The Three Reasons People Stop Recruiting

Let’s do a David Letterman and go backward here, counting down from # 3 to the #1 reason.

3.  Rejection
No one likes rejection.  It’s not the phone we fear, it’s the outcome and ensuing pain.
All the bullshit about pumping yourself up, not quitting, it’s a numbers game, winners never quit and quitters never win.  Sounds great in a crowd or on a conference call but the truth is when we are sitting alone with that phone all that crap vanishes.  Always has, always will.

Remember Rocky Balboa, the Italian Stallion?
Fun to root for in a movie but does anyone really want to go through that?

No One Wants To Feel Like This
And who wants to join you in getting beat up all day just to make a few bucks?
Years ago I figured out all those motivational blatherings, while well intended, don’t mean squat.
How could they?  When my 4-year-old granddaughter shocked herself in an electric socket years ago, it hurt.
She never stuck her finger in a socket again.
Rejection hurts.
So people stop recruiting because they fear the pain of rejection.
And that is really sad because just by learning a couple of simple network marketing skills, you can recruit all day long rejection free.
Doubly sad?  MLMer’s are so ‘pumped’ with ‘motivational steroids’ about recruiting being a ‘numbers game’ and ‘just finding the right people’ that they ‘reject,’ (ironic, eh?),  any notion that you can have fun recruiting, rejection free.

2. Unmet Expectations

All disappointments in life come from unmet expectations.
Alleged prospects, (trust me, they’re not), who say they will go look at your stuff and don’t…or don’t show up for the follow-up and don’t return your call create a feeling of disappointment within us, all of us.
Unmet Expectations Lead to Discouragement

Everybody knows unmet expectations lead to disappointment and collective disappointments lead to discouragement.

Discouragement is the handmaiden to quitting.  Oh, yeah, you might stay on Auto-ship but if we are not talking to new people about the biz or the product we have quit.  We just haven’t admitted it.
Getting people to actually look, who said they would, is also a network marketing skill. But, alas, well-meaning uplines tell us, ‘NEXT!’ and ‘You just have to find the right people’ ….like it’s the prospect instead of us.
This is close to a crime.  Blaming the attitude of the prospect prevents us from improving, learning and doing better.
Good Grief!

1. Decency

This one took me years to figure out but it really dwarfs the first two reasons people stop engaging.
It is basic, simple and actually quite beautiful.
The decency within each person is the reason, the major fundamental reason, people stay on ADP for a while but stop recruiting aggressively, if at all.
Give me 180 seconds.

So relax, feel good about yourself and pass this on to your team.
A couple of free network marketing skills, the willingness to teach or share them and replacing frustration with understanding with all those folks not recruiting on your team will make you rich in more than just money.
mark januszewski
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  • Mark, I like it! At first when I saw “decency” as your #1 reason I thought you were going crazy, but after watching the video it all made perfect sense, as most all your stuff does. I am really enjoying Go 90 Grow!

    To your success,
    Steven Young
    The Leadership Dr.

  • Hey Mike,

    All good information as usual.

    I jest sent this to my organization, feel free to share it.

    If you have a limited advertising budget this might be the all-time best way to recruit new prospects.

    I’ll keep this as short and to the point as possible, for me.
    I know of at least 2 people who have become multi-millionaires by recruiting from “Resume” data bases.

    The easiest one to use is on which gets new posts daily across the world. There are no flagging or ghosting issues since you are replying to a post via your own email or by phone.

    I take a plain short ad pitch and put it on a notepad or word document with a link to my capture page similar to this as an example:

    Start Earning Right NOW!
    Tired of Waiting on the Economy?
    Get Paid Daily! Every 24 hours!
    Earn $1000’s Weekly!!
    Isn’t It About Time?

    Look at video under 2 minutes and follow the instructions at:

    I will contact you if you qualify.

    I’ll then go to in any one of thousands of cities, pick one local or far away it makes little difference. Go to the resume section and start clicking on each one. Open the resume and then click on the link at the top to reply to that post. You will have to solve the capatcha code but as soon as you do (which can be only seconds) then click the link to email that person. Right click into the email body and either control “V” to past the ad or right click “paste” the ad into the body and hit send.

    You don’t need to read much of the resume, this is a scatter shot approach, don’t waste time with what people wrote in their resume. Just get as many done as fast as possible and move on.

    This is a simple if not a down right boring way to find prospects for your business, but, ask yourself, where are you most likely to find people who want to work with you RIGHT NOW?

    Anyone posting a resume is looking for income and they are looking now.

    Try this for a few weeks along with taking the same ad and posting it in the classified sections outlined in the member’s area of the Video Presentation System’s marketing page and you will see results.

    The more you post the more people you will have to talk to and the bigger your group and hence check will be!

    Use the skills Mark J. teaches when you speak to these people and you are well on your way to the top.

    Bruce Nelkin

    PS. Hey Mark, My Blog might suck but at least I started one and am beginning to figure it all out. I’ll keep you informed as it progresses. Cheers

  • G’day Mark,
    Too bad both your courses are not available at present as they are an excellent way to improve yourself and learn network marketing skills. Nice post and the “unmet expectations” thing is so true. Remind me to be a little less harsh on myself and deal with what is real.
    Let the Journey Forever Be Unfolding.

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