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There’s an old saying.

And, no, it’s not “if you build it they will come.”

If you give people what they want, they will come.

We are all proud of our marketing plans, and we should be.  But prospects DO NOT CARE. And once I figured out three things, we made more money in less time… and NEVER explained a marketing plan… no way, not after 1998.

The three things about marketing plans?

  1. No one understands them anyway.  (Need social proof?  If the people that designed them change them, and they all change them, why the hell would you be believe a prospect would understand it?)
  2. Everybody knows, in their heart, all plans pay the same.  Producers get paid big bucks.  In any plan. Non-producers don’t make squat.  In any plan.
  3. Prospects KNOW the marketing plan is not the point.  Less than 1% of prospect believe the marketing plan has anything to do with their success.

This makes one wonder why people show the plan….and before you get your undies in a bunch let me share this with you and ask you to keep an open mind because below the short video is the results of a survey we ran recently.

Know what prospects want

They know it is marketing and they know they do not know how to market themselves!

.08% believe the marketing plan is the key to their success. This means that we’ve instantly lost the interest of 99% of the people who we show marketing plans to!  OMGoodness it’s dumb.

They KNOW it’s marketing and they KNOW they don’t know HOW to market themselves.  Sorry about the ‘CAPS’ but this is huge.

The marketing plan, details about the product (1.3%) and brag about our companies (1.3%) are a waste of time.  What do they want?

14% want to know you will teach them the SKILLS to market themselves.

A whopping 82.5% want to know you will teach them the skills to market themselves “hands-on.”

It’s like they are saying, “If you will show me, hands-on, how to market myself, I will join.”  And guess what?  They do.  We are in marketing, they know they need to market themselves to succeed and they are correct, dead center.  How many?  Over 96%

Think we should talk to their understanding of their needs to be successful?

Even more of a giveaway…

They want to hear us make calls!   92.7% want that.   It’s just an extension of ‘help me hands-on with the marketing and I will join.  I don’t know how to market myself.”  They are being honest and they are right. Give ’em what they want, for goodness sake.

How much clearer to the path of success can it be? This is easier than tracking an elephant in the snow. Later this week I will be posting a 3 part free video training to show you “how to” make this happen, rejection free.  You can grab it now right here   By the way, here is that objections webcast.  We recorded it  Share it with your team.


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

Mahalo for sharing this
Mahalo for sharing this


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  • Great survey AND results we all should take notice of!

    Honestly… why wouldn’t we want an upline who will teach and demonstrate “how to” – after all, most people come into network marketing from an employee perspective. This means they have spent all their working life being told and mostly shown what to do – if we follow this model and then teach them the skills to pass on the skills we teach (provided they get the right results) we will see success………… and that’s where the BIG checks come in!

    enjoy the sunshine Mark!

  • Preparation = Confidence = Success

    When those you sponsored properly prepare BEFORE they make their first call because YOU taught them…..

    They will be confident in what they are doing……

    When others see, feel and experience their confidence they feel good about joining them……

    Success follows as each new person does the same….

    Preparation = Confidence = Success

    Be Blessed.


  • I’ve always thought along the same lines you are descibing here Mark and agree with you 100%. In my opinion, there is a shortage of leaders who either are not willing to teach their downline effective marketing or they don’t have effective marketing skills in order to help their people. Looking forward to the videos!

  • Thank You Mark, great information. If we teach skills and encourage people to set up good habits of success, we can help a lot of people.

  • Great stuff ! I am going this route right now with my team and I didn’t need a survey to show me that (-:

    I come from a small business back ground, so I teach my team how to grow their business just like I grew my brick and mortar business. Business is business. And I help my team members right were they are at with growing their business, not were I want them to be.

  • You have hit the nail on the head! If you do not know how to market yourself, you are out of business before you even start. This is about relationships! People are enrolling with you because they believe you can help them win! Then be present! Do NOT betray their trust! You have a moral obligation if you want to succeed!

  • This is easier than tracking an elephant in the snow!

    I love it…
    And of course you would agree, it’s True!

    When I think back over my career in Networking being shown how to market is what I wanted all along.

    How many of my pathetic sponsors showed me the way? Not Many!

    Too bad I didn’t have you as my sponsor years ago Mark. That would have been fun for me. Sure, I might have been a pain in your rear but I would have made up for it in team building and helping you live in paradise.

    Bruce Nelkin LMT

    PS. now I use a system where 2 multi-Billion dollar companies do the marketing for me, but way back when I really would have liked to get this info to get me there that much sooner.

  • Aloha Mark,
    Mahalo for all the great training you offer in service to others.
    I absolutely agree that Marketing is the key and what better way to learn then, here’s how to do it, now let’s do it.
    Keep up the great training’s Please!

    Appreciating you,
    Billy Mitchell

  • “here’s how to do it, now let’s do it” …..brilliant….wish I included this stunning sentence Billy

    keep giving to keep growing
    mark j

  • Mahalo Bruce…..and I love that expression to …..lifted it from an old dectective movie

    “You told Gus to follow her? That guy couldn’t track an elephant in the snow”

    keep giving to keep growing
    mark j

  • Fantastic…..you clearly taught peeps in your brick and motar what to do…….samo-samo…funny how overlooked that is in MLM and oddly, it is where both the money and independence are born

    keep giving to keep growing
    mark j

  • Coming from a top producer and leader who cares like you Neil, we really appreciate your kind words….

    Your point about showing them what to do and how it do it explains your successes

    keep giving to keep growing
    mark j

  • Hey Mark;
    Can’t wait for the training on this. You’re training is always a breath of fresh air. Looking forward to the videos later this week and the Go90Grow next year. Loving the MKMMA by the way.

    Keith Nelson

  • LOL…if you don’t agree with Mark’s chart(s)just have a chat with him…he’s not The Big Bad Wolf. LOL…show Congress how to have a productive debate/discussion. I am pretty (very) sure Mark will welcome & value your input & thoughts on this topic.
    Rock on- from The Maryland Eastern Shore, USA

  • Not meaning to beat this horse to death but in your video above you mention people talking about the Marketing Plan the Product and the Company and that most of that is meaningless to the prospect.

    Maybe it’s because I’m anal about this stuff but the words we use create the reality we live. I find making the right distinctions very important. Go back and listen to your own video above where you say people talk about the Marketing Plan and how that is meaningless.

    Most people confuse the terms “Marketing Plan” with “Compensation Plan”. I assert that the “Marketing Plan” is the thing your charts say are missing, where people talk about the way you get paid by that company and call it the Marketing plan when it really is the “Compensation Plan”!

    At the 2:32 time point on your video listen to the words you use. At 2:52 just before the acting begins you say it again.

    “The System That Will Help Me Market Myself” is what should be called the “Marketing Plan” and that is what the prospects want and almost nobody is teaching! Other than you and me.

    On a more positive note, I do like the word combination “Up Team” better than Up-line.

    Looking forward for those 3 videos in a few days.
    Keep up the great contribution to our MLM world Mark.

    Bruce Nelkin LMT

  • Hi Mark. Thanks for the video. Very good and interesting. Looking forward to what’s next.

    Best, Sasha

  • You are correct, all but TWO compensation plans in the industry are virtually the same. 2% succeed on the backs of the 98% by DESIGN… almost nobody believes me but in an industry as old as this one with the same pathetic results and THEN BLAME THE VICTIMS for it….. NOPE I won’t buy it.

    YES skills matter but you cannot teach anyone the skills if the comp plan is killing them. A program that is supposed to be about time and money NEVER is about either for almost everyone! AND then it’s because THEY don’t do the right stuff, enough of the right stuff, the right stuff long enough…. ALL of that is excuse so the leadership doesn’t have to OWN the results. The SAME exact problem that affects education/schooling affects MLM industry… With your skills and coaching I WILL WORK to break the banks of the leaders in this industry.

    The KEY is retention.. Residual income is only about retention. If 95% quit you have to do a lot of work for your residual income. 100% retention is MY DEMAND and I will have it!

  • So true! If I want and believe in the product myself, then I have a reason to want to share it. But if I don’t know what to do next, it doesn’t go anywhere. I think everyone wants the kind of training you describe, which has hardly ever been available. I have failed to hold my team’s hands, for not knowing myself what to do, when nobody held mine. You bring a lot of hope here!

  • Fantastic Mark, for almost 6 years I thought that the products and the company were the most important thing (less for the Comp. Because I was very reluctant to understand, learn and teach that THING !)
    I went to big events. Interessant but too early because if I understood how important are the SKILLS I didn’t know how to do and how to teach !
    Know it comes. Thanks a lot Mark J and “Fabulous Davene” !

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