Blog   Think You’d Sponsor More If You Knew What Prospects Want?

THERE’S AN OLD SAYING….. And, no, it’s not “if you build it they will come.”   If you give people what they want, they will come. We are all proud of our marketing plans….and we should be……but….prospects DO NOT CARE. And once I figured out three things, we made more money in less time…..and NEVER explained a marketing plan… way, not after 1998. The three things?

  1. No one understands them anyway.  [Need social proof?  If the people that designed them change them, and they all change them, why the hell would be believe a prospect would understand it?]
  2. Everybody knows, in their heart, all plans pay the same.  Producers get paid big bucks.  In any plan. Non producers don’t make squat.  In any plan.
  3. Prospects KNOW the marketing plan is not the point……less than 1% of prospect believe the marketing plan has anything to do with their success

This makes one wonder why people show the plan….and before you get your undies in a bunch let me share this with you and ask you to keep an open mind…..because below the short video is the results of a survey we ran recently   GET REAL, PROSPECTS KNOW They know it is marketing and they know they do not know how to market themselves! .08% believe the marketing plan is the key to their success. This means that we’ve instantly lost the interest of 99% of the people who we  show marketing plans to!  OMGoodness It’s dumb.   They KNOW it’s marketing and they KNOW they don’t know HOW to market themselves.  Sorry about the ‘CAPS’ but this is huge. The marketing plan, details about the product [1.3%] and brag to about our companies [1.3%] are a waste of time. Chart What MLMers Want   What do they want?  14% want to know you will teach them the SKILLS to market themselves and a whopping 82.5% want to know you will teach them the skills to market themselves “hands on” It’s like…..they are saying….”If you will show me, hands on, how to market myself, I will join.”  And guess what?  They do.  We are in marketing, they know they need to marketing themselves to succed and they are correct, dead center.  How many?  Over 96% – whadda ya say, think we should talk to their understanding of their needs to be successful? EVEN MORE OF A GIVE AWAY They want to hear us make calls!   92.7% want that.   It’s just an extension of ‘help me hands on with the marketing….and I will join.  I don’t know how to market myself. They are being honest ….and….they are right. MLMers want to hear callsGive ’em what they want, for goodness sake. How much clearer to the path of success can it be? This is easier than tracking an elephant in the snow. Later this week I will be posting a 3 part free video training to show you “how to” make this happen, rejection free.  You can grab it now right here   By the way, here is that objections webcast, we recorded it, share it with your team. believe. mark januszewski world’s laziest networker

Mahalo for sharing this
Mahalo for sharing this


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