how to get an un-supportive spouse on board

For the next month, as promised, we are running blogs about people who overcame great difficulties to succeed.   At least most of us would think they were great difficulties.  Funny thing, the people from different companies who’ve ‘overcome’ things don’t think that much of what they did.



We ran 2 blogs about Marty, an inexperienced networker who set a record for hitting the highest achievement with her company…and she did so with a very un-supportive spouse.

Her story and you should check out both videos on the blogs, both under 3 minutes…showed a sense of humor, focus and decisiveness.

Claimed, and her hubby validated it…that Joe had said ‘networkers are bad people.’

Anyone who has followed this blog knows we are about being fair, trying to work without a position, and it’s only fair that the non-supportive spouse has his say.

So here’s what a non-supportive spouse has to say…and by the way, there is a tremendous additional lesson in Joe’s ‘equal time’.  Absolutely massive tip.  Listen for it, it’s at the very end.

Look, it’s naive to think for a second that ‘conviction’ in your plan, product and company is going to overcome everything.

It’s great that you believe, but your belief won’t stop the ‘silent limit’ non-supportive spouses have concealed.

You’ve got to know this is a problem, much bigger than most people can imagine…and deal with it or you’ll lose some great, great people.

It’s foolish to think your deal or my deal is so strong that nothing else matters.  The truth is harmony in the house does matter and I wouldn’t count on most people being like Marty.  As the old saying goes, hope for the best but plan for the worst.

Is there a way to overcome this problem?

We’ve discovered a formula that really helps tremendously to keep the neutral (wink-wink) spouse neutral that I’ll share in my next post.  Pretty effective and really, the right thing to do.

In the meantime, once you do overcome it, it really helps if you get duplication going quickly.  Big checks have a strange way of turning the tide.

Here’s a quick pair of network marketing skills that will help you speed up duplication and increase volume dramatically per rep in your group.   After all, contrary to all the baloney out there about sponsoring dozens of people a month, the truth is we get paid on volume.  Learning how to get more volume and more reps to ‘copy’ (isn’t duplication just a 4 syllable word for ‘copy’) offsets most, if not all, problems.

And in case you were wondering, it’s free…both skills…just our way of thanking you for stopping by, commenting once in a while and sharing or liking our stuff.  Nothing for sale.  Enjoy boosting your volume and helping others grow faster with these 2 free skills.


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  • Great feedback from the formerly “unsupportive spouse.” In NWM, we never really get to hear their side of the story firsthand, so it’s great to hear why he felt that way initially.

    He had an honest reaction based on the information he had at the time. Glad he had a change of heart and is now fully supporting his spouse once he learned the truth.

    I hope other unsupportive spouses/friends/relatives will at least keep an open mind and do a little due diligence on their own. They may just be surprised at what they find.

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