Blog   The Three Reasons People in MLM Stop Recruiting


Let’s do a David Letterman and go backwards here, counting down from # 3 to the #1 reason.

No one likes rejection.  It’s not the phone we fear, it’s the outcome and ensuing pain.
All the bullshit about pumping yourself up, not quitting, it’s a numbers game, winners never quit and quitters never win……sounds great in a crowd or on a conference call but the truth is when we are sitting alone with that phone all that crap vanishes.  Always has, always will.


Remember Rocky Bolboa, the Italian Stallion?
Fun to root for in a movie but does anyone really want to go through that?

No One Wants To Feel Like This
And who wants to join you in getting beat up all day just to make a few bucks?


Years ago I figured out all those motivational blatherings, while well intended, don’t mean squat.


How could they?  When my 4 year old granddaughter shocked herself in an electric socket years ago, it hurt.
She never stuck her finger in a socket again.


Rejection hurts.
So people stop recruiting because they fear the pain of rejection.


And that is really sad because just by learning a couple simple network marketing skills, you can recruit all day long rejection free.


Doubly sad?  MLMer’s are so ‘pumped’ with ‘motivational steroids’ about recruiting being a ‘numbers game’ and ‘just finding the right people’ that they ‘reject,’ [ironic, eh?],  any notion that you can have fun recruitng, rejection free.


All disappointments in life come from unmet expectations.


Alleged prospects, [trust me, they’re not], who say they will go look at your stuff and don’t……or don’t show up for the follow-up…..and don’t return your call…..create a feeling of disappointment within us, all of us.


Unmet Expectations Lead to Discouragement

Everybody knows unmet expectations lead to disappointment and collective disappointments lead to discouragement.


Discouragement is the handmaiden to quitting.  Oh, yeah, you might stay on Auto-ship but if we are not talking to new people about the biz or the product we have quit.  We just haven’t admitted it.


Getting people to actually look, who said they would, is also a network marketing skill.


But, alas, well meaning uplines tell us, ‘NEXT!’ and ‘You just have to find the right people’ …….like it’s the prospect instead of us.


This is close to a crime.  Blaming the attitude of the prospect prevents us from improving, learning and doing better.  Good Grief!


This one took me years to figure out but it really dwarfs the first two reasons people stop engaging.


It is basic, simple and actually quite beautiful.


The decency within each person is the reason, the major fundamental reason, people stay on ADP for a while but stop recruiting aggressively, if at all.


Give me 180 seconds.

So relax, feel good about yourself and pass this on to your team.


A couple free network marketing skills, the willingness to teach or share them and replacing frustration with understanding with all those folks not recruiting on your team will make you rich in more than just money.


mark januszewski

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