easy targets for the bottom feeders who are more than willing to take their money…….promising ways to sponsor 20, 50….a 100 people a month!  Good grief…..what horse do-do.

Obviously, getting more people sponsoring is the goal, not sponsoring more yourself.

Just worked with a great group in last Go90Grow [yes, the 3 free videos will be back up on the 7th of March] and they simply kicked butt.

Better than 27% qualified with the companies as ‘Top Recruiters’ but what they all know is the work begins after we enroll people.   Once people have the skills…..the newtwork marketing skills that make sponsoring easy…..and it is folks……they can then ‘go to work’ with those folks and make ‘it’ happen.

What’s it?

Time leverage.

It’s the POINT of the business…..sponsoring people is not the point…..

Here….it’s easier to explain this forgotten objective verbally


It is unethical in so many ways to make a promise to improve a life to a prospect and then NOT show her or him what to do.

The big money?

Show and tell.

Tell them.

Show them.

Tell them again.

" Wax on, wax off" is the kind of hands on help, 3-Deep that fortunes are built on
” Wax on, wax off” is the kind of hands on help, 3-Deep that fortunes are built on

Show them again.

And again.

And do it for their personals so they can ‘see’ how you ‘teach.’

Only sloth, ego or sheer stupidity can move someone off this path once they ‘remember and rediscover’ the objective.

Time leverage.

Real quickly make a short list of what you would have liked, what you do like about your sponsor……and what you feel you could get from a sponsor that would insure your success.

Become it and you win.

Be the sponsor you, deep in your heart, would love to have.

Here’s the 3-Deep…..


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

We Appreciate You. thanks for sharing this if you enjoyed it
We Appreciate You. thanks for sharing this if you enjoyed it

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